Ward Connerly to speak to CCM on AZ Civil Rights Initiative; BAMN opposition terrorizing signature gatherers

Move over, ACORN, you’re no longer the most frightening organization trying to illegally interrupt the election process in Arizona. The neo-communist Michigan organization BAMN (By Any Means Necessary) has flown in members to Arizona to disrupt the process of collecting signatures for the AZ Civil Rights Initiative. The group originated in response to the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative, which passed a couple of years ago. BAMN uses outrageous methods to attain its objectives, from physically blocking initiative signature gatherers to yelling while they’re trying to collect signatures in order to scare off people from signing. BAMN tried to block signature gatherers a few days ago at a DMV in South Phoenix until the DMV kicked them off the property for violating state law, and yesterday when signature gatherers went to turn in their petitions to the management of the AZ Civil Rights Initiative, a van of BAMN radicals pulled up and started screaming at them, calling them racists, race-traitors, segregationists, etc.

In Michigan, BAMN would take buses into Detroit where predominantly African-Americans lived and bring them to protests to engage in illegal activity such as interrupting civic meetings with yelling and taking over the meetings. BAMN told their recruits incorrect information in order to convince them to participate; instead of telling them the Civil Rights Initiative would ban racial and gender preferences, they told them it would discriminate against minorities and bring back segregation like under the Jim Crow era. This was confirmed when the media would interview them about why they were marching with BAMN; they had no real idea what the Civil Rights Initiative was actually about. BAMN’s tactics of misleading and using minorities for their own purposes, making fools of them, is condescending and racist.

BAMN is working with the Arizona ACLU and Rep. Kyrsten Sinema (considered the craziest legislator in the state legislature, even by members of her own party) to brutally challenge AZ Civil Rights Initiative signature collectors. Because they can’t win at the ballot box, and because they can’t even find adequate opposition in Arizona, they resort to flying in out-of-state radicals to terrorize Arizonans. This group should be shunned and avoided at all costs. They are putting on a training session with the Arizona ACLU this Saturday and Sunday. Noticeably, there is no mention of BAMN on the ACLU’s notice about the event. Nor is there any mention of racial and gender preferences; the notice references preserving “equal opportunity” for minorities numerous times however, and claims that the initiative will “re-segregate” society. Those who attend will learn how to: “Volunteer to stand near Connerly’s petition gatherers in public areas and tell voters the truth about the Connerly initiative,” and “Help convince voters that this initiative is not what Connerly says it is.”

Ward Connerly will be speaking to the new group Coalition for a Conservative Majority on June 16, about the initiative and how you can help AZCRI by collecting signatures in spite of this hateful group’s efforts.

The video above is of BAMN with bused-in African-Americans from Detroit interrupting a canvassing board meeting, chanting loudly until the meeting can’t go on, and the BAMN president starts speaking. You can see at least one person get knocked down. BAMN’s protesters then stole $200 from a blind candy vendor.

Below is a video of BAMN at a school board meeting. The second speaker, Luke Massey, carries a knife and makes sure Civil Rights Initiative supporters know.


  1. Sameer Parekh says

    I think BAMN is older than that. They got started back in California when they passed prop 187, banning affirmative action there. That was at least a decade ago I think.

  2. DocMobley says

    I’m glad I did not sign the petition at the post office to get this Ward Connerly Initiative on the AZ ballot! I told the signature gatherer that “preferential treatment” has been around for a long time – for centuries. Why change now? A wrong few getting a minute piece of that treatment?


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  3. minorities says:


    minorities posted on Tuesday Thanks for the info, my readers loved the post….

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