Vernon Parker Releases Plan to Improve & Protect Education

Phoenix, AZ – For Vernon Parker, improving and protecting education is not just an issue our country needs to tackle.  For Vernon Parker, education is personal.

Vernon grew up in a drug-infested violent neighborhood that few escape.  But despite the odds, Vernon did get out, thanks to education.  His grandmother instilled in him the importance of education, despite the fact that she could not read or write.  Vernon went from a rough upbringing, to become an attorney and now, a candidate for the US Congress.

He’s a success story.  The problem – those stories are few and far between.

Sinema, who has yet to release her education plan has a checkered past when it comes to education funding.  “In the legislature Sinema opposed SB 2782, which would have given $38 million for all day funding for kindergarten.  Instead she focused on passing “medically accurate” sex education, introducing this legislation nearly every year.  It’s just another example of Sinema focusing on her radical leftist agenda,” said Alyssa Pivirotto, Parker Communications Director. 

According to NAEP only 32% of Arizona 4th graders are proficient or advanced in reading skills, and only 35% are proficient or advanced in math skills.  That means our education system is failing nearly 70% of our kids. 

In Vernon’s education plan, he clearly outlines what needs to be done to make sure our students aren’t left behind.  Some of the highlights include:

*Giving parents more control to decide what’s best for their kids.

*Creating incentives for schools to generate more competition and increase the quality of education – things like open enrollments and teacher accountability.

*Reforming No Child Left Behind – making sure students are tested year-round and not just at the end of the year- allowing parents and teacher to track a child’s progress more accurately.

*Paying teachers based on merit.

*Higher Education Reforms:

– Education Savings Accounts

– Tax credits for families paying for higher education

– Government guaranteed student loans for graduate students

– Fully-funded Pell Grants

Those are just a few of the points outlined in Vernon’s education plan.  Click here to see it in detail.



  1. “Giving parents more control…” is just another way to say “privatize education and send taxpayer dollars to for-profit, shoddily run on-line and charter schools.”

    NCLB should be REPEALED, not reformed. That is, by far, the WORST piece of education legislation in the past 30 years. And testing students year-round? Where does that leave ACTUAL education, critical thinking, imagination, deductive reasoning, etc? Year-round testing would do nothing but force our children to be taught to a test year-round. You think cheating won’t occur on an even larger scale than it already does?

    Obama has already given tax credits for families paying for higher education.

    And what about his comments to the Tea Party in May where he said we should get rid of the Dept. of Education? How does he expect these year-round tests, incentives, NCLB, etc to be implemented nation-wide without the DOE??

    I don’t believe a word Vernon Parker says. I might reconsider him as a candidate, provided he keeps his word and debates Sinema face-to-face and stops relying on superPAC attack ads. I can tell you, as a voter, I’m more inclined NOT to vote for someone who does nothing but attacks and lies depending upon which group he happens to be talking at. And that goes for every candidate in every race.

    • The debate for CD9 will be next Thursday on Horizon. Gee this is a tough choice. Maybe an enema will clear up the indecision.

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