Two books for the price of one.

     Tucson area blogger x4mr recently published his online masterpiece. It is almost two stories in one; the recent history of workforce training in Pima County and Gabrielle Giffords successful 2006 fun for congress.

     Matt is an admitted left of center Independent so we are not endorsing his point of view. He does provide an amazing insight into workforce development as it relates to business recruiting and development. It is also interesting to read all about the political machinations over the past years. One more caveat – we should warn our readers that there is some profanity contained in the text which we believe does little to enhance the story.

     We recently added a link to Matt’s blog, again not as an endorsement of his point of view, but certainly as an acknowledgement of his insights on the Southern Arizona political scene and for some occasional intel on what the “other side” is up to.


  1. I dunno….he’s advising a legit, widely supported Republican candidate not to run against the person he supported and will continue to support for the job in CD8? Ummm, yeah, thanks X4. We’ll take that under advisement. Maybe the GOP should just not run a challenger to Gigi next year. I’m guessing that will be his next bit of advice.

    Would it help to confuse the rabbit if we run away more? A little analogy for you Grail lovers.

    How about he serves a term or three in Congress and then runs for governor.

  2. Oro Valley Dad says


    I took it as a complement to Bee that Matt would rather he run for some other office. Does it mean they actually think Bee would be very competitive against Gabby?

  3. Bob and OVD,

    Janet terms out. Who do the Democrats have that can beat Bee? Give me a name. Pastor? You’re kidding, right? Name a strong blue contender that could beat him for governor in 2010. Terry Goddard?

    Terry Goddard against Bee?

    I am an Independent. Do your math.

    Giffords goes seven figures by New Year’s easy. For what it’s worth, some blue folks want him to run CD8. They fear him more as as a gubernatorial candidate who if elected would endorse much of what Janet has blocked.

    It’s a dilemma. I disagree with him on some issue, but I have a sense about people, and Bee is a good person.

  4. Oro Valley Dad says

    We are just reporting the news as it comes to us. In this case we hear talk about his running for CD-8 and at this point we have heard nothing about the governorship. I agree he is an excellent public servant and has many options in the future.

    I am glad Giffords has all that money. Good for her. Now can she get something accomplished?

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