Update – Maricopa County Treasurer Candidate, Tom Liddy

Tom Liddy 

Sonoran Alliance has confirmed that Republican activist, attorney and former GOP County Chairman, Tom Liddy, has joined the list of names seeking the post of Maricopa County Treasurer.

Watch for the list to continue to grow as the deadline approaches.

A reminder that applications/resumes are being accepted up until 5 PM on Friday, November 2, 2007.


  1. That guy can’t be trusted with our money. Its time to start calling County Supervisors and letting them know!

  2. Thats crap John. And slander.

    Tom raised plenty of dough when he was the Maricopa County Chairman.

  3. Mr. Conservative says

    Looks like Liddy needs a job since Austin broke away from him and he no longer has the radio show!!! It would be a very bad for all of us if he gets this job. Liddy is not someone I’d trust with my money or anything else…

  4. It is so easy to be negative when you have a pen name and no risk. If you have the real cajones to say it, back it up.

  5. An interesting point Ann. I’ll share my last name when you share yours. After all, using John or Ann really isn’t any more illuminating than Anonymous now, is it?

    So, have you got the cajones? ‘Cause Lord knows you’ve been plenty negative in your day too!

  6. Anybody but Liddy! says

    What do you call it when a developer with an ax to grind gives money to a county party so that it can pass it through to an IE committee to attack a candidate in a Mayor’s race? Oh yeah, and the money is far in excess of the contribution limits to the candidate’s opponents and 100% of it is passed through the county party’s committee? Oh yeah, and the committee itself doesn’t get to know about it or approve it, just the county chairman acting on his own?

    Hmm, I forget what they call that, but we might ask Tom Liddy and Nathan Sproul how that worked. Liddy was the county chair and Sproul ran the IE committee.

    Sound like the kind of guy you want handling billions of dollars? I think not.

  7. Every developer has an axe to grind and it’s good to see them doing everything they can to get pro-development people into office, as long as it’s legal. If you think someone committed a crime, you won’t have much luck posting it here: contact the authorities.

  8. Ann and Timothy,

    Just ask anybody who was a member of the EGC at the time. It was flagrant and unethical if not illegal. It was also hidden from the members of the EGC and only came to light months later since the treasurer, at the behest of Liddy, failed to submit monthly reports as required in order to hide the transaction.

    Not the preferred qualifications for someone to run an office with access to the kind of money that flows at the County Treasurer’s office.

    Also, exactly what financial or administrative expertise has Liddy demonstrated? He can raise money using his daddy’s name and his lawyer contacts, but that is not a function of the Treasurer.

    How about building a cohesive team? Again, the EGC experience demonstrates NO ability in that area. Lawsuits and counter lawsuits were the order of the day, for the only time in MCRC history. What a resume!

  9. Tom Liddy was a darn good Chairman. You may recall a huge increase in GOP voter turn out for Maricopa County during the 04 election.

    Also in those days, people were glad to donate money to the party. Now well you read the papers…

    If there is any one word that describes Tom Liddy it is INTEGRITY.

    Strength of character is not something the EGC wants, it needs someone they can push around. That is the only reason they had a beef with Liddy.

    I would trust Tom Liddy with my money and my life. He will always be a Marine!

  10. OK, guys, play nice. I still have the power to censor!

  11. John,

    I have certainly expressed my opinions along with my reasons for them; qualifying one’s statement is necessary if the message is to have any meaning. Saying something as broad as “he can’t be trusted” under the guise of a pen name with no substantive info just seems so….easy.

  12. So that’s your way of saying you have no cajones? According to you, merely being “negative” meant coming out of the shadows. I guess what you wrote wasn’t what you really meant?

    And Becca, giving Tom Liddy credit for the hard work of literally thousands of good Republicans who were fired up, not by that loudmouth, but by a President we believed in and a cause worth fighting for? Nice try, but we’re not fooled. Tom Liddy was not responsible for hundreds of thousands of votes and we’re not going to be dumb enough to believe that he was.

    As for the “donations” at that time? Something tells me we’ll be reading more about those as this story unfolds.

  13. Becca,

    The EGC is like the Board of Directors of a corporation and is comprised of duly elected District Chairmen and officers elected by the Precinct Committeemen. They are responsible to set the strategic plan and are accountable to the Precinct Committeemen to provide oversight individually and as a group.

    When any CEO (Chairman) takes action outside the parameters of the normal operations in conflict with the strategic plan by actions that bump up against the unethical/illegal line without informing the Board, let alone getting their approval and then actively covers up the transaction for nearly six months, and only admits to it after a news article exposes it, Board members feel blindsided and angry.

    Don’t forget, the EGC has one voting member from each legislative district (60% of the total EGC membership) in the county who were elected Chairman of their district, five officers and five members at large elected at annual meetings by all the Precinct Committeemen.

    This is not a group comprised of people elected by backroom deals of central power brokers, it is very diverse geographically and represents the wide variations contained within the Party as a whole.

  14. OK John, let me give this one more try…if you, or anyone as it was not directed to anyone in particular, makes a statement like “he can’t be trusted” and that is all they offer, what does it mean? What, where, how, when? If such serious and pointed statements are made, qualify them please.

  15. How does what Tom Liddy did differ from Pullen engaging in the council race in Cave Creek earlier this year, coincedentally shortly after a donation from Jason Rose who represented a developer backing a particular candidate? Did Pullen ever seek approval from the executive board for that?

  16. BrassBalls says

    How many people have thrown their hat on the ring for this position – 14, 15, 30? With this many people wanting in the race his chances won’t be great to even make it on the ballot. If you don’t like him, don’t vote for him. It really is that simple.

  17. Hey Brass, its not our vote. The votes come from the 5 County Supervisors.

  18. BrassBalls says

    then it’s still not much of an issue, i’m sure he doesn’t have many friends there…especially in the pig Mary Rose.

  19. Tom Liddy is an attorney with no known Treasurer-related skills, just political contacts. This is not a good thing. Let’s hope the Board of Supervisors is just giving him a polite “thanks for offering” gesture before turning him down. This is not a job for beginners. Unfortunately the Board isn’t even going to interview the most qualified candidate: Royce Flora. What a shame and a sham.

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