Vietnam POW, friend of John McCain, endorses JD Hayworth

An unidentified fellow Hanoi Hilton POW and friend of John McCain announces his support for JD Hayworth at the Northwest Republicans meeting in Oro Valley on Thursday, July 8, 2010. One could hear a pin drop as he spoke respectfully of his friend, John McCain, but then asserted that it was time for John McCain to retire and come back to Arizona.

This endorsement also came on the heels of an endorsement by East Valley hero and legend, Larry “Lucky” Chesley.


  1. Jane 001 says

    Wow! That was something. The part I couldn’t make out was the gentleman’s comment about Reagan telling Republican’s “don’t dump in each other’s mess ____.” Anyone familiar with that quote?

  2. Jennifer Leslie says

    I am so glad that this was captured on video. It was such a moving testimonial, and I have told many people about it today. Being in the presence of such an inspirational hero was humbling.

  3. It’s interesting to see that JD Hayworth is doing the old fashioned get out and meet the people, while McCain is AWOL, tasking his campaign to auto-pilot via a media crew to drop ads on the radio. It confirms McCain’s not physically up for a campaign or he’s too imperious to think he needs to be PRESENT. Or both.

    Ads, BTW, which reduced to the back seat of the car last week to a hilarious spontaneous – and totally unprompted critique – the KIDS were LAUGHING at McCain’s doom-announcer guy.

    Haha, what do KIDS know? Uh, oh! One of those “kids” just turned voter age and has judged McCain to be quote: “What a loser.” Everything they think about him was a reaction to what they think about McCain’s ominous ads against Jd Hayworth that they heard on the radio.

    Didn’t talk about it AT ALL to them, hadn’t discussed the race up to that point with them, but now of course, THAT has changed.

    It doesn’t necessarily mean our back seat crew is a bellweather of the results of the primary, but McCain’s well-financed ads are generating a negative opinion of McCain, not of JD Hayworth.

  4. wanumba,

    What cave have you been living in? Sen. McCain has been having loads of Town Halls across this state for months!

    Just because JD can only get a handful of folks that doesn’t make him more folksy.

    What will you all do with this pent up angst and need to manipulate the truth after August 24th?

    Maybe JD can start a self-help guru following and be a late-night infomercial pitchman for that! He will be in need of a job after all.

  5. Walt Stephenson says

    I have a real problem with any “unidentified” speaker. For him to have any credability you must identify him. Who was it.

  6. Jane 001 says

    Wanumba is actually right, notice how Mcbloggers answer with generalities, “loads of Town Halls.” There are loads around the McCain camp, and it’s not the number of Town Halls.

    Let’s see, this month McCain was photo oping in Afghanistan. How little time he gives his real job, like rallying Senate votes against a Kagan nomination or against the financial overhaul bill. Before that, McCain was rubbing elbows in Virginia. Before that he was fundraising in California. Hayworth is getting out to meet with voters in ARIZONA 15:1 compared to John McCain, that’s this month alone.

  7. Hmmmmm… How do I answer that since I’m concerned that the gentleman may get an intimidating phone call from the McCain Mafia? All I know is his name was “Tom.” please don’t harass the gentleman.

  8. BTW:

    While patiently waiting for McCain to engage the populace in truly open forums, I’m also on edge waiting for MollyAnn/Lisa and Walt to concentrate on the issues John purports to stand for.

    Ball’s in your court!

  9. LEE FISHER says


  10. Glenn Beck's my hero! says


    I was at one of McCain’s “Town Halls” last November. He stopped a citizen from passing out a detailed list of his ‘votes’ against the will of Arizonans and Americans. He spoke the Democrat talking points supporting Global Warming, blaming “Greedy Banks”, and promised to “Do everything in my power” to stop the health care bill. The audience of several hundred would have gladly voted to lynch McCain!

    I’ve been at numerous events for JD throughout the Spring from 30 to 300 or more. Former supporters of both Deakin and McCain now support JD Hayworth, because they realize that both of his opponents have consistently lied about JD and his record.

    You believe that because the Propagandist Press/Marxist Media protect and promote this dishonest Progressive that he will win, and the ads will dampen the enthusiasm for JD. WRONG! JD’s fans will increase in their enthusiastic support, talk to their friends and neighbors and get others out to vote. Even McCain doesn’t have enough money to “BUY” support, let alone any passion for his campaign.

  11. I do not think McCain needs to speak much at all, we (the voters) employed him to work, fight and push AZ and the Fed govt to do it’s job. I do not feel like I need to see McCain any more then I do. I think JD is the one perhaps who has issues he needs to try and clear up, and seeing how he is unemployed, he has the time to put on a show and try and convince voters he is not the big spender, hypocrite that he created himself to be.

  12. Tom Dodson says

    I have had contact with many military veterans who are rightfully loyal to John’s service but tell me they are so disappointed with his politics that they are JD supporters in this election. My Hayworth Bumper Sticker has caused quite a few discussions to pop up over the last several months and if the people go to the polls and do what they say they will, America will surely thank us for retiring one of the biggest obstacles to a restored and powerful Reagan like GOP. I am tired of wishy washy Republicans getting all our tails kicked in what should be easy elections.

  13. Is this “friend of JD” like when JD called Chris Simcox his “Friend”? Inquiring minds want to know.

    Way to go JD. Chris Simcox was your nail in your coffin. With friends like that, who needs enemies?

  14. Glenn Beck's my hero! says


    One thing’s for certain you are asleep at the wheel! Your candidate Senator “slap the face of POW family member” McCain, Can’t even pick Scott Rothstein’s face out of a line-up and yet campaigns with him for his own Presidential run and also for Charlie Crist the liar former GOP RINO now independent candidate for FL US Senate seat!?

    Who’s Scott Rothstein? The Bernie Madoff wannabe who bilked investors out of $1.2 Billion and was recently sentenced to 50 Years in prison. He photographs well with John, Cindy an Megan tho! How will this guy, who raised $1.1 Million for McCain in 2008, look in Stripes? Perhaps John could tell him. Thousands of investors would like to see!

    Slumber, how many of your friends are a pedophile in you that YOU are not telling US about? Maybe you or a “friend” are habitual a drunk driver or a tax evader? Oh, so sleazy attacks don’t feel so wonderful when directed your way.

    When a candidate HAS to run AWAY from his record as John does and can ONLY falsely attack his opponent, HE REALLY IS A LOSER! So are the likes of you!

  15. Radical American Patriot says

    Walt Stephenson,

    I’ve had McCain henchmen videotape me at a public meeting, now I wonder what’s in store for me!

    If John McCain will use the strength of the DOJ to attempt to bankrupt someone with a completely dishonest investigation, he will have no hesitation in causing someone to lose a job, get a loyal police chief or sheriff to trump up charges.

  16. Jack Hammer says

    What did McCain do on behalf of the P.O.W.s and M.I.A.’s left in Southeast Asia?

    Ask their relatives?

  17. He did nothing on their behalf. He lied about them being left behind. I know, I was search and rescue and know of some left behind. He and Kennedy teamed up to get amnesty passed, didn’t work. He and Feinstein passed the First Amendment violation called campaign finance reform, thankfully overturned by SCOTUS. John needs to retire, go home and drink some of Cindy’s beer.

  18. Jane 001: I believe he said “don’t dump in each others’ mess kit”

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