Underwhelming crowd of 12 shows up for recall protest of Arpaio and Thomas


A bedraggled looking group of approximately 12 protesters carrying homemade signs saying “Recall Arpaio” and “Honk to Recall Joe” gathered in front of the Superior Court building today around noon to protest the Sheriff and County Attorney Andrew Thomas. It wasn’t clear exactly what they were protesting. A court employee observing said that he did not hear a single car honk the entire 2 1/2 hours they were out there. No media covered it. One of the protesters said they couldn’t get anymore people to show up because they were all either behind bars or getting high. But they were there with spirits – er, in spirit.


  1. William Crum says

    I am sorry you didn’t get the message on what we were doing but allow to help you try to understand.
    This was exactly a protest per say but a place where we went to gather signatures for about a little over an hour. Total signatures gathered for that hour was roughly over a hundred. Based on probability and averages given our work force and time need we might need 4 to 7 days to accomplish our goal. But we will save that story until the end of February. You will just have to stay tune and keep your reporter pencil sharpen. Thank you and God Bless you.

  2. William Crum says

    I apolizes for my missing words and grammars error because I am so passionate about this recall that if the sheriff office and the county attorney office were private business, they would be in bankruphty and the taxpayers would be footing the bill. Oh I forgot, the taxpayers are footing the bill to the tune of over forty-one million dollas and growing. As you write my article about my passion, remember this:we all suffer for the mistakes of these two men and their bullish tactics costing the taxpayers millions and maybe billions of dollars. Please open your eyes and minds to see my point of view.

  3. William Crum says


  4. William Crum says

    For those unhappy with Sheriff Joe and County Attorney Thomas, feel free to contact us and if you have people, give us a call:602-300-8851.

  5. William Crum says

    Hey Sonoran – Is this site just a one person because I don’t seem to be getting any response?
    There is a rumor going on that this band of so few will turn into an army of thousand and each one mission will to gather 400 signatures wach. If this is accomplish in the one day or two day planned, Sheriff Joe will have to go. Thank you.

  6. William Crum says

    In case you might not have figured out, I hit the wrong key while typing and the word wach should be each but I hope that you figured that out.

  7. William Crum says

    There are hundred and hundred of thousand that know that he should no longer be sheriff but you are not helping. You need to get on board or live with what you got.

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