Wake Up Arizona now a 501(c)6

On July 18th we covered an Arizona Capital Times story that Wake Up Arizona and Stop Illegal Hiring may have violated campaign finance laws. Now comes a follow up story that Wake Up Arizona has re-filed as a 501(c)6 and is now not required to file campaign or expenditure reports.

A Google indicates that a 501(c)6 is not exactly what the Capital Times story describes. Another question arises, does the group have to file with the Arizona Secretary of State if they are supporting a state ballot initiative?


  1. As the author of both articles you linked in your post (thanks, btw!), I am curious to know what was incorrect about the description of a 501(c)6 in the most recent article. If the description is unclear or flat out wrong, I would like the ability to make the necessary changes.

    As for your question about reporting to the SOS, the answer is no. As a 501(c)6, Wake Up AZ is in the same class as other business leagues, such as the various chambers of commerce or trade groups, like the AZ General Contractors Assn. Regardless of if they donate to a political campaign, those groups do not have to report their contributions or expenses.

    Jim Small
    Reporter, Arizona Capitol Times

  2. So why doesn’t everyone just become a (c)6 and beat the reporting requirements?

  3. Likely because there are restrictions in federal law on what kinds of political activities the various non-profit designations can conduct.

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