Wake up to double talk.

Business fat cats fighting the new employment law have accused some legislators of being racist. Turns out one of the businessmen opposed to the new employer sanction law, Jerry Colangelo, belongs to an exclusive country club in Central Phoenix that still enforces a sexist policy regarding their dining rooms. Nice work guys. Charge someone else with being racist while you belong to a sexist country club. How does the saying go – “Physician, heal thyself.”


  1. Soorrryyy… but this one is a non-contender for me. It is a private club; no one must or even needs to join. The years ago design of the two rooms was to suit the use; the men’s room was directly accessible to the men’s locker room and the women could dine in a beautiful place without interruption from the men as they passed thru on their way to the bar or to shower. If it were no Blacks or no Jews, then you would have a story. But just because they have continued the design and function of years of membership choices in the separate rooms, it does not imply racism by any member. There is open dining available, the choice of where to dine is up to the member and not regulated by the rules. Private membership versus public policy.

    There are certainly many choices in Golf Clubs; the Free Market is at work here. My guess is on any other day this story would be defended as the right of individuals to do what they want in the interior of a private venue.

    What I did find interesting was the reference of “Democrat State Senator Slade Mead”. Slade Mead was a Republican when in the Senate; he has since changed back to a Dem.

  2. I really hope that this post isn’t endorsing JNAP’s position in opening the club up to women as well. While I think that the remarks by Magruder (not Colangelo, as the post seems to imply) regarding racism are ridiculous, I fail to see the connection between this and Colangelo belonging to a private club. As far as I know, Colangelo, despite my disgust with him, didn’t charge anyone with being racist. I really fail to see the point of this post. It seems to me that it is a sad day when a conservative blog cites liberal Richard Ruelas in order to make point that is tenuous at best.

  3. If you would like the consideration of not being assigned evil motives for your actions and opinions, it would be best if you applied that to yourself as well.

    This post is the equivelant of “I know you are, but what am I?”

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