WARNING: Government union members posing as Tea Partiers!


To all Arizona Taxpayers and Tea Partiers:

House Rules Committee chairman Rep. Jerry Weiers and other Arizona Legislators are getting many emails and calls from persons pretending to be Tea Partiers, who are telling them to vote against SB 1322, the municipal managed competition reform bill.

At this point, you have a question: How could otherwise conservative Legislators be deceived into believing that real Tea Partiers oppose a pro-taxpayer reform that would create jobs, reduce government spending, and introduce market competition into city services? We have posted an explanation below, as well as background information on why SB 1322 is good for Arizona taxpayers.

Here are Three Important Action Items:

1) Call and email Rep. Jerry Weiers (a good guy, with conservative instincts), and remind him that you are a taxpayer and that you want to see city governments become more efficient. Rep. Weiers is a key gatekeeper in the process, and he is currently keeping SB 1322 from being heard in the House Rules Committee, because so many false “tea partiers” have contacted his office during the past week. Be sure to put the phrase “Vote YES on SB 1322” in the subject line and in the body of your email. The email for Rep. Jerry Weiers is jpweiers@azleg.gov and his phone is (602) 926-5894.

2) Call and email the other members of the House, especially if you know them, or live in their districts. Focus on the ones with Rs next to their names (the Democrats appear to be solidly in the pocket of the government workers unions):


3) Be sure to come to the Feet to the Fire Tea Party at the Arizona Capitol on Friday evening, April 15, from 6:00 to 9:00 pm. Our Legislators spend far too much time at the Capitol, listening to lobbyists. Your physical presence at the Capitol on April 15 will help to remind Legislators that there really are taxpayers out there, and that taxpayers want them to stand firm against the government-worker unions and the corporate-welfare interest groups. Event details are posted here: http://www.aztaxpayers.org

Why Conservative Legislators Sometimes Fail to Do the Right Thing

1) Our Legislators are very busy. The majorities in the Senate and House just passed a budget that makes significant cuts to government spending and balances the budget honestly for the first time in at least four years. They did so in the face of massive opposition from government unions and corporate-welfare interests. In many cases, Legislators stayed up all night long producing the budget. Legislators are also trying to read hundreds of bills, including dozens of good bills that are backed by conservatives and Tea Partiers. With all of this activity, it is easy for Legislators to lose track of important reforms such as SB 1322.

2) Our Legislators hear constantly from pro-government lobbyists. While you are taking care of your job and your family, full-time taxpayer-funded lobbyists are down at the Capitol, making the rounds and talking to Legislators who don’t spend enough time in the real world talking to taxpayers. AFP-Arizona director Tom Jenney was the ONLY registered lobbyist in the entire state who signed in favor of the Senate and House budget bills and the necessary budget cuts. The list of opponents to the budget includes literally hundreds of lobbyists in opposition to the budget cuts. Those lobbyists represent government unions, local government officials put in power by union voters, and corporate-welfare interests who are dependent on existing sweetheart deals with governments. Those are the same lobbyists who oppose SB 1322! Unfortunately, if the Legislators don’t hear from you, it is very easy for them to be led astray by false arguments and red herrings from lobbyists.

3) Legislators tend to have short memories. Even though our Legislators have received literally hundreds of emails from taxpayers and tea partiers over the past few weeks in favor of SB 1322, most Arizona Senate and House members do not have a good way of keeping tallies on these bills. Unfortunately, if Rep. Weiers and his colleagues get a couple dozen emails from false tea party members this week, those emails will be fresh in their minds, while your many previous emails may be forgotten. So please keep contacting your Legislators (see action items 1 and 2 above)!

More Information about SB 1322

Please go to this URL for an explanation of the benefits of Senate Bill 1322, which would require Arizona cities with populations of 500,000 or more (Phoenix and Tucson) to open up city services to competition from the private sector:


For Liberty, Tom

Tom Jenney
Arizona Director
Americans for Prosperity




  1. Tom Jenny needs to wake up. He is making excuses for the legislators. He really is endorsing my theory that the legislators are 1) Lazy 2) Arrogant and 3) in the pocket of lobbyists.
    Call your legislator – find out why he/she doesnt have time for you! Ask to speak to them directly. You pay thier salary and they have 0 accountability to you (except in 2 years at the ballot box, by then you will have given up or forgotten about this issue). Get them to answer you directly. Why let people like Jenny make a bunch of excuses about why they are unresponsive. THEY ARE LAZY!
    You have to pick up the phone and respond in your job, why dont they?
    He is right, they are constantly listening to lobbyists. That is their choice! they dont have to do that. They should be out in the district making themselves available to you in person. Remember, they begged for your money and your vote so they could do the job, then all you ever hear from is an $8 an hour secretary that cant answer any of your questions. Does that sound right?

    Tea Party – take back your govt and make them accountable!

  2. TEA PARTY – Jenny cites the budget process and how they worked all night to get a budget. In your job do they allow you to wait until the last minute to complete all the work? Why do you think those legislators are able to pass secret amendments in the middle of the night?

    Legislature is NOT HONEST and TRANSPARENT!
    IF they cared about keeping the public informed they would craft the budget in regular meetings during normal business hours where regular people could watch the process.They rush the budget through when the leadership has all their secret deals made and they have enough votes to pass it, then they call the session and work until late in the night so they can do it right away and avoid public scrutiny. WAKE UP PEOPLE!

  3. ImTeaPartyToo says

    In other news, Rob Haney and Tom Morrissey are also posing as Tea Partiers, but nobody seems to care.

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