VIDEO: Congressman Jeff Flake Loves His Lobbyist Perks

Phoenix, Arizona – Congressman Jeff Flake has traveled the world and enjoyed lavish vacations thanks to his Washington special interests and lobbyist buddies. On Tuesday Wil Cardon, Mesa businessman and Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, unveiled his latest web video detailing Congressman Flake’s posh worldwide travel paid for by Washington lobbyists and special interest groups.

Cardon has also launched a new website,, which will house all things related to Congressman Flake’s dismal record in Congress. While most of Congressman Flake’s record has been fighting for amnesty, pushing cap and trade legislation, enjoying taxpayer perks and living the high life with his insider D.C. status, it is clear to Arizona that Congressman Flake has Potomac Fever!

Jeff Flake says he’s watching out for Arizona families, but in Washington he is beholden to lobbyist and special interests.

For documentation and to try to get an explanation, call Congressman Flake at 602.845.0333.



  1. There is literally nothing this clown won’t say to try and win. Lobbyists are prohibited by law from funding trips for lawmakers. This entire ad is a lie.

  2. Stop McRINO Now says

    Right on Wil! It is about time the RINOs get a little taste of their own medicine. McFlake has way to much baggage, it is time we get some new blood to represent Arizona. The McCain/McRINO crowd are a bunch of old establishment losers!

  3. Does Cardon have any beliefs of his own? Is he going to roll to primary day repeating that Flake sucks over and over again?

  4. Ahhhhhhhhhhh, the RINO’s are out trying to stop Wil, he must be gaining in popularity. Go Wil Go, beat McLittleMcCain.

  5. Lots of generalities and innuendos. Some specifics might have been convincing. Their absence makes this looks like there’s nothing to this.

  6. LOL! This is ad is so poorly put together and misleading that it is completely comical. If you actually go to the “Video Fact Check” section of the Wilford Cardon campaign’s “” website, you will find that the most of the trips that Wilford’s campaign is complaining about are actually meetings of conservative organizations like the Club for Growth and the Heritage Foundation:

    For example, they list a 2011 “conservative members” retreat of the Heritage Foundation with the theme of “In The Steps of Reagan”. And they also list meetings of the Club for Growth including a meeting where they list Flake’s purpose for attending as educating the members of the Club for Growth on “earmark reform and eliminating wasteful government spending”. They even list a meeting of the CATO Institute, LOL!

    Even more amusingly amateurish, the two “Washington lobbyists” shown above the caption “Flake hobnobbing with lobbyists” were actually not lobbyists but two Republican members of Congress:

    A Congressman talking with two other Republican Congressmen! The horror! LOL!

    I guess Wilford Cardon hates conservatives who follow in the footsteps of Ronald Reagan, fight earmarks, eliminate wasteful spending, and meet with Republican Congressmen (and do it paid for by private donors)!

    • Stop McRINO Now says

      How about paling around with Gutierrez over amnesty, voting for gays in the military, being absent on a key Cap-n-Trade vote and lambasting a real conservative like Joe Wilson for calling Obama a liar. McFlake chairs no key committees after all this time despite the fact that he comes from one the most secure Republican districts in the county. McFlake always doing the bidding of the establishment, his nose is so far up McCain’s behind that he can tell you what that RINO had for dinner tonight!

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