US Supreme Court: “No matching funds, for now.”

Today the United States Supreme Court has ruled that no matching funds can be disbursed until they decide whether to hear an appeal challenging their Constitutionality.

It is nearly certain that they will, with the likely outcome that matching funds will be eliminated.

This mostly likely means that no matching funds will be available this election cycle, or ever again, and radially alters the calculus for a number of candidates.

I hope Arizona will take advantage of this opportunity to remake our campaign finance system, removing contribution limits and letting each side have the maximum amount of resources possible to make their case to voters.

Without matching funds, and with draconian contribution limits, we are a haven for self-funders (i.e., rich people who need to fill a void in their life), who can easily outspend “Clean Elections” candidates or those raising it in $400 increments.


  1. 20/30 GOP says

    Yes! Yes! Yes!

  2. Pretty Peeved says

    Not sure why you think someone putting their own money into a race does so to fill a void in their lives…

    Isn’t every decision in democratic politics made through the expenditure of “resources” designed to influence voters? Lobbying, rallies, editorials, political parties, campaigns, even blogs? That’s a lot of people working really hard, dedicated not only their lives but even some of their own money (gasp) to do what they think is right. A few million $$ spent in a single race is hardly going to tip the scales one way or the other.

  3. obamanation says

    Well, $20,000,000 (what this year’s CLEC pot amounts to) divided up amongst 130 politicians is about $154,000 a person. Hardly chump change, more like funding 130 CEO’s. I for one want to see if some of these political wannabes can actually get a contribution when they have to actually CONVINCE SOMEONE ELSE THAT THEY A VIABLE CANDIDATE. I’m not thrilled with Buz Mills either, he looks like an opportunist wanting to buy the election, but in a recession I’d say many people have better programs and things to spend $20,000,000 on.

  4. Pretty Peeved says

    I think the recession is the perfect time to elect a business type. Not that it makes Mills an opportunist. If the economy was going great and the border was secure I’d bet Buz would just go fishing. He may not be a politician, but he is a leader.

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