Waring Receives Endorsement of Phoenix Association of REALTORS®

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Organization of more than 9,000 Real Estate Professionals Cites Pro-Growth Agenda

PHOENIX, AZ- Jim Waring, Republican Candidate for Phoenix City Council, today proudly announced that his campaign has been endorsed by the Phoenix Association of REALTORS® (PAR).

“As a matter of good government, Phoenix needs leaders who are willing to challenge the status quo with new ideas and a vision to enhance our economic future,” said PAR President Susan Ramsey. “At a time when it’s difficult to find the political courage to cut debt, taxes, and spending, we need leaders willing to stand up and say we’re going to do more to help our citizens.”

“I am grateful for the support of PAR, and I look forward to serving my community as we seek an economic rebound to these down times. This includes leading the charge to strengthen the health of our real estate market in the Valley,” said Jim Waring, who has made the city’s economy-including cutting the city budget and holding the line on taxes-a cornerstone of his campaign.

Waring has previously received numerous accolades for his work on behalf of limited government. He has been named a Champion of the Taxpayer by the Arizona Federation of Taxpayers, and a Guardian of Small Business by the National Federation of Independent and Small Business.


Jim Waring is the Republican candidate for Phoenix City Council in District 2. He previously served in the Arizona State Senate from 2003 – 2010, where he was named Champion of the Taxpayer for his efforts to reign in government spending and reduce waste. To learn more, visit JimWaring.com.


  1. Jim Waring is in the battle of all battles by taking on the kingpin of the government unions. It is absolutely imperative that the voters of this district elect Waring to the council so that Sal DiCiccio and Bill Gates have more support on the council and the voters do not get bullied by another government union led effort to jack the water rates, raise the food tax and spend more money on salaries that are far above the average salary of the taxpayer residents.

  2. Shane you got that right. The Fire Fighters will work hard to have one of their hand-picked political operatives on the Council. Waring works hard and still has a connection to real people. Not like the elitist politicians that thumb their noses at the voters. I think Waring is the only guy with a PHd that I can talk to and be confident that he is listening. If the Tea Party has any smarts they would push hard for Waring and Contreras to even out the council.

  3. Oberserve says

    He also has received the endorsement of property tax increasers. So what?

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