Turning Point, Election 2008: McCain vs. Obama

For the first time since I don’t know when, the race for President will be a battle between Senators. In fact, I’ll stick with my 2007 prediction that the race will include three Senators.

Tonight, Senator Barack Obama won the Democratic nomination for President. In a speech which should send fear through the GOP (did you see the huge crowd?), Obama commanded a packed stadium of supporters in St. Paul – the twin-sister city where the GOP is scheduled to gather for its convention in September. (Has McCain gathered a crowd as large as Obama yet? Please correct me if I’m wrong!)

What’s next? As I’ve been predicting since last July, Obama will pick Clinton as his running mate. A party divided, seeking to unite a country, will have no other option than to unify themselves under Obama/Clinton. For Democrats it will be a ticket of change, inspiration and newness coupled with experience.

Let’s be honest, this turning point will put McCain on the defense. God forbid that John McCain becomes the Bob Dole of 2008. I don’t think so, but Dems are doing what they can to make him the candidate of yester year, the candidate of Bush 3 and to their credit, some of it is sticking.

Some time ago, I predicted that this upcoming election will be about old vs. new, fresh vs. stagnant, tired vs. energetic. The GOP has a big job trying to reorient the debate about agendas instead of vision. During a political time like this, it’s going to be difficult convincing a new generation of voters on the conservative vs. liberal ideological theme. These new voters want exitement and immediate gratification over public policy. Nevermind the fact that their ideas will take the country over the edge of a cliff.

So here’s the critical point for conservatives like me who are voting for John McCain because we HAVE to vote for him, NOT because we WANT to vote for him. Senator, please pick a Vice Presidential candidate who will get us excited about the 2008 Election. (Sure, fear is a great motivator but excitement usually trumps it.)  While we can assume that Senator McCain will be the better pick on 80% of public policy issues, we need to know that we can count on a Vice-President who will be with us 99% of the time.

After all, while Dems try to equate a John McCain Presidency to a third Bush term, many conservatives are already seeing this election as a single term looking ahead to 2012 toward who will be the GOP nomination.

So before you call me a pessimist, allow me to defend myself as a realist. We have lots of work to do. In fact, I’m spending my time electing good solid conservatives to Congress and the Legislature. We have a huge task ahead of us and instead of running from it, I ask you to get out and work for the cause of conservative. I for one am not going down without a fight!


  1. The GOP has cause for fear in 2008.

    Clinton will remain a factor in national politics and extract a price for her support, but not as VP. It’s not the smarter move for her or him.

    One possibility (just an example) would be the cabinet post for Health and Human Services with serious White House support for major health care legislation.

    That’s just one thought by a nobody like myself. They will create something.

    NOT VP.

  2. GOP Spartan says

    YES! John Kerry got hit by a swift boat, Obama will get hit with the swift armada!

    Let the fun begin!

    Now excuse me while I go clean my guns and get ready for church.

  3. Yeah, I agree with x4mr. It won’t be Hillary.

    I’m betting on Richardson. One, it locks up the non-Cuban Latino vote. Two, it solidifies New Mexico as a blue state (although Udall’s going to have long coattails, so that’s maybe not necessary). Three, it rips Colorados electoral votes out of the GOP’s hide. Four, it beefs up Obama’s foreign policy bonafides.

    Other choices – Karen Sebelius and Wes Clark.

    And for GOP Spartan: yes, please apply the 2004 model to the 2008 race. Wait, I believe John McCain has some green initiatives for you to listen to.

  4. SonoranSam says

    Cheney for VP in ’08! He’s tanned, rusted and ready to continue driving from the back seat.

  5. Kralmajales says

    I think you might just see John Edwards again. They guy and his message connects very well with labor and new deal Democrats that voted for Hillary in places like Appalachia (my home).

    As for Hillary for HHS???? No way…she would be better off as a Senator in a leadership position under the expanded majority we will find there.

    The old adage about Cabinet positions is that you are never heard from again on the national scene. Let’s see Tommy Thompson directed HHS…can’t think of another…oh…wait under Clinton…what was her name? Masterbation lady?????? Help me ya’ll!

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