We want a conservative, just not a real one.

One of the Republican blogs in Arizona along with some national commentators have recently noted that the campaign of John McCain is still alive. We note that the campaign of Ron Paul is also still alive.

Not only is Ron Paul still a candidate but according to news report he recently raised $4.2 million in one day. He gives traditional Republican fits but it is clear he is the one true conservative in the race. Many criticize him for his stand on the war but his biggest contention is well founded, simply that the president went to war without a formal declaration from congress as spelled out in the U.S. Constitution (Article I, Section 8.) Paul is joined in his reservations about foreign wars by such conservatives as Pat Buchanan.

Everyone is asking who is the Ronald Reagan of 2008. I would contend that Ron Paul is the closest on the issues. Students of history will remember that Reagan was cautious about foreign military adventures and largely won the Cold War without big military engagements. The stationing of nuclear missiles aimed at Moscow on German soil was a triumph of diplomacy not of military force. The two most recent large land wars were started by men with the last name of Bush.

Criticize him all you want but Paul is also the only one who is clear about the fiscal condition of America. I remember back in 2005 I had some friends whining about the coming real estate meltdown and some other friends who were still buying all the homes they could manage to finance. Is there any today doubt which who was correct? Paul is the lone voice in the wildness of the Republican presidential primary screaming from the mountaintop about the burden of government obligations. Like a wild drinking party in high school things are fine until the party is over. Ron Paul is the parent delivering the message that Republican do not want to hear as they continue searching for a conservative. Wake up, he is right in front of you, the party just doesn’t want to hear the message.


  1. Bull S**t.

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  2. Sonoran Alliance says


    You are welcome to tell us about your favorite candidate and why. It might to lead to more enlightenment than your previous comment.

  3. Something tells me that when Americans wake up realize the bill is due and there’s no money in the bank, a political revolution will begin and it won’t be led by Democrats.

  4. Compared to his opposition, RP is a breath of fresh air!

    His problem: He takes the b.s. the G.O.P. hands out during electoral periods seriously and bases policy approaches on it.

    This DOES NOT fit the Country Club and Chamber of Commerce agenda!

  5. Really dislike his “Blame America First” schtick, but he’s good on fiscal issues. Another objection is that he’ll likely bolt and run third-party, handing the election to Hillary. No good Republican could do that!

  6. Ronald Reagan was “cautious about foreign military adventures”? That explains why he never invaded Grenada, nor illegally sold weapons to Iran, nor used the money from those sales to fund the “dirty war” in Nicaragua.

    Ron Paul is true to the conservative tradition, but that tradition is best typified by “Mr. Republican” himself, Robert Taft.

  7. Criticizing an inept leadership which has conducted a flawed Mideast foreign policy, is not “blaming America first”!

  8. Ron Paul is a nutter. Feels 9/11 was a set up. Denies the holocaust occurred. Blames America for the world’s ills. Has a screwy notion of modern economics. Advocates dropping support of key foreign allies. The list is endless……..

    Normally I would not comment on a posting on an official candidate but this gentleman is NOT a Republican and is probably self absorbed enough to run as a third party candidate and give the election to the Democrats. How does that night mare grab you my political junkie pals? It is time for the GOP to close ranks.

    Bruce Ash
    National Committeeman

  9. Well said Bruce!!! Ron Paul is NO Republican. The man is a Libertarian hiding in the GOP since Libertarians can’t get elected on their own. The Libertarians have tried to infiltrate the GOP for political gain. Right On Bruce!

  10. I admire Libertarians. We agree on many issues. I invite all Libertarians to register in the GOP and elect candidates who live up to Reagan philosophies. But note to Paulmaniacs…….don’t try to come in as thugs and try to hijack the Republican Party. The GOP is where we should all call our political address !

    And as for Mr Paul……I am waiting for him to say he will act as a Republican and support the eventual candidate when that person emerges.

    Bruce Ash

  11. I’m an Independent and like the metaphor of trimming fat to produce responsible and efficient governance. Reagan, restrained by a blue Congress, still trimmed fat, and Clinton, perhaps helped by a red Congress, also trimmed fat, I think even more successfully, leading to a surplus.

    We can argue about what is fat and what is not. I think education is under-funded and corporate welfare is fat.

    Ron Paul is a libertarian. He wants to cut not only fat, but flesh, blood, balls, bone, and teeth. Given his way, he would dismantle entire departments and agencies.

    I don’t quite know what to make of the guy, but he is capturing the omnivores (the Facebook college cell-phone young adults) far more effectively than anyone else.

    I speculate (i.e. a guess) his strength is fueled by resentment of two key factors: 1) hatred of the war, and 2) lack of confidence in the current system due to the spiraling deficit. I’m in my forties, and I have no faith in a pension or social security.

    Put your 20 year old hat on, and look at the statement that we can subsidize oil companies with record profits, pay for a war, but can’t do health care for low income kids. How do you think that flies on a campus?

    Paul might support Giuliani, but I wouldn’t count on it.

    I posted about Paul here.

  12. Can Bruce Ash provide a respectable source for his statement that Ron Paul is a Holocaust denier, preferably one that includes direct quotes from Paul? If not, will he withdraw this assertion?

    I’m no Ron Paul backer, but I’ve never heard this accusation before, and will have to see solid evidence before I’ll believe it.

  13. Bravo Bruce!

  14. “The two most recent large land wars were started by men with the last name of Bush.”

    I thought they were started by Saddam Hussein 1991; Osama Bin Laden 2001; and Saddam Hussein 2003

  15. Bruce, excellent point about party loyalty. Maybe next time you see Congressman Shadegg and Senator Kyl you could ask them to stop endorsing members of the Republicans for Janet list. Loyalty should apply to all (or to none.)



    Oh, and don’t forget to thank Jim Click for backing one of the Democrats down in Tucson. 

  16. I add to Randall’s request about the Holocaust denial. I had not heard this either, and it’s difficult to believe.

    No one denying the holocaust can hold national office in these times, and certainly not the White House or the Senate.

    Walter, OBL started the war? The man has no country and a following in the tens of thousands? If you want to say he provided the catalyst for Afghanistan and toppling the Taliban, fine. I’m glad we toppled those fanatics.

    To say Hussein started 03 is nuts, and even 1991, uncovering everything, gets murky. We sent him mixed signals.

    Back to this race, Paul is not trivial and his strength flows from dissatisfaction with Bush and the GOP. Paul’s support is not coming from the left, I assure you.

    I suppose everyone here now knows Pat Robertson has endorsed Rudy. ????

  17. Bruce:

    In politics one has the right to defeat one’s opponent. In war one has the right to slay him. But one doesn’t have the right to lie about him.

    Ron Paul has never denied that atrocities were committed against Jews before and during WWII, nor has he said that (/11 was a “set up”!

    What he did aver is that our Mideast foreignn policy had created a “blowback”, a position reafiirmed by many policy mags and a porion of the 9/11 report itself!

    I for one, believe that the amount pledged the other day with over 35,000 donors indicates that people are waking up to reality, and are questioning the Neo-Conservative ideologues driving our current international policies.

    You’re goint to have to do better than revving up a smear machine to defend them!

  18. nightcrawler says


    How exactly does Ron Paul need to act to be considered a Republican ? In many ways, he is behaving like the only true Republican on the stage. The man speaks his mind with conviction and through the constitution. He chooses not to pander to the usual suspects, but rather make his case directly to the people.

    There is a reason people are donating money to his cause. Grassroots democracy is alive and well in the GOP.

  19. Passonate Moderate says

    I thought party officials are suposed to stay out of the primary. I would hope that you would keep your personal attacks on Republican candidates to your self. When you accepted a position in the state party, you gave up the right to express your personal opinion in public. You will not get my vote for ANY party position, EVER!

  20. I agree with the many people who have made the two following points to Mr. Bruce Ash:

    1. As a party official, you should not be calling a Republican member of Congress a “nutter,” let alone a Republican candidate during a primary.

    2. You should back up your comment accusing Paul of being a Holocaust denier with a credible source, or you should apologize to Ron Paul.

    You should only be criticizing Republicans who willfully deviate from the party platform or who endorse those outside the party, and when you do so, your comments should be specific to those two points. Do you have any comments about McCain, Mr. Ash, since he has done both and is running for president?

    I find it funny you dismiss Dr. Paul for his foreign policy views, which come right out of President Washington’s Farewell Address. Your comments indicate your lack of knowledge of American history and your lack of respect for the wisdom of our greatest Founding Father.

  21. SonoranSam says

    Hey guys: What does it taste like when you’re eating your own young?

    As bad as Bruce Ash’s comments may be – and they’re horrendous – at least he didn’t join your Pima County chair in telling the Ron Paul people that they’re not welcome in the GOP.

  22. x4mr — the “mixed signal” to Hussein in 1991? Get out of Kuwait!

    To say Hussein started 03 is hardly nuts. He continually did not comply with agreements he made (how many UN resolutions – 18 or something). Those agreements were designed to ensure that he would not be more of a danger to his neighbors and his own people. He did not comply. He was warned by the world community (UN) that his non-compliance was viewed as a threat and that dire consequences would result.

  23. Twenty-four hours later. I’m still hoping that Bruce Ash will provide a credible source for his statement that Ron Paul is a Holocaust denier. If he hasn’t got one, he should explain himself.

  24. As a state committeeman myself, I’d like to come to Bruce’s side on one point.

    He still retains the right to free speech (and that’s what RP’s candidacy stresses).
    Criticism comes with that right and those who know me will readily testify to my sometimes excessive reliance upon it.

    But as pointed out, criticism should be backed by rational thought and therefore be constuctive.

    This lies at my distrust of Neo-Conservatives in general. When they came over to the GOP they brought some vital commodities i.e. intellect, feistiness and a good cash flow. This readily gave them access to the “halls of power”

    But once enconsed they demonstrated that other than an anti-Marxist stance they had little in common with their former Cold-War conservative allies.

    Hence we’re saddled with an “Open Borders” administration which is hooked on cheap, unskilled labor, an outsourcing of our industrial base (largely to a potential enemy) and the resultant collapse of our currency.

    When confronted with protests of this nature the Neocon resorts to creating “straw man opponents” who are labelled bigots, racists, conspiracy theorists (as if public policies are the result of coincidence-a debate for another time) and the real killer. implicit Anti-Semitism.

    Once aaccused by the Neo Con who plays professional victim, the culprit is damned guilty as charged, and is subsequently politicaly, socially and financially marginalized.

    I’ve seen the technique applied to a sitting Republican governor, and it isn’t pretty!

    As stated above though, Neo-Cons bring a lot that is positive to the table, but have forgotten that civil personal behavior is a two-way street! Good Will does count for something!

    Hopefully their hubris will be discarded and perhaps RP can aid in the “housebreakng”!

  25. Ron Paul’s disrespectful campaign staffers (volunteers?) who are putting up trashy signs in many illegal places is annoying enough to make me never vote for him. I can’t wait to see $4 million more of those stupid signs polluting the streets and highways.

    Anti-establishment ranting is no more attractive on the right than on the left.

  26. Walter – Semantics. I don’t dispute any of the POST invasion hoopla. I refer to the days when we supported Hussein, and if you care to investigate, you will find that during the Reagan/Bush 80-90 period the US made statements (not clear, which is why I say “mixed”) suggesting we would not care if he annexed Kuwait. I definitely remember a state department statement that almost said it precisely.

    I strongly assert that when he invaded Kuwait, he truly believed we would not care enough to do anything substantive about it, and he had reasons supporting that belief.

    I’ve no interest in bashing Bruce, but I am very interested in data behind the holocaust remark. I have to believe it’s based on something.

  27. Marcy:

    Welcome to participatory democracy!

    At least RP’s supporters are enthusiastic and have to someone to be enthusiastic about!

    Would you hit the streets for RudyMcRomney?

    C’mon kid!

    Snobbishness will not carry the politica day although its effective in Country Clubs!

  28. x4mr – if you had bothered to “investigate”, you would find that even Joe Wilson (yes that Joe Wilson) disputes your “strong assertion” (your man Joe was the Deputy Chief in Iraq at the time). As a matter of fact, so does former Hussein mouthpiece Tariqu Aziz — he was there. I guess in this case, I’ll take his word for it, as opposed to the back-benchers, second-guessers, tin-foil hat conspiracy theorists and the Iraqi assertions at the time to try to legitimize their land grab for oil to pay off their debt from the Iran-Iraq war.

    By the way, Hussein had ample time to withdraw without our invading. Instead, he chose to increase his rhetoric and threatened to attack Saudi Arabia.

  29. Tom,

    No need to welcome me to democracy of any kind. I’ve been here working for some time.

    I don’t think decorum is snobbish; I think it is orderly, reasonable and responsible – characteristics most people want in a presidential candidate. Nor do I think that spending time and money doing things well should be dismissed.

    I meant to comment on the silliness of the pseudo-revolutionary style of the Ron Paul people and their many illegally placed signs. I stand by my opinion and comments that the Ron Paul signs are trashy non-sense and indicative of a poorly thought out campaign.

    That he continues to have absolutely no chance to win the GOP nomination, but marches on taking time and money from other candidates is a shame.

    There is no glory in simply running. And finally, I will hit the streets for one of the GOP candidates, but it will never be RP.

  30. Walter–Barring something new, I’ll close this exchange with restating we have no dispute regarding events after the invasion. Yes, we gave him every opportunity to withdraw.

    I remain solid behind my assertion that Hussein did not expect a SUBSTANTIVE reaction to his invasion of Kuwait. He expected complaints and condemnation, to be sure, but not the wrath of the planet and the military wherewithal behind it. Some of that is our fault.

    We agree, I suspect, that his failure to withdraw as the world rhetoric escalated after the fact, is his own making.

    On another note tying to Bruce’s remarks, I anticipate a Ron Paul / GOP bifurcation, and it flows not from the left, but from GOP defections.

  31. Bruce Ash,

    You have now had two full business days to back up your accusation. Where are you? Where is your credible evidence that Ron Paul has denied the Holocaust?

  32. Marcy:

    Again, the newly found complaints against the robust support that RP’s supporters give their candidate comes off as jealous “hissy fits” on the part of worn out hacks!

    What really angers Paul’s detractors is that he’s lived and stuck by principles which the party hss traditionally championed, but which they’ve cast aside in favor of a presumed personal influence or country club social climbing.

    You should be thankful that a GOP candidate is still capable of mustering un-ochestrated emotional support!

    Batten down the hatches kid! You’re going to undergo more Nov 5’s type fundraisers and sincere “non-professional” signs before giving birth to another R.I.N.O. or Beltway subservient GOP candidacy!

  33. A thought-provoking article from “The American Conservative”:


    An older but also interesting piece from the same source:


  34. Still waiting for Bruce Ash to back up or explain his statement that Ron Paul is a Holocaust denier. Since he signed his comment as “Repuiblican Naional Committeeman”, he was making a statement as an official; one way or another, he has an obligation to respond.

  35. It has now been five days, and Bruce Ash has yet to back up his claim that Ron Paul is a Holocaust denier, despite the numerous requests on this site for Mr. Ash to do so.

    Mr. Ash’s conduct is outrageous, since Dr. Paul is a Republican member of Congress and an official Republican presidential candidate, and since Mr. Ash is a Republican National Committeeman who tried to use his post to add substance to the false accusation. Does Mr. Ash lack the honor to prove his charge or to apologize?

  36. Sonoran Alliance says

    I have no idea what Bruce Ash meant or what he was thinking but I did find this story on Michael Medved’s blog. The story received 505 comments. Wow.

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