Video: Arizona Republican Party Chairman’s Debate at LD-17

Tuesday night, AZGOP Chairman candidates squared off in Chandler at the LD-17 meeting. Here is video of both Robert Graham and Doug Little discussing the future of the Arizona Republican Party.

Thank you to LD-26 for providing this video!


    • @Roger, because Politico Mafioso has been such a reliable source in the past? Give me a break. I can’t even give you credit for trying. Doug addressed that slime yesterday. Here’s the tl;dr version.

      1. Here we go again, somebody on the other team must have too much time on his hands or Sean Noble must need a distraction from that California situation.
      2. IRS liens 100% pre-negotiated and above board. Resulted from dot-com layoffs in 2001. All released as all payments were made on time.
      3. Real estate transactions were all normal. Some people actually move because we want to, and even take out HELOCs for home improvements.
      4. Yes, 2011 was rough. Elimination of CCW permit requirements cut my business by 90% within a couple months. Re-adjusted business, reduced expenses, borrowed money from our own retirement funds, and recovered fully. All obligations met. It’s called fiscal responsibility.
      5. Why wouldn’t you rent out a guest house if you could?
      6. And business is BOOMING this year.

      • Squeeky Clean says

        Doug Little was supposedly “Squeeky Clean”? Oh more lies from the little Team of BIG untruths. His finanacial problems will be brought to the AzGOP, will he use our donations to pay his forclosure? We were lied to, but by whom? Were we lied to by the vetting team? Or did Doug the little lie to the vetting team? Think people this is what they are trying to pass off as Integrity.

        Doug Little is a salesman, he did not raise money he sold a tangible product, Robert Graham raised monies for an intangible idea and made it a success and stopped the propositions here and California. Doug Little is again trying to decieve you, his company and all the sales reps sold products, Little is trying to make it all his he gives no credit to the team of sales reps from that company. Ego driven. Dougs possible sales were about 2%, he is a lightweight with a grandiose ego taking credit for others work. Putz.

      • Tiny Elvis says

        you know what they say…”if you’re busy explaining…you’re losing.”

        • Squeeky Clean says

          Shall we say Oreally O’Reilly,

          I watched the video and missed the Immigration remarks. I am grying to find out if this was edited. If it was, it showed how squeeshy Doug Little is on immigration and the LD’s are covering for him. Now I am wondering if they gave him some of the answers, I do know Lynne Breyer was going around giving out the questions. It was supposed to be Jenni White, This is how they show what their principles are? Like Obama, Cheat to try and win. I guess we know who is taking lessons from the liberal Democrats using the politics of personal destruction against other Republicans instead of the Democrats. Robert Graham keeps trying to thell them the enemy is not us, it is the Liberals, but Doug little and his team of Nasty is trying to win at any cost.

          This is why we are losing the Ron Paul followers, the lying and cheating being sanctioned by the Republican Party. The Ron Paul people want to abide by the rules, these people change them to suit themselves and win by cheating. This is why many Republicans are switching to Independent, they refuse to look inward. If I find out this has happened, I will fight these people tooth and nail and start recalls on every one of them. I would rather see a R.I.N.O. IN OFFICE INSTEAD OF A CHEATING S.O.B.

        • Tell The Truth says

          To Tiny Elvis. Not this time or any other time. Due to the lies and deceitful ways, we sadly feel the need to have to “educate” people about the “truths” regarding the Little campaign. You’re darn right we’ll explain and WE ARE NOT LOSING! 🙂

    • Look Little has clearly demonstrated his is the wrong choice. This is the same garbage he pulls. Anything on Vath’s website is subject question. Even if the information is true, so what. Everyone has had financial problems. Doug didn’t break the law and in this economy it amazing anyone survives. I think he is just another Obummer victim on this one.

      Doug makes decisions based on rumors not facts. He only listens to what he wants to hear. When offered the chance to publicly confront the individual that in question, he ran away. Oddly, just after saying how tough he is on attackers, but that’s another discussion.

      Doug is amateur hour and always will be, but using some Vath’s came up with is equally lame. There is a reason the conservative leaders are behind Graham and not Little. There is also a reason it people like Art Olivas are the ones supporting Doug. Let’s turn off the background noise and go vote Saturday and get this behind us. Then Graham can show us what he can do and history with record how well we made our choice.

      • Tiny Elvis says


      • Mole, I can not wait for this to be over. I am glad you saw what happened at the debate, yes I was standing behind the candidates wife when Doug ran off because he was being confronted.

        My understanding of this so-called meeting, the attendees were Tom Morrissey, Thayer Vershor, Laddie and Teresa, the 4 of the GOP. The three of Doug little’s campaign were Joe Meli, Jim O’Connor, and Sparky Smith. I want to know why Tom Morrissy has not made a comment over this. This is why our Party needs new young dynamic leadership, and Doug Little certainly does not fit that defination.

        Get your tail out from between your legs Tom, I thought Tom was on the campaign trail with the little’s. Well maybe he is not making any statements because he is supporting the lying team and can not admit it to us the PC’s of Arizona.

        • No Guts, No Glory says

          It takes leadership to deal with problems within the GOP, something Chairman Morrisey lacks. Additionally, Morrisey’s hand picked cndidates for state office are Doug Little and the political diva and Jimmy Deakin supporter, Lynne Breyer neither of whom bring unity to a badly split GOP.

          • Tom Morrissey has become more of a disappointment in the past few weeks with his silence. It is upsetting he would remain silent.

        • Tell The Truth says

          Tom Morrissey is one of the weakest pieces of humanity I have ever seen! Never answers/ANSWERED emails, doesn’t/ DIDN’T return phone calls and refuses/REFUSED to sit down and talk about issues unless it is/WAS in his favor. THANK GOD HE’S OUTTA HERE SATURDAY!!!! A BLESSING FOR ARIZONA!!!!

  1. Atilla's Hunni says

    OMG, the Little campaign again elected to pass along rumors and 2nd and third hand infomation on the so-called threat to his family. Ludders yelled out “Never Happened”, then he told him, “Let’s settle this, call the police press charges or shut up”. OMG, again the Little campaign said no, they did not want to involve the police. I guess again they were caught with their pants down. But they accused another person of telling his staff that at the GOP headquarters. This person called Doug Little out on his accusation last night at the meeting, doug turned tails and ran away. OMG, is this what he meant by “We will hit harder”, the man is a wuss. He repeats 2nd and 3rd hand info, then runs away. The Little campaign is lying their wat to the mandatory meeting. These people have made excuses for his inept campaign, his lying, his repeacting 3rd hand information, and now financial misdeeds.

    little skipped another campaign event after agreeing to appear at the Sierra Vista event. Their new stratergy is to try and get all the possible PC’s in the Maricopa County area they can a forget about the outlying Counties, is this how they will run the State office, nothing for the rest of the Arizona Counties? Beware all they still keep showing us what their plans are if they can possibly pull out a win. I wanted to ask a question on the UN last night , they shut the questions down.

  2. I found out Linda White tried to dethrown Morrissey because he tossed away the old records of the GOP. I was told the records were old tax reports, not the History of the GOP, but that is exactly what the records were, the HISTORY. I do not understand how stupid some people can be, why not ask. I realize Randy Pullen was sloppy in his storage, but clean it up and file it, not toss it away.

    For a long time I was very much against Linda, but in recent weeks have found out much information that I now support her, she told me whoever is Chairman she will support and work with, unlike Lynne Breyer who says I will not work with Robert Graham. Beware do we want that again, all the drama and constant backstabbing like lisa Gray did for the first year? Do we want to have more backstabbing, more division in the party, more people leaving the Party because of the eneptness of our leaders? Not me. Granted some people think they are the arbitors of what principles we should all have, never mind they too refuse to listen to another point of view. Never mind some are passing along lies they hear from another and say “I trust them”. Nevermind these naysayers are using deception to control others, and others opinions. Lynne Breyer even suspended from her organization anybody who did not agree with her on Doug Little from posting. Is this how they would run the party? Punish anybody with a different point of view? Is that our big tent?

    Saturday, this will be over. I have seen nasty contentious elections before, but for a volunteer post this is the most vile election I have ever seen. It actually started before these people brought in Doug Little, they were filled with so much hate they started their lies before they could recruit a candidate. These people are all friends of Tom’s, and we see how Tom is standing behind his employees. We see how Tom is making public comments on the destruction of our Party by a few who think they are above the rules of any type of decorum. We see how paranoid they are, one actually asked an activist three times if she was the topic of conversation at meetings. This paraniod person could not believe no one was discussing her. This activist told me he has never seen somone who wanted to be spoken about before, like she was that intresting, and of course a Doug Little supporter.

    I still have not heard if the Party builder Team has ever congradulated the winners of the Maricopa County elections. This type of poor sportsmanship is permeating our party, my way or the highway.

    • Tell The Truth says


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