Ward campaign clarifies TV ad featuring Ward’s former Treasurer supporting McCain


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Thursday, June 10, 2010


The Jim Ward for Congress campaign has asked us to clarify that the blonde woman in the McCain ad who was Ward’s campaign treasurer until she resigned late last year, Susan Godfrey, is the blonde woman who appeared in McCain’s deceptive “Avid Earmarker” ad, below, not the blonde woman who appeared in McCain’s “Washington Lobbyist” ad. We regret the confusion. It doesn’t make a difference in the point we were trying to make, which is the McCain campaign’s use of someone in a TV ad praising Democrat Harry Mitchell over J.D. Hayworth, and the connection between the Jim Ward for Congress campaign and the McCain campaign. Both campaigns use the same person to set up signs, and probably to send out mailers together, because we received both flyers from them today in the mail.

The “Avid Earmarker” ad is poorly done. It accuses Hayworth of excessive earmarking and pork barreling. In reality, Hayworth didn’t sponsor any of the earmarks listed in the ad. The earmarks listed were tacked onto general appropriations bills by notorious earmarkers in Congress. Hayworth simply voted for the general appropriations bills. Does anyone know how many of those kinds of bills McCain  voted for? If so please email us, it would be fun to do an expose on that.

McCain has voted for more pork and earmarks over the last couple of years in the Senate than almost any other Republican, voting for the $700 billion general TARP bailout, the $25 billion auto bailout, the first $85 billion AIG insurance bailout, and he proposed spending $300 billion on a mortgage entitlement bailout to buy out every bad mortgage in the country. He co-sponsored Cap and Trade legislation. It is ludicrous that he is running phony ads pretending Hayworth is the porker when McCain’s middle name should be “bailout.”


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  1. This is a fake newspaper.

    The person in the ad is an Arizona voter with every right to voice her opinion. You can’t dispute that, no matter how much you lie and smear.

    You can try to intimidate everyone. But it won’t work. You don’t scare anyone with your ridiculous fake paper.

    The efforts of the Hayworth campaign to smear, lie about and intimidate voters because of the other Republicans they support is gutter politics.

    This is why Hayworth can’t get a decent endorsement to save his life (and campaign).

  2. If the earmarks were tacked on to general bills, then McCain is “guilty” of everything he accuses Hayworth of in earmarks. WHich is pretty obvious, so producing ads that evoke “I think you voters are stupid” just grates.

  3. When did McCain become the big conservative? I have always thought he was a RINO. Oh, I forgot he always turns conservative at election time.

  4. So, the McCain aid features a political staffer EX of the Ward campaign as “average citizen.”

    The other blonde woman is a mystery, though if one fed all the characteristics of all “union public school teachers” in this state into a computer and had it crank out a generic model of one, she’d be it.


  5. Hey Travis!

    Still stuck on gasbag platitudes?

    Get an intellect!

  6. Saddlemaker says

    Obama is trying to dismantle America’s defense’s. McCain is the senior Republican on the Armed Service’s Committee and will be Chairman when we get our majority back. Elect JD and he will be lucky to get a Parks and Recreation Committee.

  7. Carlist Says:
    June 11th, 2010 at 4:35 pm
    Hey Travis!
    Still stuck on gasbag platitudes?

    Travis is making sure that when this article pops up on search lists, that the first line of the first comment gets displayed – a sleazoid gimmick to put surfing readers off reading it.

    I wondered at the odd preponderance of one liner smears and snarks out of the very first comment – always done by the usual suspects – until an inspection of search results showed how it works.

  8. Saddlemaker:

    The last person in the world you would want to chair Armed Services is McCain.

    The last thing we need is anohter bout of “no bid contracts” awarded to cronies of the Keating and “Bernie Jr” ilk!

    BTW: J.D.had a seat on Ways and Means in the House. John couldn’t come within smelling distance of it!

    What was McCain’s class standing at Annapolis?

  9. Word to the wise:
    Speculation is not considered journalism. To be considered journalism you must report the facts and report them accurately. Seeing as this blog posting alone is a correction to a mistake made and states words such as probably and assumes I do not consider this to be a trustworthy site. In fact it is ridiculous how transparent this site is towards supporting specific candidates and purposefully bashing on others. To those who read this blog be careful what you believe. This is not news; it is cowards hiding behind the anonymity of the internet.

  10. Joop deBruin says

    Juan McInsane is an absolute sickness that Arizona needs to rid itself of. My wife and I voted for Bob Barr over either of the Dumb and Dumber choices.

    However, you need to get over yourselves and look at the Ward vs. Schweikert (and the nobodies)race. Schweikert will go down in flames against Mitchell, yet one more time. And where is this guy in between his losing runs at Congress? He shows up at GOP club meetings, but where in the hell else is he? He’s not around fighting the traitors like Juan McInsane or his ilk that want us to turn over Arizona to the Aztlan Nation crew!

    So take a slug of the Pabst Blue Ribbon and try to think. Ward has a chance this year as a non-politician. As for Schweikert …phhht!

    So tough guy, are you really for kicking azz and making some change in DC, or are you playing the “good ol boy” network that has kept a traitor like McInsane in CONgress for 27 years too long?

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