US House Bails out United Auto Workers Union

There goes another $14 BILLION!

While the bill is written to give the impression it will help the auto industry, it’s really a plan to bail out the United Auto Workers, a key constituency group of the Democratic party.

Tonight, by a vote of 237-170, the US House of Representatives passed the bill in high speed pursuit of getting taxpayer dollars into the hands of Chrysler and GM to jump start their dying business practices which is largely dictated by the UAW. In reality, the money will allow both companies to drive themselves further down the road and into the ground.

Unfortunately, even President Bush is supporting the legislation.

Senate Republicans including our very own Jon Kyl, are threatening to put the brakes on the whole wreckless excursion by voting against it.

Arizona’s congressional delegation voted as follows: (Roll Call 690)
Rick Renzi (R) – NV
Trent Franks (R) – NO
John Shadegg (R) – NO
Ed Pastor (D) – YES
Harry Mitchell (D) – NO
Jeff Flake (R) – NO
Raul Grijalva (D) – YES
Gabrielle Giffords (D) – NO


  1. How is it a bailout for the unions? This claim doesn’t even make sense.

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