Len Munsil 

This is the latest statement by the Munsil Campaign. It bears repeating on this blog.

To: Friends of Len Munsil for Governor

From: Len Munsil

Now it is decision time. If you are undecided, I hope you will take time to read this. If you are a supporter, I hope you will send this to everyone in your address book. 

I am a native Arizonan, and I love this state and its people. We have the potential to make Arizona the best, safest and most prosperous place to live in the nation.

I am committed to Arizona’s families. My wife Tracy and I have been married more than 20 years and have eight children. I am a Christian, and I believe faith is an asset for officeholders, not a detriment. One of Janet Napolitano’s top aides called me a “zealot” because of my faith – suggesting a different view of religious commitment from her camp.

I am not a politician. I’ve been involved in public policy for 20 years based on fighting for values and principles, not partisanship or political power.

I have similar legal credentials to Janet Napolitano. But instead of gaining experience as a political appointee or bureaucrat like Napolitano, I have entrepreneurial experience building a nonprofit organization from scratch into the largest of its kind in the United States.

I have also worked to train prosecutors and law enforcement officials in enforcing laws protecting women and children from sexual violence.

I believe my core values – limited government, lower taxes, strong support for law enforcement, a tough approach to crime, and the centrality of the family – are the core values of most Arizonans.

Janet Napolitano has tried to present herself as something other than what she is – a big-government, cultural liberal with no ideas and no plans for our future.

I have a plan to secure the border. I believe doing so will save Arizona taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars annually and improve our health care, educational and criminal justice systems. Janet Napolitano believes the border cannot be secured, and has done nothing to stop illegal immigration in four years.

And less than two years after 9/11, she proposed giving drivers’ licenses to illegal immigrants. She has vetoed every legislative effort to address illegal immigration, and even vetoed a bill that would have stopped our taxes from going to subsidize in-state tuition for illegal aliens.

I have a plan to improve education in Arizona, which has declined to the worst results in the nation under Janet Napolitano’s watch. She has no plan and no agenda other than to throw more money at the problem. I believe in excellent pay for excellent teachers, accountability, and providing more educational choice for parents.

I have a plan to work with Attorney General candidate Bill Montgomery to attack Arizona’s worst crime rate in the nation, and I will appoint tough-on-crime judges.

I have proposed steady downward pressure on income and property tax rates in Arizona because you deserve to keep more of your own money, rather than give it to the government. Janet Napolitano has fought and tried to kill every proposed tax cut over the last four years. When she was finally forced to sign a tax cut, she took credit for it.

Arizona’s economy improved because none of Janet Napolitano’s economic proposals were followed. We didn’t raise the taxes she wanted to raise, borrow the money she wanted to borrow, or spend all of the money she wanted to spend.

I have a record of working with both Republicans and Democrats to advance good policy. Janet Napolitano doesn’t get along with people in either party. She set a record for vetoes in one term, and three of the small number of Democratic legislators switched parties because of her.

She vetoed the rights of gun owners during emergencies. She vetoed efforts to lower health care costs and emergency room wait times by ending frivolous lawsuits against emergency room doctors.

She is a committed liberal on cultural matters. She embraced an offensive, anti-American 9/11 memorial. She is not merely pro-choice, but is an abortion extremist who has backed partial-birth abortion and taxpayer-funded abortion, while opposing parental consent and a woman’s right to know. I am pro-life.

Napolitano opposes preserving marriage as the union of one man and one woman. I support preserving the definition of marriage.

I believe in open and honest government. Napolitano has repeatedly vetoed efforts to require that her multi-billion dollar executive budget be opened to public scrutiny.

If you are content to live in a state that is last in education but first in crime, if you are content to have a leader who has done nothing about our most pressing problem – illegal immigration – if you are content to live in a state with a committed cultural leftist at its helm – vote for Janet Napolitano.

But if you believe in mainstream American values, I hope you’ll join Sen. John McCain, Sen. Jon Kyl, and dozens of Congressmen, state legislators and mayors around Arizona in voting for me.


  1. Mike Triggs says

    Sorry Len, I just can’t bring myself to vote for you. You have never demonstrated one ounce of respect for Moderate Republicans in the past. Why should we blindly line up to support you.

  2. What’s sad is that the Republican party has gotten so conservative that it doesn’t recognize its moderates as part of the Republican party anymore, and the Republican body politic is rejecting the moderates. Al Melvin demonizes them on his website.

  3. Why should someone who doesn’t recognize the principles of the Republican platform be considered part of the party. These folks should start their own party and call it the Mediocre or Lukewarm party.

    At least Len Munsil stands strongly for something important and is willing to put his time, talent and treasure into promoting it.

  4. Oro Valley Dad says


    Len ran as a friend of John McCain moderate and will loose. Al Melvin ran as a platform Republican and will win easily. Which one ran a bad campaign?

    Al will surprise a lot of people in that he will actually do a good job for his district.

  5. Bethany Fourmy says

    Len, you are an awesome guy and I truly can recognize the strength in leadership you possess. good luck!!

  6. You got my vote !!!!!

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