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Ban on Barbarism – Vetoed

Ban on Barbarism – Vetoed

 Partial Birth Abortion Procedure

Sadly the governor has vetoed the two abortion bills that were on her desk.

HB 2263 would have involved parents in a minor daughters’ decision to terminate their grandchild. The bill even contained a judicial bypass procedure. HB 2769 would have banned late-term abortion procedures. Napolitano pushed through benefits for homosexuals in the name of fairness. How fair is abortion for the aborted baby? How fair is it to not involve the parents? How fair is it to do a risky breach delivery so the baby can be killed within inches of birth? I wonder if the media will ever categorize Napolitano as an extremist far-left politician like they do conservatives?


  1. Let’s pray Jan Brewer takes over in a couple of years to right these awful wrongs by our * governor.

    P.S. anyone want to bet * leaves office???

    * This comment was modified out of courtesy to one of our readers. Some found the insinuation outside the bounds of normal political debate. We at least agree that it is not germane to the topic of the post and have therefore edited the remark.

  2. GOP Boomer Gal says

    This is a surprise? El Napo is an extreme feminist who masqueraded as a “moderate” to get elected.

  3. Actually these vetoes come as no surprise.

    She is a laim duck hoping to get picked up in a cabinet position with Osama Hussein Obama. I don’t think she can win McCain’s seat in the Senate. The GOP will not roll over again like they did in 2006. She will get beat as she knows it. So where else can she go?

    I know…San Francisco!

  4. Boomer – excalty!

    But now her true colors are showing and her only option is with Obama. wont be in as VP b/c everyone will think she is a …

    A cabinet position will be good, b/c she wont cost Osama votes that way. AG sec. probably

  5. It is a sad day in Arizona.

  6. SonoranSam says

    I can understand your disappointment.

    But the nastiness and innuendo is beneath you.

  7. God have mercy on the State of Arizona.

  8. Your summary of the first bill is incorrect. It would not involve parents in their daughter’s decision to terminate their grandchild. And the current law already contains a judicial bypass. All it would do is codify current case law which states that if a girl wants to terminate her pregnancy she must prove her maturity by clear and convincing evidence in order to get the judicual bypass. So the bill made it no harder or easier for a girl to get an abortion in Arizona. You either spun this summary or you did not understand it. Maybe you should read the bills you comment about.

  9. Eliminate unwanted pregnancy and you eliminate abortion. Of course, outlawing the procedure and butchering women with coat hangers allows you to feel self-righteous.

    If you have the courage, consider watching “Lake of Fire.” It is not a pro-choice film. It’s a pro-truth film that presents both sides. You will see real abortions, real pieces of aborted fetuses. You will also see women who bled to death, coat hanger still protruding.

    Remember Jack Nicholson in “A Few Good Men”?

    You can’t handle the truth. Just bury your heads in the sand and bask in your “moral superiority.”

    The film will deepen your convictions, not alter them. At least you’ll know you face a situation whose only solution is the first sentence of this comment.

  10. Dennis,

    You are correct in the statement that this bill indeed codifies an earlier judicial decision. The best summary of this bill can be found at http://www.azpolicy.org/pdf/FS/08FactSheets.pdf

    Fundamentally, this bill synchronizes the current state ban (which was overturned by the courts) with the language SCOTUS upheld in the federal ban.

  11. x4mr,

    Seen the movie. Did the pro-life thing for many years. This issue is a human rights issue every which way you look at it. We should approach it as a scientifically-based issue first and a legal issue second. Presently, to borrow a line from Orwell, “All humans are equal. But some humans are more equal than others.” Some day the law will finally catch up with the science.

  12. Sorry but I prefer adoption to coat hangers!!

    Seems there’s a tad less baggage going that route.

  13. DSW,
    Good for you for paying attention and well said. We will have to agree to disagree on the levers that can be pulled and the pragmatic reality of the consequences such efforts will produce.

    Can you for five seconds consider the psychological space occupied by a person about to shove a coat hanger inside herself to scrape a fragile organ at serious risk of death?

    Baggage for whom? The seventeen year old beaten to death with a baseball bat when her father discovered she was pregnant? Was adoption a choice for her?

  14. Comparing liberal presidential candidate Obama to Osama Bin Laden is shameful and embarrassing. I think Obama would be the worst president since Carter, but he is no where close to being equivalent to such an evil horrible scum like Bin Laden. Eph, your ignorance and idiocy is embarrassing, and honestly disrespectful to what this country has endured.

  15. Sorry but I get confused somtimes…Osama …Obama…sounds sooooooooooo similar I get them confused.

  16. x4mr,

    The sad part about the coat hanger story is that even with legal abortion people still try these dangerous at home procedures. We linked to a story back in 2006 about a mother who forced her daughter to drink turpentine in order to terminate the pregnancy.

    No law will make society perfect but laws should reflect a standard to which people will be held. I don’t know where the 17 year old beaten with a bat story came from. That is illegal and should stay that way. That father needs some serious intervention and an abortion will not solve his problem. It just masks it. If he is that violent he could have just as easily beaten her to death the next day for not washing the dishes. The violence of abortion does not fix or solve his violence. The father can and should be charged with murder. Would you return the daughter to the same home after she had an abortion? Just as the life of a 17 year old has value so to does the developing baby inside her.

    If there is an unplanned pregnancy in Arizona the mother can call a few of the pro-life pregnancy centers. I know several families that would happily adopt and raise a baby that the mother felt that she could not keep.

  17. When the percentage of abortions preformed for convenience is in the high 90% range, the old back street butcher and clothes hanger stories just do not mach up with reality. I’m not saying it doesn’t happen, even now. How often do we hear the stories of a baby in the dumpster or other horrendous situations? Has the ability to get an abortion on demand stopped that? It is the false belief, being perpetuated as fact, that it is not a life that is the issue.

    I know all too well the anguish of a pregnancy that would seemingly devastate the life of the mother based on the perception of circumstances. I know first hand of women who had unplanned and unwanted pregnancies but chose to keep their babies and women who had abortions. I do not know one single woman who would trade places with the woman who chose the abortion but every one of them regrets the abortion and would change it now if they could. And, I know some very much loved, cherished children who came about in a very sad way but who touch the lives of those around them so profoundly, that even the thought that they could have fallen to the abortionist hand is heart wrenching. That sadness is turned to joy very quickly.

    I could be wrong, but with the exception of Boomer Gal, I am the only woman in this thread. Not saying men do not have a stake in this issue, they are often the over looked victim when their parenting rights are eliminated. But as God made us, we are not designed to have our babies removed artificially; there is a plan in nature for that. Women know this no matter how hard they try to deny it with situational ethics. The second you realize you are pregnant, you know it is a life.

  18. Ann,

    According the the AMA the annual persent of elective, non-life threatening, abortions is around 92-95%.

    So the coat hnager argument is a bunch of garbage.

    and for all those women who are afraid they will get beaten if they admit to a pregnancy, I say hire the law FIRM of …



  19. Ann you may be one of the only women posting, but you are not the only woman reading. This week was indeed a sad one for Arizona. Those who care about protecting life and marriage must view this week as a clarion call to action! We have the power to work to change leadership in our state. This is a tragedy beyond belief.

  20. Well said Carol.

    Eph….just a friendly hint here, try typing your stuff in Word or some other form with spell check, then cut and paste.

  21. I think you get my point, yes?

  22. Yes.

  23. As in many issues, the well off and well educated will fare just fine. It is the poor, uninformed, and unaware that end up dead or butchered in back alleys.

    I hate abortion more than you know, and my experience with the issue is not casual. Our disagreement involves methods, not ends. I am not clear you foresee the implications of a truly successful ban on the procedure, both in the legislatures and on the streets.

    DSW occurs as a person of his word, so I will trust that he has seen “Lake of Fire.” If so, he speaks with some knowledge.

    BTW, you all knew Janet would nuke these bills.

  24. A ban on abortion would end most of the abortions in this country. there will always be those who try to avoid the law, but the law is a great teacher and most people would not violate the law. We have the example of Poland where abortion was legal throughout communist control and once the government changed, they outlawed abortion and the abortion rate dropped like a rock.
    Of course contemporaneously with a ban must be the education of the public and the further development of additional pregnancy care centers to help those whose behavior does not match intention.

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