Waring Announces He Will Run

Jim Waring For Congress

Phoenix, AZ – Senator Jim Waring will announce Friday he will run to represent citizens in the Third Congressional District in Arizona. Congressman John Shadegg announced earlier this week he would not seek re-election.

Waring has received many awards while serving the citizens of LD 7, which makes up roughly one-fourth of Congressional District 3. Waring has championed some of the largest tax cuts in Arizona and has received the Arizona Chamber of Commerce “Senator of the Year” award for his efforts. He also champions veterans issues and his work on reducing D.U.I.’s has led to a significant reduction in fatalities in Arizona, according to the Arizona Department of Public Safety.“John Shadegg is a terrific congressman and will be sorely missed. His principled conservative stands brought honor and integrity to his term in office” says Waring. “I look forward to bringing the same work ethic to District 3 as I brought to the legislature.
We must maintain our national security and secure our borders now. In addition, we must fight to keep taxes low and reduce government waste. I have the experience necessary to start day one representing our district.”

Senator Jim Waring has represented Legislative District 7 over five years. He chairs the Senate Finance Committee. Waring holds a PhD from ASU School of Public Affairs.


  1. Hope he doesn’t resign to run… That would be awkward if Shadegg stays… Can the Supervisors appoint you back into your own seat?

  2. Kralmajales says

    Who needs to resign to run? That law is now junk. All he has to do is “explore” until election day.

  3. Sound Advice says

    I am sure you all heard Senator Waring didn’t hold his press event. Below is his ststement in light of Shadegg’s latest decision.

    ‘I know many of you were coming to my event today at 1 pm. We’re NOT going to be holding it. I’m sure you’ve heard Congressman Shadegg is reconsidering his
    decision to retire. I have incredible respect for him, and out of respect I’m going to hold off on my decision until I know his plans. Of course I wouldn’t run if John Shadegg were running for reelection.

    I hope this email reaches you in time, and I apologize in advance for any inconvenience.


    Jim Waring

  4. Nobody said he HAD to resign to run, Tim only asked what would have happened if he had resigned to run… You also don’t “explore until Election Day”, you actually file and run as a full-on candidate. As long as you’re in your final year of your term, you can be a candidate for another office.

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