Undecided beats Obama by 6%

According to the latest Cronkite-Eight Poll, 1/3 of Arizonans are undecided about the presidential vote. This despite the fact that a major political figure from this state is in the race.


  1. I think the most interesting thing is how many people blame the Republican-led legislature over Janet for the budget crisis.

  2. GOP Boomer Gal says

    It seems then that the people have been miseducated by the media. It wasn’t the GOP legislature that was for all day kindergarten and the rest of the shlock in the current budget.

  3. Sonoran Sam says

    Your headline should’ve read:


  4. I always love when the public doesn’t agree with the right wing agenda, they’re “miseducated” (or over at Free Republic, they’re “sheeple”), but when they DO agree with the right wing it’s a testament to the intelligence of the American people.

  5. Klute,

    The current Republican nominee is hardly the right wing. He worships at the Church of Global Warming, supports amnesty for illegals, voted to restrict private funding of campaigns, wanted to impose more gun control, voted to fund destructive embryonic stem cell research, etc. Hardly the standard bearer for the right.

  6. Well, I was talking about the public blaming the GOP for the budget problems, but in the case of John McCain… I think that’s awesome. I mean, it’s not going to win him the election, but it speaks to the leftward shift the country is taking.

    Which I know is anathema to you guys… Next time, the GOP needs to solidify around a standard-bearer that believes in the party’s philosophy, not just what will win an election.

    I think the perfect example is Rush Limbaugh’s clown show of “Operation Chaos”… He spent more time “endorsing” a Democratic candidate than he did a Republican one. If he had thrown the same energy behind Romney or Thompson than he did behind “Operation Chaos”, there might be a unified party actually challenging Obama on their own terms rather than playing catch-up with trying to say “Me too!”. I have my own theories as to why he didn’t, but…

    I mean, I’m totally pleased with how that worked out, you guys, though… feel for ya.

  7. Your headline is the story; not the snide, you can’t help yourself, any chance you get remark referencing Sen. McCain. Mr. Obama is in deep trouble in our state, beyond that this poll does not tell the story you infer, quite the opposite.

    Before attempting any evaluation of the results, look at the source. 350 registered voters, a somewhat small number in a national contest with the results expected to reflect statewide polling indicators. It was registered voters NOT likely voters.

    Both sides have named their nominee. Obama is way behind. When given the running mate of Hillary, the results are even worse. 118 of the responses are undecided, but when Hillary is added, that goes down to 73…and they go to McCain. That 40% of the undecideds go McCain displays a trend that is strongly leaning McCain.

    A 10 point lead in June, with a 40% undecided leaning our way…good news. Watch it grow.

    When the R lege leaders decide to play together rather than jockey for king of the hill, the media will have more of a challenge portraying Janet as the incarnation of all things good. Jeanine should get the prize in that poll.

  8. Ann,

    I like a good spin, but John McCain should be Mr. Magic in Arizona, and he’s leading by only 10 points – with am almost equal amoutn of support that those who haven’t made up their minds yet.

    McCain has 19 point lead in Utah, a 12 point lead in Kentucky, and 14 point lead in Oklahoma (all per RCP). And he’s within the MOE in Georgia, North Carolina, and Alaska.

    This is a nightmare scenario for you. I fully expect McCain to win in AZ, but can you imagine the bedlam if he has to start buying ad time in his home state?

    He’s already pulling a Bob Dole with his message. I expect him to plunge off a dais at any moment.

  9. Klute,

    Before you go congratulating yourself, I would remind you that politics (particularly national politics) is cyclical. The dems are up for now, but I’m sure they fined a way to eff it up for themselves again sometime in the future. That’s just the way it is, and the way it has been.

  10. Azslim, you’ll get no argument from me. I’m just pleased it’s happening now, exposing that “permanent conservative majority” foolishness for what it is, while it’s still fresh in everyone’s memory.

    You guys should really take anyone who governed from that perspective and give them a good drubbing.

  11. Let’s hope this poll changes direction. There is still a lot of time left and a lot can happen between now and November!

    By the way, we (SA) will probably be presenting the RCP graphic on occassion.

  12. Klute,

    No spin. The numbers need to be evaluated for same vs. same. Let’s look at likely voters and see how it comes out.

  13. Ann,

    When you are done hyperventilating remember snide is our trademark. I am sorry that you are offended at our reference to the nominee. Obama is not in trouble in Arizona because his strategy does not depend in winning this state. The election will be won or lost outside of Arizona.

    I am sorry that I misunderstood Klute’s reference to the Republican legislature, which mostly does represent the far right.

  14. gnat,

    I am saddened that by now you have not realized it takes much more than this to make me hyperventilate! And, my friend, you do not have the proprietary license on snide. 🙂

  15. Ann
    Your last comment was good, I could hear the McCain coming out with the “my friend” 🙂 gotta love it!

  16. I don’t know what current polls mean, though I don’t think Obama is seriously contesting Arizona since he didn’t spend any money on media here during his big buy recently.

    In 1984 Newsweek had a poll showing Mondale ahead of Reagan by like 17 points, and in 1988 at one point polls showed Dukakis had a similar lead against Bush. In 1992 polls around this time of year showed Clinton running a poor third to Bush and Perot.

    I do not think Arizona will be close, but I would be surprised if the electoral vote is a blowout for either side.

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