Two or Three Days? How about never!

Jon Kyl interview with Hugh Hewitt (excerpted with editorial comments noted and italicized)
Jon Kyl: “We are going to talk to Senator Sessions, Senator DeMint and get a list of the amendments that they want to have considered, massage that list as best we can, present it to the other side.   . .we can do this in two days, three days, whatever it takes. This is a big deal, let’s get back to it, finish it up, and move on.” [ed: This is a big deal – kill it and move on.  Build the fence, Increase Internal Interdiction, Stop illegal hiring, Take the handcuffs off law enforcement, Simply Enforce the Laws we have – then add to them only if necessary!]

“Lindsey Graham and I have an amendment that is partially a result of listening to all of our constituents. We have put together an additional enforcement package that is several pages of just a whole different variety of things that go to the enforcement questions [ed: What kind of things?  In what sequence? ] and make sure that all of the enforcement, from overstaying of visas to you name it are adequately enforced, and, provide mandatory spending to make sure that all of the appropriations that have to occur do in fact occur.”
“The Department of Homeland Security has to check the database that day. [ed: They can’t handle their duties now, how are they expected to do this additional overwhelming workload?]  Actually, there are two databases, and there may [MAY? Don’t we know how many databases are applicable?] be a third, all of which have to be checked that day. And they won’t issue the probationary card if the information comes back negative [ed: Under your bill, they will get legal status simply if there is NO response to the background verification process.  Why not wait for a positive that they are OK before granting legal status?], if the person’s a criminal or a terrorist or a gang member, or whatever. Now there are other ways that we will also be able to check to see whether somebody might be a terrorist, besides being on one of these two or three lists.”

“You know, you may get information about a terrorist cell, they’ve got some guy’s phone number in there, and you check it out, and sure enough, it’s Joe Blow who we gave a probationary card to. We can always go back and get Joe Blow [ed: Our Homeland Security Department can’t find their butts with a road map and you think they can find Joe Blow who is a terrorist who does not want to be found and has had days, weeks or months to hide?  And which database in Iran or North Korea are you going to access to find out if they are good or evil?] and say you are now out of this country, because we’ve now determined that you are ineligible.”

Senator, these are your words, not from the opponents of this Grand Compromise.  It is so preposterous for you to even imagine that this will pass muster that you must believe the American public is brain dead. 

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