Wake tosses sanctions lawsuit.

Judge rules in favor of Arizona’s Employer Sanctions Law, dismisses the legal challenge.

Based on the Republic article this was a very narrow ruling that does not address the larger issues in the lawsuit. The judge dismissed the lawsuit without prejudice, meaning the case may be re-filed.


  1. kralmajales says

    The split begins…

    Here are the GOP backing organizations that oppose this law:

    …The various business groups that brought the lawsuit, including members of the Arizona Contractors Association, the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Arizona Farm Bureau Federation and the Arizona Restaurant and Hospitality Association…

    These are the folks that fund your party…I am not at all surprised that the Dems are out fundraising you. I think the anti-immigration folks are about to see what the power of business really can be.

  2. We’ll see how much damage they can do from behind bars.

  3. Poison- I think that someone should come to wherever you work, and file a complaint- so that you will be out of a job. Have fun!

  4. Darryl Light says

    As much as I hate to admit it, Goddard’s office has been very adept in defending the law against the liberal bastion that is the 9th circuit. Maybe the best thing to do against these clowns is to send a fellow liberal against them. It seems to be the only thing their small brains can understand.

  5. Passonate Moderate says

    The flaw in your logic is those groups don’t fund the Conservatives like Pearce, Gould ect. who push these things, they fund moderate Republicans. If those groups pull their funding the Mods take a hit, not the hard right of the GOP.

  6. Kralmajales makes a valid point, but my response is that I am happy to have the will of the vast majority of the people, as well as the rule of law, on my side–even if it means losing some contributions from fat cats in the business community.

    You can apply this to more than just illegal immigration. If business are used to getting away with any kind of illegal activity–child labor, tax evasion, price fixing, unsafe conditions, you name it–they are bound to be upset with anyone who comes along and tries to put a stop to it. In the end, standing up for what’s right should pay much bigger dividends than these contributions would.

    I am more confident than ever that my side will prevail on this issue. The Republican party may be struggling, but it will be back stronger than ever. In the meantime, we stopped amnesty even with Dems in charge of both houses of congress, and we got our own Open Borders governor to sign employer sanctions. All this while we’re supposedly losing.

  7. Frank Soto says

    Darryl light: Judge Wake is actually a very respected conservative district court judge. Just because you are a judge in the 9th Circuit (he is not ON the ninth circuit, because he is a district court judge), does not make you liberal. There are a number of liberal circuit court judges, but there are also quite a number of prominent conservatives: Koziniski, O’Scanlin, Bybee immediately come to mind. I hate the whole “Oh, the 9th Circuit did it, must have been liberal.”

    Sorry, personal rant that had nothing to do with the topic (a trend for me?)

  8. All Republicans know that we are the party of smaller govt (unless we want to get rid of Mexicans and need more bureacracy and Imm Agents) Open markets (unless its for Mexicans) and Less govt regulations (unless we can mandate extra process to sift out Mexicans). Oh and dont forget more Free trade (unless we need make corps keep jobs in US).

  9. Passionate Moderate:

    You logic is flawed too. Just because the business groups don’t give to the Party doesnt’ mean they are giving individually to Republicans who support them on this issue.

    Because that is exactly what is happening. Money is not going to the anti-immigration party but to individual candidates. So the mods really do win in the end.

    Kudos, Kralmajales!

  10. You are all right, some more than others; in random order.
    Frank Soto (7) is right in setting facts straight but his breath (like mine) is wasted on those that are mentally challenged.
    Poison (2) please tells us, who you think will wind up behind bars. I hope you don’t wish that upon those who support the business that currently supports your paycheck.
    Darryl Light (4) Do I understand you correct that only small minded individuals can understand and applaud the Employer Sanction Law? You’d be very right then.
    Anonymous (3) you are almost a 100% right, except “Poison” would not have fun.
    Anon (8) You forgot one thing, albeit we are part of the party for smaller government (unless its about our private lives where we must insist to have at least one Deacon, one Bishop, one Preacher and for sure one representative of the very Reverend Jerry Fawell all times in each and every bedroom 24/7). It’s for Family Values Sake, you know.
    Passionate Moderate (5) you are half right, depriving the party of financial support will hurt the party, but since the moderates are the ones who get funding, they can’t be hurt all that bad. The party will learn sooner than later what has caused the diminishing cash flow. You are correct here and you could have named more than two.
    For Real (9) you too are correct it’s just that a carriage does not move as well if half of its wheels don’t turn. This goes for parties also.
    Poison (6) you too are correct in believing what you feel is right to believe for yourself. In your wish of being in lockstep with what you believe is the majority, let me simply tell you that if a national economy, any economy abandons 9.56 [*] million consumers and 9.56 [*] million productive workers, it will have a substantial negative impact on its economy and GNP. To this end I suggest you pray that Anonymous (3) thoughts will not translate in reality. [*9.56 million is 88% of the estimated 12 million illegal residents that are presumed not part of the 12% drug dealers and otherwise undesirables]
    Kralmajales (1) You are the Winner; your score is a perfect 100%. Although I do not know you, at some other post, I remember you were painted as a Liberal. If this is indeed the case, it proves Daryl Light (4) who thinks Liberals have small brains very, very wrong.

  11. You are right, they will not end up behind bars. I was just dreaming. Some people hope the Cubs will one day win the World Series…I hope Mac Magruder and Rickey Wassenaar will one day be cell mates.

    As for my own employer, I know for a fact that we make every effort not to hire illegals. If one ever did manage to slip through the cracks, we would have nothing to worry about under the new law, and it certainly would’t mean the end of the company (or my job for that matter). Thanks for the warm Christmas wishes though.

    The difference is that my employer does not go around suing its potential customers in a desperate attempt to undermine the political process and facilitate continued lawbreaking. We also don’t call our customers who don’t agree with us racists.

    As for your statistics…very impressive. I’m speechless, except to say, “How did we ever survive without them?”

  12. Pearce Supporter says

    Who cares if our economy is destroyed, people are put out of work, and businesses will not relocate to Arizona. We will have fewer Mexicans here.

  13. nightcrawler says

    All the people spewing rhetoric on both sides of this argument have omitted one rather important current event, the economy. Arizona has by and large, replaced the five C’s (copper, cotton, cattle, citrus and climate) with the biggest “C” of all…CONSTRUCTION.

    With the sub-prime meltdown and many out of state speculators tucking tail and leaving homes for foreclosure. The building trades, with the exception of commercial are reeling.
    The ironic truth is that a lot the illegal workers have already left the state because of lack of work. In addition the new sanctions law has already run off several more.

    In my estimation, what we have brewing here is the perfect storm. As the economy continues to sour, home remodeling, house swapping and even landscaping will take a back seat to cash flow. The average Joe Schmo who would have turned the other cheek while his new auto was being hand dried will now think twice about paying $25 to get his used car washed by snotty high school kids.

    Under the tall grass cover of a bad economy, this bill will indeed worm its way into reality. Its sponsors and supporters will hail victory, taking credit for an exodus driven more by mortgage broker and speculator greed than the law itself .

    The rest of us will pay eight bucks for a happy meal, will mow our grass or replace it with desert landscaping under the excuse of being “green”. The economy makes barons and beggars of us all. The rest of this banter is simply background music for the real show.

  14. cactus wren says
  15. Passonate Moderate says

    O.K. let me try again. The illegal employer lobby doesn’t give to the party, they don’t give to conservatives they only give to moderates. If they pull their money, only moderates(liberals hiding inside the Republican party) are harmed.
    In the past the state party provided NO help for state conservative candidates. There focus was only on federal level seats, conservatives have had to stand on their own. Just like the people that elect them.

  16. kralmajales says

    First of all, thanks kindly to some of the shout-outs and thanks also to what is a fantastic discussion overall.

    I disagree that most of the groups that I mentioned above do not support conservatives. These are developers, farmers, and even the Chamber of Commerce! This is the bulk of the business community representation that has always been what has funded the party and its candidates.

    My main point of disagreement, however, was touched on above but not directly mentioned. These groups are what has supported the infrastructure of the state and national party…as an organization. It has been that organization that has, for the most part, won you elections and that has provided the infrastructure for voter drives, registration, and that has encouraged candidates. Bruce Ash will know what I mean by this.

    The split does not harm the far right wing of your party…it harms the party overall. It means that these groups will not support what is left standing. What is left standing will be too small and too extreme to dominate politics in Arizona in the future. You will win strongly conservative districts like Goulds and Pearce’s but you will lose any that are close.

    Passonate Moderate,

    Your last post gets at the split that I was talking about in my lead comment.

    This issue will kill the GOP if this continues in the way that it is shaping up. McCain and Kyl know it.

  17. TrueConservative says


    I think that before we go throwing fire balls over whether employer sanctions is a conservative or moderate issue, I think that we would first need to define what ‘conservative’ is.

    I know that I consider myself to be a social conservative, and a fiscal conservative. Anywhere I go, people would consider me to be a conservative. But, I do not support the employer sanctions law, nor Russell Pearce. This does not make me a moderate. I believe that this law will be extremely bad for Arizona, and our economy. I believe that raising taxes and bonds are also bad. I love Arizona, but I fear the direction in which we are headed.

    Republicans, for the longest time, have been synonymous with being pro-business and anti-big government. Russell Pearce’s actions aren’t any of these things, and I believe that he is siding more with the Unions than the Republican Party. Therefore, I will argue that he is behaving anti-Republican.

  18. Passonate Moderate says

    Here’s a good question. What does “pro-business” mean now. Does it mean less regulation or does it mean loot the taxpayer for hand outs to private business? Theme parks, incentives or other deals where the taxpayers take the risk and “business” reaps the reward.

  19. I think some are missing the point here. I wish the federal government would do it’s job here. I also wish employers would not hire illegal aliens. Neither has happened. This is a very complicated issue with many winners and losers. However, the following is true. Hiring those in the country illegally is in itself illegal. It drives down costs, which if done legally, is a good thing, but when done illegally is a classic distortion of the free market. Providing jobs to illegals also brings with it many other costs to society ranging from social costs, to far more nefarious criminal costs. I want to sympathize with business here, but that is mitigated by the fact that they are breaking the law and gaining from it. Their gains come at the expense of society in general and more specifically those in business who do not break the law. I fail to see how a legislator faced with this information would not attempt to do something. It’s not a Republican or Democrat issue. It’s an issue of doing something in the absence of a federal government who will not do anything. I don’t care if we have a guest worker program. It would probably solve a lot of problems for everyone. But in the absence of that, I fail to see how turning a blind eye to the problem is good for Arizona.

  20. Sad Republican says

    TrueConservative, You are a true conservative. Pearce and Don Goldwater are fools who have almost destroyed the Republican Party in Arizona. Now, they have their sights set on our economy.

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