Vince Leach Announces for Arizona State House in 2014

SaddleBrooke Resident and Conservative Activist Vince Leach Announces Run for State House in 2014

Vince LeachPINAL COUNTY ­ Longtime conservative activist Vince Leach today announced his intention to run for the State House in Legislative District 11. The district is currently represented by both Steve Smith and Adam Kwasman in the House, but Smith is expected to run for the State Senate seat that is expected to be vacated by current State Senator Al Melvin, who announced yesterday that he was forming an Exploratory Committee to explore a campaign for Governor of Arizona.

In his announcement, Leach said “Our district has a great delegation made up of three rock-solid conservatives. I’m excited to hear that Al is considering running for Governor and that Steve would then run for the State Senate seat. But those moves will leave a vacancy in the State House and I am running to be sure that we continue to have reliably conservative representation.”

Leach recognized that he was off to an early start but noted the likely expense of the race and the need to organize quickly. “I assume that we will have a competitive primary and that those who favor a larger government and higher taxes will likely field a candidate. With my expectation that we are going to need at least $60-70,000 for a competitive primary, I need to get going right away to raise the necessary funds and to build the required organization.”

Leach also announced that he was endorsed by both Melvin and Smith. Melvin said that Leach “has been a constant and effective presence here at the Capitol on behalf of our community and taxpayers all across the state, and his knowledge of how things work at the Capitol will be a real boon to him and the district.” Smith said that he looked forward to working with Leach because “having conservatives makes the work here a lot easier, and I know that Vince is a reliable conservative who will fight for taxpayers, our Constitution, and Arizona.”

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