Voters Still Waiting on Cardon to Explain Source of Campaign Funding

Jeff Flake

PHOENIX – The Flake campaign renewed its call, first made last week, for millionaire self-funding Senate candidate Wil Cardon to release his response to a Federal Election Commission (FEC) complaint, which could help clear the air over questions that he may be illegally funding his campaign with corporate contributions from his family’s fortune. 

“Cardon should release his response,” said Andrew Wilder, communications director for the Flake campaign. “As long as questions still linger over how his campaign is being funded, voters won’t trust him.”

In January, the Arizona Republic reported that Wil Cardon was the subject of a complaint filed with the FEC by Mesa resident Dave Smith, a plumbing contractor who is owed money by the Cardon family. The complaint questions whether he is illegally funding his campaign with corporate contributions.

Click here to view the entire FEC complaint against Wil Cardon.



  1. AZDryheat says

    Actually I’d like Wil Cardon to explain to Dave Smith why he’s stiffing his family on money owed to him, while spending millions on a campaign.

  2. LD 20 PC says

    I like Wil, but then again he is soaring with Arizona voters, we all say “ANYBODY BUT THE FLAKEY”. I want Flake to tell us about his funding, Oh he was the receiptient of John McCain’s donor list, are you Mr. Flake going to tell us about that little tidbit?

  3. Ghost of Friedman says

    LD 20 PC: What polls are you reading? Flake is crushing Cardon. So who are the “all” that are saying “anybody but the Flakey”?

  4. “anybody but the Flakey” is a little too cutesy for this day and age. I think “F*** Flake” is much more catchy and apropos.

    • Stop McRINO Now says

      I would like Flake to explain his vote on gays in the military, or just come out of the closet.

      I think this is much for catchy and apropos, Flake’s a F**

  5. in AZDryHeat’s world, polling at 20% is soaring … if that is soaring, I feel bad for him, and for you – that you have so little regard for his abilities..

    another example of the soft bigotry of low expectations ….

  6. Ghost of Friedman says

    Wow. What a classy bunch.

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