Update on the county attorney race

Let’s take a look at the two candidates running for Maricopa County Attorney against Republican incumbent Andrew Thomas. Both Democrats, one held a press conference yesterday and the other issued a press release. Gerald Richard officially announced his candidacy yesterday at a press conference. He slammed Andrew Thomas for authorizing the Phoenix Police department’s request for emergency wiretaps on the Phoenix serial shooters. At that time, Richard was the Police Director of the Phoenix Police Department. Great way to start off a campaign, Richard, slam yourself too. Ironically, thanks to Michael Lacey (of N-word fame) for setting Richard up to say that. Richard also criticized Thomas for prosecuting illegal immigrants, saying if he is elected he will stop prosecuting them under human smuggling statutes. Apparently he feels it’s best to ignore certain crimes.

Tim Nelson is the other Democrat candidate, an ACLU attorney and partisan hack whose career has consisted mostly of serving as an advisor to Janet Napolitano and working for large left wing law firms. Sources say he was pushed out of the governor’s office since no one really liked him. He currently works for Osborn Maledon, which has a reputation for representing the worst criminals in the state. One of the firm’s most prominent partners is the anti-death penalty and criminal defense activist Larry Hammond, who has defended numerous mass murderers including Sammy “the Bull” Gravano and Felipe Cisneros of the Cisneros crime family.

Osborn Maledon is owned by Wiliam Maledon, president of the Phoenix Country Club, which refuses to allow women into its “Men’s Grill.” As a liberal Democrat, how can Nelson support a policy like this? It will probably hurt his support among women.

For his work on behalf of the ACLU, Nelson sued the City of Gilbert over one of its many proclamations, because it was “Bible Week.” Pretty extreme, but it shows where his priorities are.


(actually it’s the ACLU’s defense of NAMBLA and pedophiles that is the most troublesome aspect of the ACLU – how can you separate your support of the ACLU on this issue from your duty to prosecute pedophiles?)

Nelson issued a press release yesterday with three endorsements. None of them were very substantial, although they sound sort of good on paper. One was from the correctional officers association. Nelson got that endorsement because the correctional officers don’t like the thousands of repeat felons that are now being sent to prison due to Andrew Thomas’s tougher policies – it creates more work for them.

His second endorsement was from the Sheriffs’ Association. He got the desk chiefs’ support because of their dislike for Arpaio and their reluctance to enforce illegal immigration laws. They don’t represent the vast majority of police officers, however, who are fighting crime on the streets every day and would like the ability to enforce immigration laws.

Nelson’s third endorsement was from the Capitol Police – the state’s police officers who patrol around the Capitol Building. This comes as no surprise, considering they work for Napolitano and protect her building.

Nelson boasted in his press release that he has raised $130,000 in just two months. But he doesn’t indicate where the money came from. Probably because it came from criminal defense attorneys. Not exactly who you want running the county attorney’s office, it’s like the fox guarding the henhouse. If the criminal defense attorneys can buy the county attorney, what happens to the scales of justice? Who is he planning on appointing as his Chief Deputy, Larry Hammond “my main goal for the county attorney’s office is to abolish the death penalty?” We’ll look forward to reviewing Nelson’s campaign finance reports when they’re filed in June to see where his support is coming from.

These two candidates have made their differences clear from Thomas, they take a softer, gentler approach to crime.


  1. I find it interesting when you google “Gerald Richard” that the first few hits talk about “man up” and asking Thomas to step up and be MORE tough. How is this “a softer, gentler approach to crime?”

  2. FreeAdvice says

    Using the wiretap issue to catch serial killers was going to go into my campaign scrapbook of idiotic position-taking, until I found out that it was PHXPD that ASKED for the wiretap! Now this story is going right onto my refrigerator to remind me that gluttony (for punishment) is still gluttony.

  3. In no way is this any type of support for these two guys, but the references to endorsements seemed to lack substance other than a personal rationalization in order to discredit. Is there something beyond your speculation and opinion to base such statements?

    In a time when we take the media to task for writing with the intent of influencing thought without fact or basis, we cannot do the same because we feel we are right, therefore entitled.

    More than likely there will be law enforcement endorsements for Dan Saban, too. They will not be because those organizations have to work too hard, are lazy and incompetent, or that they are protecting illegal aliens but based on the professional opinions of those who deal with law and order and a daily basis.

  4. Anyways, my main inquiry was regarding the effectiveness of doing high rep DL’s compared to low rep heavy ones, and NOT about whether I should be doing them. I’m not asking for medical advice, just facts/theories.

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