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     I am still holding out and have yet to register with the Arizona Daily Star in order to read their articles online. It looks more complicated then what is required by the Republic and the Star wants an e-mail address. I have not missed reading the stories but I was intrigued by the layoffs announced on Wednesday.

     Some great coverage by BorderReporter and Espresso Pundit saved me the trouble or registering with the Star and offered more insight and background than probably available in the official newspaper version. While the Star has excellent coverage of border issues I have found the recent stories from Daniel Scarpinato tedious: constantly harping about Tim Bee and all but drooling over Giffords’ wedding. Only one small story about her wasteful misuse of franking privileges. I am not sure if their revenue will go up or down from the changes in access to the online version but we wish them all the luck that the rest of the big daily papers in the U.S. are having.

Here are some local Southern Arizona papers that do not restrict online access.

Explorer News (Northwest Tucson)
Tucson Weekly (The Skinny is required reading for political junkies)
Vail Sun
Green Valley News
Sierra Vista Herald
Nogales International

Three television stations in town also have good websites (with lots of videos.)




    They have passwords and usernames from virtually every annoying site that demands them.

  2. kralmajales says

    Thanks for posting the links!

  3. Don’t log in…they’re tracking YOU!

  4. Oro Valley Dad says

    That’s right!

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