Unequally rich or equally poor

Most studies on poverty are misleading and, lets be honest, politically motivated.  They misdirect their focus by comparing your standard of living relative to someone else’s.  What they need to answer is are you better off today in absolute terms than yesterday.  A comparison of you to someone in Paradise Valley is a study only in greed and jealousy. 

The chart below shows European socialism is a grand failure.  Despite all their hot air about social welfare, the working classes in Europe are paid less (in real dollars) than Americans. 

From Coyote blog

So, nations of Europe, how is that welfare state working out for you?  Socialist paradise Norway is 20 times worse!  How long will your poor be happy being told that, well, yes, the poor in the US are better off than you are, but you should feel better, because our rich in Europe are doing much worse than the rich in the US. 

Per Capita Population Under $11 per Day


So, do you want to be unequally rich or equally poor?  Do you want to follow the path of a democratic economy (USA) or a government-run economy (Europe)? 

The rallying cry of leftists everywhere that “the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer” is true only in government run countries.  Their solution of massive government intervention only worsens their standard of living.  

Simply put, capitalism works.  People take responsibilty for improving their lives and respond accordingly. 

But hey, Europeans do have more vacation days!

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