Union Supporting Rotellini Recruits Drug Dealers

The union supporting liberal Dem Felecia Rotellini for AG, the United Food & Commercial Workers (UFCW), is recruiting drug dealers in California, the marijuana sellers and growers legalized by that State’s medical marijuana law, into the union. The UFCW, which called for a boycott of Arizona when SB1070 was enacted, has contributed thousands and thousands of dollars to Rotellini’s campaign. When Tom Horne called upon Rotellini to refund the UFCW’s contribution, and reject that union’s support, Rotellini refused. 

Today, Horne said:

Enough is enough. Rotellini should refund UFCW’s tainted money for two reasons: they are actively recruiting marijuana sellers and growers, and they have called for a boycott of Arizona. Rotellini should reject this effort to turn Arizona into a satellite state of California.’”

A news report from Work in Progress stated:

First, the United Food & Commercial Workers unionized some medical marijuana workers in May as part of an effort to bring “legitimacy to a once-hidden sector of the state’s economy” and boost the marijuana-legalization initiative.

Shortly afterward, the UFCW endorsed Proposition 19, stating:

The marriage of the cannabis-hemp industry and UFCW is a natural one,” said [UFCW local 5 president] Rush. “We are an agriculture, food-processing and retail union, as is this industry.”

The people of Arizona need to…just say NO TO ROTELLINI!


  1. Hey “Molly,” how can they be drug dealers when California legalized their activity? With that little lie of your’s removed there’s nothing left to your hit-piece. I smell desperation.

  2. Hey Kenny…marijuana is a drug. The legality of a substance does not change the category.

    The liberalization of our culture is the point, but that would be lost on you.

  3. Where I live there are entire business syndicates that build retail locations every few miles that sell hundreds of items that will alter your mood. Some of them require a permission slip (which is easily obtained) from a local syndicate rep to purchase and others are available right off the shelf.

    Here we call them drug stores.

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