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Those waiting for the implosion of the state’s economy as a result of the employer sanctions law will have to wait a bit longer. The February unemployment numbers are online and the state’s unemployment level of 4% is 8/10% below the national average. The workforce is also slightly higher than the same time last year despite a large downturn in construction.


  1. I don’t believe we have any indication of what the Fair and Legal Employment Act will have on our economy. Not until we finally have our first enforcement of it, anyway. The illegals are being coached to just hang in there–with these Presidential candidates, amnesty is just around the corner. Employer Sanctions is just another unenforced immigration law, so far. Minor reports of illegals leaving Arizona and businesses that cater to them seeing a slow down. But, until we start enforcing the new law why should the illegals (employers and workers) listen? They already know tough immigration laws exist, but since they aren’t enforced, no problem.

  2. nightcrawler says

    As fate would have it, the economic downturn preceded the new law. There are a lot of discouraged workers out there who having given up looking and therefore don’t not show up in the statistics. If there was ever a time for this new law to have taken place, this was it. It will indeed help the low skilled American worker by reducing competition. Mark’s points are also valid. While some questionable employers and their employees have indeed left the state, others remain thumbing their noses at yet another law that no one will enforce, hoping for a November reprive.

    Falling home values, increasing gas prices (which affect a whole host of industries) and a general sense of business contraction will keep this economy down for a good while.

  3. Iris Lynch says

    I would bet that the hard hit construction workers(i.e.illegal aliens) got discouraged too and left the state. The Mexican government has complained about the onslaught of returnees with no place to go and no jobs. Of course, Mexico’s biggest industry after oil, is complaints.

  4. If illegals were taking jobs from U.S. citizens, where are all the people needing jobs?

  5. L.A.W. & S.O.L.E. Ballot Initiative volunteers meeting Wednesday, March 26 at Itallian American Club 7509 N. 12th Street. Speakers are Representative Russell Pearce and Don Goldwater. These two intiatives are also endorsed by Chris Simcox, Minuteman President. We need Notaries at this meeting! 5:30 PM for Notaries. Program starts at 7 PM.

  6. Curiouis, unemployment rates are reported at 4%. Does a low unemployment rate define the need for a massive illegal work force? Unemployment is “low.” Good time to reduce the labor supply side by enforcing immigration law. Then the legitimate labor force will see greater demand, higher pay and benefits.

    Astonishingly higher prices for homes, fuel and everything else just since 2004. Something funny happened to the wage earning side of the equation.

    Businesses that employ illegal aliens don’t sell their widget cheaper because they saved a ton on labor. They sell the widget for market value. Entreprenuers aren’t stupid.

    Reduce the labor force by the illegal workers and have normal demand for legitimate workers. For the illegal aliens this affects: You got a big dose of American capitalism. Congratulations! Take what you have learned to a country that you or your parents didn’t break into after 1986 and put your experience to GREAT use!

    Americans, sell legal and legitimate labor for what the market will bear. Unions will screw it up for you again, though.

    We had a program in America for years, probably still do. School kids lined up for an innoculation. I wonder if this is routine in other countrys too.

  7. Mark, Thanks for the economics lesson. I agree with you about the need for higher pay and benefits. Who needs businesses anyway? We need a huge increase in the minimum wage and we need more free vaccines for school kids to protect them from diseases brought by illegal aliens.

  8. Curious,
    The economnics lesson doesn’t come from me. It’s obvious already. “What the market will bear” applies to wage earners as well as it applies to wage payers. And Govt. has no place setting minimum wage rules. Let the market figure it out and everybody is better off.

    Once we get higher up the pay scale than minimum wage, pay is and should be based on market forces. And those market forces should not be skewed by illegal practices. For every law breaking employer of illegal aliens, there are competitors in the same industry that is obeying the law and competing at a disadvantage we should all be ashamed of. Our fellow law abiding entreprenuer undercut by law breakers with the blessings of the Phoenix mayor and his coconspirators.

    If one’s business model is “we don’t make sufficient profit without paying substandard wages to illegal workers” then that business doesn’t belong in the market. Yes, right, we don’t need that business! Market forces have already spoken.

    If you hire illegals, the cost to the rest of society is too steep. You pay a cheap wage, everybody pays to educate, medicate, incarcerate etc. etc. The rest of society REJECTS the bargain illegal employers offer.

    I believe the majority of Americans WANT to pay $5. for a head of lettuce and know that the bargain is we have secure borders to keep out wage supressing illegal workers and terrorists and everyone that does not have a legitimate right or purpose to be in this country.

    Who needs businesses? Who needs businesses that import an intolerable drain on the rest of society? Free Market makes the assumption of Legal Market not countries without borders. The construction company cannot make a profit if it can’t hire illegals? Then file bankruptcy and go away. The market already rejected you. We have laws in this greatest country on earth.

  9. nightcrawler says

    Agree with a lot said so far. However, the flip side of that coin is that many people who have worked in the country illegally did also spend money in the US. Cars and in some cases homes were purchased. Smaller ticket items like appliances, clothing and electronics were also consumed. It would be foolish to think that this law won’t in effect rip the Band Aid off the wound. Folks, it will sting for awhile. Legit businesses will suffer along side the shadier ones. Not sure that is a good thing.

    The bigger issue in my opinion is the down migration skills of the American worker. We as a nation have come to believe that certain jobs are beneath us. As the labor pool shrinks, who will be the first to change linens or scrub hotel toilets ? You ? Didn’t think so. The US economic eco-system adapted and changed due to the abundance of cheap foreign labor. We as a nation are aging. We can’t get enough young people to enlist in the military. At some point down the road, we will need back the cheap labor. Hopefully, next time we have our ducks in a row and do it right.
    Again, given the economic climate, this was the best time to enact this law. We really need to think through the long term ramifications of what we have just done.

  10. nightcrawler, Good points. I’d like to respond to some.

    “Legit businesses will suffer along side the shadier ones.” Even for legit businesses, it was a false economy to begin with. Their business model was flawed if it depended on sales to illegal residents. If the legal market does not support their business they will drop out of the market, as it should be. We don’t want the govt. picking winners and losers. We do want them enforcing immigration law.

    “As the labor pool shrinks, who will be the first to change linens or scrub hotel toilets?” Free (legal) Market corrections. If the hotel owner can’t sell rooms at a price to cover the increased cost of maids, he should not have been selling rooms in the first place. It was a false market if it depended on illegal employment practices. Let those hotels go out of business. The American Free Market will adjust.

    “The US economic eco-system adapted and changed due to the abundance of cheap foreign labor.” Some law abiding businesses were forced out of business by the illegal employers. Eliminate illegal employment and the economic system will adapt again. And amnesty does not just make everything okay again, the law breakers (employers and employees) must be prosecuted to rid the market of the criminals. The displaced $20. per hour carpenter will still be displaced when amnesty happens. Amnesty is not the solution, it is the carrot causing the problem.

    We don’t need to boost our numbers by condoning those who have already ignored the sovereignty of our border. The employers have been thumbing their nose at our laws and so have the illegals.

    We will adapt to a changing market once employment law is enforced. And it’s a change the vast majority of Americans want. Unfortunately, with our Presidential choices, I’m very skeptical that we will see the improvements the majority wants. I expect the illegal alien profiteers will succeed in their “me only” agenda. I intend to fight them all the way though. While unemployment is low, let’s make all the progress we can against illegal employers/workers.

    hey, this blogging thing is cool. I love seeing my opinion in print!

  11. If President Reagan’s trickle down theory is true, it got dilluted by an unexpected wave of 20 million new lower wage workers.

    Our eonomy is seeing “trickle up” results. They snuck across the border (usually without substantial assets)

    Took the job of the U.S. citizen landscaper, carpenter etc. (landscaper makes less money now)

    Put a kid or two in Public School (less $ in the classroom per pupil)

    Got sick. (downward pressure on healthcare wages)

    Competed with us for rental homes (higher prices for us)

    Mortgaged a house (can’t work to pay for it)

    Increased foreclosures (downward pressure on our home’s value)

    Billions of dollars per year shipped out of America.

    Arizona Senators–The least you can do in the way of representing Arizonans is to sign on to The SAVE Act. Senate Bills 2366 & 2368. Stop your tacit approval of people dieing under a palo verde tree 17 miles into their 65 mile walk across the desert to the land of amnesty and employment. I’m sure McDonalds is very happy with your cat and mouse game. You’re encouraging death by dehydration–but those people don’t matter, they didn’t make it all the way here.

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