Updated Graf ad.

pregnant.jpg      The Randy Graf campaign has updated one of their ads. It starts out with a small girl walking to an unlocked door. From there it talks about the impact of illegal immigration. Then it finishes with a pregnant woman urging viewers to vote for Randy.

     I do not understand in the slightest way the opening scene. The middle of the ad is standard fare these days. Reminds me a little of one of the Huffman ads.

     The end of the piece is unique. You do not see many pregnant women in political ads. I know it’s a slight misuse but the term double entendre comes to mind. Pregnancy is a very powerful image. It is the life force, touches on sexuality, and involves our future. It is a great way for Graf to get out his pro-life message while talking about the border. And who wants to argue with a pregnant woman.

Sunday 10-1-06, 9:35 pm


  1. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    Its a shame the production quality is so low on those ads. Done professionally, they could be quite effective… It also takes that ad a while to get around to the point, which is that Randy Graf will secure the border. It also fails to point out that Giffords won’t.

    When you’re running behind like Graf is, you need to point out the problems with who is running ahead of you as well. We gotta get Graf to throw a punch here!

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