U.S. Senate Candidate Doug McKee Ends Campaign and Endorses Wil Cardon for U.S. Senate

For Immediate Release: January 27, 2012
Contact: Katie Martin

Phoenix, Arizona – Wil Cardon, Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate, has received the endorsement of former U.S. Senate candidate Doug McKee. McKee recognized Cardon as a job creator and a consistent conservative with the ability to win as reasons why he is backing Wil Cardon as Arizona’s next United States Senator.

“Since launching my campaign, I’ve been incredibly encouraged by the feedback that I’ve received,” said McKee. “I am honored by the support that I have received but the more I have been out campaigning alongside Wil Cardon; the clearer it became that he is the man for the job. Wil’s background as a proven job creator, fiscal conservative, and as someone who is consistently strong on securing our borders represents our Arizona values. He exudes the character traits we need in our next U.S. Senator. Wil knows what it takes to balance budgets and spend within means. That is a concept the career politicians in Washington don’t understand. Wil isn’t afraid to shake up the status quo because he cares more about doing what is best for our state and not just worrying about the next election. I hope my supporters will recognize Wil’s strength and join me in supporting Wil’s campaign for the U.S. Senate.”

McKee’s support for Cardon was met with great delight as Cardon’s campaign recently announced the endorsement of Arizona businessman and sports management icon Jerry Colangelo. After announcing his departure from the Senatorial campaign, McKee threw his hat into the ring for the First Congressional District highlighting his private sector experience and true love of the U.S. Constitution.

Cardon said of the newest endorsement, “It is great to have Doug’s support. We have spent a lot of time together on the campaign trail and he has great ideas for Arizona. I am glad to have another true patriot on my team that is committed to bettering this country. I look forward to working with Doug as he campaigns for the First Congressional District and know that he will be a great option for voters.”

Doug McKee’s Biography: 
Doug grew up in Darien, Connecticut and received his Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science from Southern Connecticut State University. Prior to his moving out West he worked on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange where he was employed by a private specialist firm. His passion for the great outdoors brought him to Arizona in 1991 when he traded in his Wall Street attire for a good pair of work boots and a new career in the construction industry. He started Grand Canyon Development, a general contracting firm, in 1994 and has been building beautiful custom riverfront homes along the banks of the Colorado River ever since.

Doug has always had a great passion for politics and growing up during the “Reagan Era” he was quickly drawn to the Republican Party, developing his conservative values at a relatively early age. Doug is a true Constitutional Conservative and knows where government should begin and where it should end. He has always worked in the private sector and knows what it is like to earn a living with his hands. He knows what it’s like to own and run a business, to provide for his wife Lori and five children with the fruits of his labor. Ask anyone who has ever done business with Doug and they will all say the same thing – he is an honest, hardworking, fair and dedicated family man.



  1. That went off as planned: McKee confirming he had dropped from the U.S. Senate race to enter District 1’s race across the state and his endorsement of Cardon at the State GOP Convention.

    McKee, a small time custom home builder (businessman) in a down economy, in an obscure corner of the state, decided to run for U.S. Senate with only his own money, and after having three private meetings with fellow Candidate Wil Cardon over the past few months, decides to pull out of the U.S. Senate race giving his endorsement to Cardon.

    McKee from the get go was a no go as early on his focus was on showing up places while paying little attention to getting signatures on his petitions. It wasn’t a matter of if, but when he dropped out and endorsed Cardon after seeing the two interact in public.

    I wonder if McKee, coming from an area that thrives on Urban Sprawl agrees with the Smart Growth agenda Wil Cardon promotes? http://patriothq.com/2012/01/23/az-senate-race-urban-land-institute-wil-cardons-smart-growth-committee-agenda-21-front-part-1

  2. Mesa Constitutional Conservative says

    Wil Cardon is going to lose in dramatic fashion, and the political professionals behind him don’t care, because his whole candidacy was concocted to skim some of Cardon’s money and deposit into their pockets. Why Cardon would be labeled as “the conservative” in the race is the most hilarious laugher ever…Jeff Flake is consistently ranked as one of the most fiscally conservative members of congress, and always votes to keep big government at bay, whether it be in our wallets or in our bedrooms. Tea Party folks in Arizona have completely abandoned the fiscal focus of the Tea Party groups throughout the rest of the country (which groups practically worship Flake) and become a xenophobic mob with a single litmus test: hate Mexicans like Russell Pearce, or else you’re a RINO. So dumb.

  3. Hilarious is saying Flake is conservative – there is no difference between Flake and Cardon.

  4. I’ve been curious as to this, “conservative” record of Wil Cardon’s that keeps getting bandied about- where is it? WHAT is it? At the time Van was the sitting president of the Greater Phoenix Tea Party, Wil Cardon was one of Jeff Flake’s financiers. How much does he disagree with him, really?

    Flake is a typical McCain/Kyl type politician that is great at saying what you want to hear about the border, then forgetting what it was he said whenever he’s back in DC.

  5. LEO IN TSN says

    I met Wil Cardon and spoke with him at length. I then listened & evaluated as he addressed the state GOP committee. He is a small-gov’t, secure borders, strengthen the military, traditional family, pro-life, protect & preserve America conservative—exactly the opposite of little Jeffy McFlake.

    He called out McFlake on every issue, highlighting McFlake’s ties to the Obama dynasty. McFlake chose to not respond, having already slunk away (tail between legs).

    The McCaniacs will be out now, popguns blazing, trying to distract voters from the issues in order to protect McFlake, but we do now have a real candidate to support. What third candidate will McAmnesty and his supporters fund to try to “Hayworth” Mr. Cardon? Be alert AZ, and don’t repeat history.

    Wil Cardon for Senate, for Arizona, for America.

    God bless America.

  6. Chandler Right says

    Leo what are you talking about? how is he a fiscal conservative alternative to McFlake when he promises to bring home the bacon from DC? that is not fiscal conservative. We need someone who is a fiscal conservative with pork as well as on social and other issues. Cardon IS NOT the answer. We deserve better.

    And remember.. this is a guy who is a Flake fundraiser. now running on daddy’s money for senate. This is not the one we are looking for.

  7. LEO, perhaps Cardon used the videos (linked below) of the January 19, LD19 meeting as a training aide to prep for the State Convention in calling Flake out. Note that Van spoke before Flake who was standing at the back of the room facing Van. After the meeting several attendees who have heard Flake speak over the years said they have never seen him so un-nerved, let alone stammering. As such Flake managed to maintain that perfect fake Flake trademark smile to the end and out the door. Flake got zero petition signatures from his home district; Cardon I believe got one, Van got over three full sheets as well as several people signing out nomination petition packets.

    Having attended numerous events where Cardon has spoken, Wil has had very little WILL whatsoever in calling Flake out. In fact Cardon over and over has always referred to Flake as “a nice guy,” refusing to say anything negative even when prompted – “he’s a nice guy,” so Leo one must wonder about the change you mention.

    Over the past few months watching Cardon’s transformation by emulating Van has been entertaining, besides being the biggest form of flattery one can bestow on another. Thank you Mr. Cardon for your endorsement of Van, or should I be thanking your handlers, specifically (the Cortez SIGN guy – Russell Pearce’s recall) CQ,

    Speaking of signs, nice job at the State GOP Convention Mr. Cardon, the shining example of why you say “MONEY and EMPLOYESS” is the reason you think you will win when asked why you think you can…. lots of signs/lots of labor.

    Speaking of money, Cardon’s paid campaign workers need more supervision as they clearly are following their candidates lead with dollar signs in their eyes and by their actions or lack of. As a businessman, A JOB CREATOR, paying someone who is non-productive is a waste of money.

    LEO, Hayworth was manipulated into running against the McCain Machine by McCain so they didn’t have to recognize the existence of Citizen Candidate Jimmy Lee Deakin Jr. who got 17%. Anyway this 2012 election cycle for the US Senate seat is a whole different story, the voters as well as rank and file republicans are tired of being lied to evident at the GOP State meeting.

    LEO, please tell us what Van said to the State Precinct Committeemen in the meeting you attended? What was Van saying that jumped them to their feet in applause over and over?

    Van US Senate 2012


  8. I have received no answer as to a RECORD of conservatism with Wilford R. Cardon Jr. What I have heard are STATEMENTS that he is conservative. I have heard him SAY he is conservative. But other than words, where are the deeds?

    What I have found, however, is Federal Elections Commmission reports of maximum donations by Mr. Cardon, his associates and his family, for YEARS, to the campaigns of Jeff McFlake, Willard Milton Romney, and Johnny Action Figure McCain.

    Follow the money, as the old adage goes, and you will have the truth.

    Here’s another thought for you out there in Sonora-land: IF you are not familiar with UN Agenda 21, take a little break today, do a little searching, and then read up on Agenda 21 a little.

    Then ask Wilford Cardon Jr. about the purpose and goals of his SMART GROWTH COMMITTEE at the URBAN LAND INSTITUTE. Could be you might want to do a little reading up on those outfits as well. As you do, keep in mind that this man is a large scale real estate developer with an eye on the US Senate.


  9. Chandler Right says

    Bailey and you wont get an answer to that that is concrete. Cardon has been a supporter of Flake and McCain, how are we to believe that all of a sudden he will be different? At least with McFlake we know for sure we get someone who will always vote against earmarks which is why the Club loves him so much and he is a poster child for them. Right now I wait and see if another conservative, someone we know and can trust emerges.

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