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Seeing Red and Mafioso have been going back and forth between Romney and McCain. It sounds like Romney hit is out of the park at Sunday’s debate. Will it be enough to overcome McCain’s 4 to 9 point lead? We’ll find out Tuesday night. Thompson may be the biggest loser as he does not have another set of states to look forward to after New Hampshire, where he is expected to come in 6th place.


We are reversing our ***** on McCain and suggest that he start announcing who would be in his administration, especially Vice President. We recommend someone like Mark Sanford, governor of South Carolina. With McCain’s age the odds for a single term are high and Sanford would be well position for 2012. I would seriously consider voting for that ticket. Can you say 25th amendment?

Look for Huckabee to trail off if he gets a distant third place. Voters may tire of the Gomer Pile routine. Then it becomes a three-way race between Giuliani, McCain, and Romney.

Fox News did a disservice to the process by excluding Ron Paul. Paul has more delegates than Giuliani at this time. Some of Paul’s followers are also highly suspicious of the process and looking for dark forces behind events. Excluding a candidate with money and supporters who received double digits in the most recent election is not even handed.

CNN has excellent coverage of the election and shows the current delegate count. Click on each candidate’s name to see the details of the delegate count. Romney did very well in the Wyoming caucus on Saturday and won the bulk of the delegates.


  1. Actually, Thompson is waiting for South Carolina. As for reversing the ****** on McCain, who are the “we” you claim to speak for? I know you don’t speak for all of us!

  2. John is right, Thompson only appeared in the debates as a part of the bigger picture. National exposure being what it is, South Carolina saw the debates as did New Hampshire and all those state holding Feb.5th primaries.

  3. The Salman Rushdie-inspired comments above are the main reason I am convinced the GOP will never nominate McCain. There is too much bad blood, built up over years, for him to be welcomed as some kind of prodigal son. McCain has also burned his bridges with moderates and independents, who see him as a chameleon willing to reinvent himself to try to curry favor with the Right. He may win New Hampshire, but I am willing to predict that it will be his sole primary victory. Conservatives will begin to coalesce around Romney as the only acceptable option to lead a “Stop McCain” movement, given that Huckabee and Giuliani are not conservative enough and Thompson is both too boring and too close to McCain, who he endorsed in 2000.

  4. John,

    Please watch the video and re-read the story again more carefully. So what about Mark Sanford?

    Thompson can wait all he wants for South Carolina. He is now 3rd there and after several more losses might end lower than that. I bet people in South Carolina saw the debate. And that is a good thing for Thompson?

  5. Time will tell, but the story on the debate is quite spread out. NRO called it for Fred, as did Mark Steyn and others.

    If you look at Iowa and New Hampshire in contrast, it is easy to understand how we have such a diverse group of candidates. South Carolina is another animal, altogether.

    As for McCain, if he looks like the guy who can and will get the job done against the Dem nominee, if conservatives hold a grudge because supporting him would mean either they were wrong or he was right…then vote for Obama, Hill, or Edwards. That is exactly what they hope we do.

    The overblown rhetoric of many, this site can be a catch-all for such, against Sen. McCain may be a part of the view point of some but is not the overwhelming opinion of the man. Many, many long time conservatives ask me what the McCain-hate is all about. They have no idea of McCain-Feingold or the reasons behind some of his votes. They also don’t see his immigration attempts as so out of line, at least he did something besides talk. Not everyone sees the onslaught from the south the way we do.

    Then there are the informed, conscientious conservatives who happen to agree with him. It does not make them a RINO or closet Dem, they are folks with their own, unique view. Just as some would debase him at every chance, others would rather admire his service and job well done.

    Independents really like him and their role in this election is not overstated. This could be the big tent versus the pup tent.

  6. Kralmajales says

    Azgnat is right about Thompson. He seems to just keep waiting. His strategy and Giulini’s really stupid strategy reject what political science tells us about momentum. Giulini bets that the race will still be a big mess and that he will just seem to win…Thompson…I have no idea what he is betting on, but if you can’t win in Iowa or NH as a conservative, then why should you win in SC instead? Thats the only logic I can think of to say why he won’t make it.

    On Romney, it just appeared like Foxnews was pushing him hard. Made me think conspiracy…honestly…like someone somewhere had said, “We cant have this…spin it!!” I don’t know if there is time, honestly. He has to hope that independents break very very hard to Obama so that McCain doesn’t get them…to win.

    Last, I think McCain..and I have long said this…is the best hope you all have of winning against an Obama…I also think Huck would be more formidable than some realize. Romney, against Obama, would have a hard hard time.

    Either way…this is one of the funnest elections in awhile. It will get less fun if Obama wins big tomorrow night…it will be over. It will still be fun on the GOP side.

  7. This is where I comment basically the same thing I did on the “Milton-Bradley” “South Park” post above this one. Mine is the only comment, so…if you care that is my thought.

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