Video: How Harry Mitchell Betrayed Arizona’s Seniors

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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Washington liberals like Harry Mitchell aren’t listening to Arizona’s seniors

Pelosi and Obama’s healthcare bill will hurt the quality of seniors’ medical care

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  1. All incumbents who voted for Obamacare and the $787 billion TARP bailout like Mitchell did must be voted out of office. I heard the unions aren’t going to be putting any money into his race, even they think he’s going to lose and are spending money in all the other western states instead!

  2. We have to get rid of Mitchell. He’s just like all the other Democrats.

  3. Mitchell is wrong on taxes, wrong on spending, and wrong for Arizona.

  4. David Schweikert Invites Congressman Mitchell to Joint Press Conference to Support Arizona by Rejecting Support from Boycotters

    Delivers Letter to Mitchell Campaign

    (Scottsdale, AZ) The Schweikert for Congress campaign today hand-delivered a letter to Congressman Mitchell’s campaign inviting him to a joint press conference condemning those organizations and unions actively pursuing a boycott of Arizona in an attempt to damage our economy.

    In the letter, David Schweikert also called on Congressman Mitchell to join him at the press conference in pledging not to accept campaign donations or political support from any organization calling for a boycott of Arizona.

    Additionally, Schweikert asked Mitchell to commit to returning any financial support that he has received from these organizations in past Congressional campaigns.

    “I hope Congressman Mitchell agrees to join me at a press conference in the very near future,” said David Schweikert. “I believe it is important for both Congressman Mitchell and myself to publicly condemn these organizations, reject their support, and return any donation previously received by these organizations seeking to hurt our state.

    “This isn’t about politics, it’s about showing Arizonans, that despite our ideological and partisan differences, we are Arizonans first and we should show unity in putting our state and our economy first by saying NO to any support from pro-boycott organizations.”

    Schweikert concluded, “I may disagree with many of the policy positions that Congressman Mitchell has made while in Congress, but I do believe that he cares about the state we both call home. I am hopeful that he will contact me or my campaign staff quickly and agree to a joint press conference so that we can send the message that neither of our campaigns will have anything to do with organizations looking to hurt our state.”

  5. Diogenes

    Why did you have to post the press release in the comments section? I thought SA was a mouth piece for Schweikert I am sure they would make a whole post of this if you just asked them too…

  6. Mitchell’s campaign has officially released their first TV ad:

    After the constituents of CD-5 watch this, they won’t want to elected Schweikert!

  7. First, the news of Schweikert being a vulture investor and now Mitchell’s new video. Schweikert is toast.

  8. Conservative 2 the Bone says

    Well if Mitchell and his people say it’s true about Schweikert, then it all MUST be true. AZCowgirl, you’ve been sniffing too many cow pies! Rasmussen disagrees with all of you liberal fools. Can’t wait until November. Maybe johnny will find something else to do then.

  9. Conservative 2 the bone,

    You do realize I have been posting on here for over 2 years… And I don’t support mitchell right? I have just always thought schweikert was a badly flawed candidate and someone who will lose to mitchell. Also where does rasmussen say anything in polling in cd-5? They haven’t polled it yet nor will they…

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