WARNING: Toxic Spill Spreading: The Attack on Law Enforcement

There’s more than one environmentally degrading spill being mis-managed by the Obama Administration and the Democratic Party and that’s the corrosive social environment undermining of law enforcement as the Federal government fails to uphold, first our international border enforcement, and now our state and local law enforcement. This is not accidental and it has been part of a consistent bias of oppression and bigotry against law enforcement rather than law breakers. It employs a fraud of an analogy to Southern Civil Rights, promoted disingenuously by the very political party that put oppressive racial constraints on Blacks in the South, the Political Party that has thieved Republican and Christian Martin Luther King’s life struggle against Democratic Party political oppression of Blacks in the South as if he was actually a Democrat. But this goes beyond one party or the other;  if rational thinking and priorities amongst all Americans, regardless of political party, does not re-establish itself, American citizens will no longer be safe in their homes or on the street or at work.

Third World nations have a number of characteristics in common with each other. One major blight of the Third World is corrupt law enforcement. It’s not an accident. Corrupt governments prefer corrupt policing. Police departments are underfunded, sometimes not paid for months, and woefully under-equipped. Police, reduced to hardly more than traffic officers,  survive in that environment by bribery, hitting up the commuter, being paid off by the politicians. It is common in Third World cities to have entire neighborhoods robbed by just one organized lethally-equipped gang, starting at the east and ending in the west, dozens and dozens of homes invaded, not a cop in sight, despite scores of frantic calls for help. The police don’t come, and who can blame them? They don’t have the training or more than one bullet in their guns, why would any rational citizen expect them to confront a gang equipped with numerous rifles, pistols and AK-47s?  Because of this, the other commonality of Third World cities is  security bars on all windows and doors, concertina wire rolled at the top of walls,  broken-glass-topped walls, and a thriving private security  industry for those elites who can afford it. Everyone else buys a solid front door and cowers behind it at night.

The degradation of our southern border Federal law enforcement has been going on for years, full of political meddling, tainted by drug money and loaded with brutality, while  devoid of even common-sense national self-preservation,  and has not been rectified.  On what rational basis does any American expect our Border Patrol to intercept illegals crossing the border when the chances of the Border Patrol Agents being thrown in prison is higher than the illegal they’ve arrested? Even though this current Adminsitration is aware of the situation, it has done nothing to correct this dangerous nonsense.  Dodging action by blaming previous administrations is worthless, even benign neglect becomes  a negative as expanding over-the-boarder drug cartels ramp up murders in growing turf wars. 

Today, the deliberate feeding of hysteria is now spreading aggressively against local law enforcement. The desperate illegal immigration lobby, with immense assistance from politicians and the media, has employed a phony analogy of “Civil Rights” – an emotional but dishonest evoking of  bigoted Southern white cops bullying the defenseless Black citizens which is toxically ramping up the volatility of a confrontation that will put first Arizona law enforcement officers on the front line, then their counterparts across the nation. This is enhanced by the open threats by officials and all manner of public figures of promising any and all manner of legal challenges to any law enforcement officer who has the audacity to actually arrest a law-breaker, and in what would be in any other time and place be considered total insanity, especially a foreign law-breaker. That the worst rhetoric is spewing out of the Democratic Party, from mayors to city councils, from the Homeland Security chief, the US Attorney General, from the White House , even incredibly the U.S. State Department,  the Obama Police Doctrine of,  “I don’t know the facts, but the cops acted racist,”  is a national disgrace and a short-sighted tactic that will backfire on ALL Americans, regardless of political party, color, creed or religion.  There is no justice when people are falsely accused of doing something they didn’t do, there’s only chaos ahead when police are constantly falsely accused.

It would be useful for residents of Phoenix to have a taste of what it’s like to live in Lagos, Nigeria for a few days, to step out of Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport the way travelers step out of Lagos International Airport at midnight, miles ahead to downtown Lagos along a run-down highway route, otherwise known as The Gauntlet. Kidnappings, overtuned vehicles with shoot-outs and high speed car chases as victims flee their pursuers are common. Nigerian armed gangs can throw up road blocks on a two-mile elevated stretch of highway in Lagos itself. It takes about three hours to rob every car trapped there, in broad daylight, no police. The equivalent would be a two mile stretch of I-10 by Sky Harbor jammed with rush-hour cars, people trapped from fleeing, a new brand of urban terror that our diligent law enforcement has never allowed to occur.  But Lagos is far away.  Armed gangs use the exact same modis operandi throughout Mexico, just across the border.  The only reason that  blight has been kept at bay is the diligence of Arizona law enforcement officers : the local police and sheriff departments who must pick up what the beleagered Border Patrol can’t.   That barrier gets breached, and the gangs can be in Phoenix in hours.

It would be a useful lesson, but the problem is, once law enforcement feels the citizens do not have their backs, they have no motivation to put their lives on the line or put up with the abuse and hassles of confronting criminals and criminality. Once that trust is lost, it is almost impossible to restore. Law enforcement officers have a hard job, at times a dangerous job. They must on every single call be prepared for anything from a stray kitten to a homicidal drug dealer. Few people are made for that sort of thing or could tolerate the stress. That we have such people made of the fiber and drive to be law enforcement officers is an incredible gift to the community, the state and the nation. The citizens who depend on city, county and state law enforcement officers to stand between them and brutality must also do their part and defend the earnest men and women of our law enforcement against political demonizing, and rebuke by words and voting out any politician who engages in such demonizing and undermining of the social contract between society and its law enforcement.   It will be a hard day to discover what we had only after we’ve lost it

How about starting with demanding an apology from Mayor Phil Gordon:  http://the-raw-deal.com/?p=2495


  1. Oberserve says

    Stop being hysterical.

    Police are important, but they are not gods nor “more equal” than any other citizen.

    If you cared about your safety, you would arm yourself in such a manner to be sufficient to defend yourself from whatever threat you felt threatened with.

    Cowards rely on the police.

  2. Yeah, always ‘hysterical,’ the cheap shot lazy retort.

    Speaking of “hysterical” can you quote where you got “gods” and “more equal” out of this commentary? The problem is, because of a blatent political agenda, police are being treated UNEQUALLY, guilty until proven innocent.

    You brought up another common characteristic of Third World nations: “Every man is an island.” People with enough money construct islands of modernity and security: generators for when the city power fails, water cisterns and water truck deliveries when the city water fails, walled-in homes, bars on windows, doors and gates, 24/7 guards, plus armed roving rapid-response security teams and drivers who can sit for a week at a time in gas queues waiting to be able to fill up the family care, plus extra jerry can or buried cistern stocks of gasoline and deisel kept at the house.

    For years America has provided a level of common services unmatched in the rest of the world, that is poised to be unraveled, for the most pathetic of reasons, political power manipulations.

    Why should we accept this preposterous decline? It’s manufactured. A Phoenix news station actually ran a piece on “WHat you can do to avoid being carjacked.” Like it was how to bake a cake or wear the right suit.

    I actually have been carjacked … and “stupid idiots” was the first thing that came to mind.

    This goes beyond basic self-protection, it is a warning that the foundational pillars are being sawed out from under us.

  3. wanumba, well said.


  4. Thank you for the video head’s up. Wouldn’t have known about it.

  5. Oberserve says

    Preposterous decline? Are you kidding?

    The decline is as a result of government taking 50% of working people’s labor and property to fund itself and then threatens property “forfeiture” with no due process and without conviction.

    No, it is you who are promoting third world banana republicization.

    Free people in traditional America protect themselves and take care of themselves. Reliance on police is a mark of a socialist and cowardice.

  6. @Wanumba #4

    Glad to share. You have a great site by the way. I will continue to check in.

    Keep up the great work.


  7. Under Pres. Obama, MORE deportations have occurred.

  8. Reliance on police is a mark of a socialist and cowardice.

    You need psychotherapy

  9. Rosco P Coltrane says

    There are 1000s of videos on the internet showing real police brutality, real police corruption against helpless and many times innocent citizens. Grandmas and pregnant women being tased, cops planting drugs, suspicionless checkpoints far from the borders, asset seizure, SWAT team raids for a marijuana cigarette (sometimes at the wrong house) that get people and pets killed, making up laws to arrest people under… It goes on and on every day everywhere.

    The police in this country are losing respect because of what they DO, not because of what some administration says about them.

    When the Bush Administration sentenced Ramos and Compean for shooting a Mexican dealer caught with 800lbs of drugs, America was 100% behind the border patrol.

    If the police in this country gave a rat’s patootie about what people thought of them (and they SHOULD), they would put an end to this support-their-own-at-all-costs mentality and get rid of (prosecute) the small % of bad cops that are doing all the damage.

  10. Rosco P Coltrane Says:
    June 7th, 2010 at 11:55 am
    There are 1000s of videos on the internet showing real police brutality

    There are scores of videos of dudes named Rosco and none of them are you, so what’s the point of hauling them up to denigrate YOUR behavior?

    Isn’t that classic profiling and discrimination and stereotyping to lump the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department into a vast tub of Youtube clips showing other people?

    The Democratic Party-controlled Obama Administration along with Opens Borders lobbyists in order to sway public opinion against SB1070 and to create a public uproar to pressure a repeal of SB1070, becuse it’s a perfectly legal law that will hold up in court, is smearing Arizona law officers, equating them with 1950s and 1960s racist Southern Democratic Party Controlled police departments. How honest is that?

    Probably a number of the Arizona law enforcement are Republicans. WHat a slander and libel to call them the same as Democratic Party racist Southern Democrats, like KKK Democrat Robert Byrd. AT least the Democrat law enforcment officers can say, “Yeah, I know Democrats have a despicable history of denying Black AMerican citizens their COnstitutional RIghts, but I’m not one of those ancient relics, I, as a modern Democrat fully embrace that the anti-slavery Republican Party was right to defend righteousness of treating all people, regarless of color, creed or profession equally under the law.”

    You know what? Calling people here “illegals” really isn’t right. It just makes them a one-dimensional things. Let’s just use “foreigners.” It’s so international that way.

  11. One correction. We don’t have a Homeland Security Chief; we have a big, fat Muppet bouncing in that chair.

  12. Oberserve says

    a) Cops disarming Americans: in New Orleans and

    b) Homeland Security is not there to protect Americans, but to protect the government

    c) Government police believe all armed Americans are dangerous

    Like I said earlier, REAL Americans take care of themselves.

    Socialist cowards look to the police for protection.

  13. Oberserve says

    Homeland Security = giving every law abiding citizen an AK47

  14. Oberserve Says:
    June 7th, 2010 at 8:44 pm

    SO you also employ the group identity politics of smearing the Maricopa Country Sheriff’s department with the behavior of New Orleans police? How far is it to New Orleans from Phoenix? 1000 miles?

    Is that fair to the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department? Lumping together with a Democratic Party-controlled Police department that had cops filmed placidly looting Walmart after Katrina?
    The result of years of Democratic Party mismanagement of law enforcement, padding the police department with politically-connected hacks?

    There was no looting in New York City after 9/11, despite no warning of the attacks. There was no looting in NAshville Tennessee during the floods this year – worse than Katrina.

    But cops in New Orleans displayed the results of years of crony hire, pis-poor training, no discipline, and a nationally known high attrition rate of GOOD officers who moved out to more professional departments elsewhere. The Mayor of New Orleans was and still is a Democrat, which is the anti-second-Amendment political party, what a “surprise” he perceived an opportunity to grab guns. Too bad he didn’t use the Federal money meant to reinforce the levees, for the levees. New Orleans has been manifesting Third World mismanagement for years now. Kartina exposed it. To shift the blame from the corrupt city and state governance, Democrats, the narrative has been to “blame Bush.”

    Yah know, about your American Alone nonsense. We have a property size that we could plant in crops, dig a cellar a hundred yards long and fill it with survival food and ammo. For what? In a cataclysmic societal break down, we would be overrun by our neigbors, even mobs out of Phoenix, desparate for what we have. Gotta sleep sometime, and one runs out of bullets sooner or later and it’s finished.
    It’s in our collective interest to preserve the social contract of high cooperation that has made this country so peaeful and prosperus.

  15. Oberserve says

    Wanumba says:
    “It’s in our collective interest to preserve the social contract of high cooperation that has made this country so peaeful and prosperus.”

    Obserserve response:
    Note Wanumba’s use of the word “collective”. And, yet, his objections to socialist references.

    But back to the subject.

    The “social contracts” that made this country so peaceful and prosperous were made between PRIVATE INDIVIDUALS, not unionized government bureaucrats and cops.

    I think I have more insight here, you are a PLEA supporter. You are a police UNION supporter.

    I would like to note that PLEA testified before the city council in February stating that the new food tax should be ***4%*** and that 2% wasn’t enough.

    Furthermore that the PLEA and government unions “social contract” was to OVERTLY THREATEN private normal people with chaos in the streets and the withdrawl of police protection if private people didn’t cough up more in taxes.

    There’s your social contract. Thank you very much, but I’ll take care of myself.

  16. USE the dictionary definition, not the political Left definition.

    WHy would I be a PLEA supporter? Supporting police is code for UNION? SInce when? Union and police are two different very defined entities, and the less union, the better the police.

    Are you saying the in order to suport police, one must support the union?
    That’s the UNION rhetoric you phony.

  17. abigail 84. says

    wanumba..re..july 29..thoughts for the ‘small people’?

  18. All bow down to the law enforcement tax collector!

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