Tuesday’s Election Results

Tuesday’s Election Results

For some conservatives, Tuesday’s elections across the country were a disappointment. I caution you to not read too much into these election results. No doubt, though, our work is cut out for us in the 2012 elections to register voters, educate voters, and turn out values voters.

I’ve been asked about the defeat of the “Personhood Amendment” in Mississippi. The intent of this amendment was to define life as beginning at conception and stop legalized abortion. Previously, Colorado had defeated a similar amendment twice. Nevada proponents are working to put the amendment on their next ballot.

While I support the goal behind “Personhood,” I join with many other national pro-life leaders and strategists in favoring a different approach in our efforts to protect preborn life and mothers. I do not consider the Mississippi results to be a setback for the pro-life movement. Rather, the pro-life movement continues to move forward with 86 new pro-life laws passing this year alone in states. Those laws are resulting in fewer abortions. Our U.S. House has a pro-life majority. Further, in recent years, more and more people continue to identify themselves as “pro-life” instead of “pro-choice.” The dream of living in a country that respects the sanctity of human life from its very beginning to its natural end is not far-fetched. To get there though, it will take wise leadership, patience, and most importantly prayer.

Regarding the recall of Senate President Russell Pearce in Legislative District 18, I thank Sen. Pearce for his unwavering stands through the years in defense of preborn life, school choice, religious liberty, and marriage. Sen. Pearce never hesitated to support CAP’s legislative agenda. He always was available to help us move bills through the process and speak out in support of life, marriage and family, and religious liberty.
The Arizona legislature is still overwhelmingly pro-life and pro-family, with a two-thirds majority in both the House and the Senate. I am looking forward to working with the legislature in the upcoming session to promote and defend foundational values.

Marriage Opponents in Corporate America
You may be surprised to learn that 70 corporations – including some of our country’s most recognizable brands – filed a friend-of-the-court brief in support of overturning the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) in a federal lawsuit.

Microsoft, Starbucks, Google, NIKE, Levi Strauss and Co., CBS, Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Mass., Time Warner Cable, and Xerox all signed onto the brief filed in the case of Commonwealth of Massachusetts v. U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, urging the court to deem DOMA unconstitutional.
This is a growing and disturbing trend in the country. Individuals determined to completely redefine marriage are working behind the scenes in positions of power throughout corporate America to radically change the most important institution in our culture and isolate those of us who believe in the true definition of marriage.
Other examples include when TOMS Shoes, a for-profit organization that donates shoes to children in Africa for every pair sold, broke off a partnership with Focus on the Family due to pressure from homosexual activists. Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz buckled under the same pressure and canceled a speaking engagement at Willow Creek Community Church because of their biblical views on sexuality.
Pray that those within these corporations who support foundational principles, especially marriage, would stand up and oppose these moves.

William Wilberforce Award
I was honored to receive the news that I will be awarded the William Wilberforce Award at the First Annual Students for Life West Coast Gala tomorrow for my efforts to promote and defend life in public policy.
Defending the sanctity of human life has been one of God’s great callings in my life, and I am truly blessed to be receiving this award named for one of my heroes, the great abolitionist William Wilberforce.
I am grateful to Students for Life for the recognition, and I share this award with our amazing team at Center for Arizona Policy – both past and present – and with all of our ministry friends.

Forced to Perform Abortions
Read the story of the 12 nurses whose employer is trying to force them to participate in abortions on the Foundations blog, and how, thanks to the Abortion Consent Act, Arizona’s healthcare professionals are free from this type of persecution.


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  1. TOMS redefines “spineless.”

    “The partnership between Focus and TOMS prompted sites like Jezebel to question whether TOMS should partner with an “anti-gay, anti-choice group?” Ms. Magazine started a petition on Change.org that has received about 500 signatures, asking TOMS to drop its relationship with Focus.

    Here’s what Mycoskie posted on his blog:

    Had I known the full extent of Focus on the Family’s beliefs, I would not have accepted the invitation to speak at their event.”

    Sea cucumbers have more guts, even after vomiting them out.

  2. Who would join a group called “Jezebel?” That odious queen ordered the slaughter of God’s prophets and spent a good chunk of her sleazy time putting on layers of makeup so she looked dolled-up for her public proclamations to kill the prophet Elijah.

    She was trampled into the dirt and what remained of her was snatched up by mangy dogs to eat.

    She was “Snooky” with political power and a grudge.

  3. I suspect that Carhie might feel all together different if her legal marriage was no longer recognized upon moving to another state. I’m sure that was the case with mixed-race couples prior to the Loving v Virginia decision.

    • There are no parallels there. There is nothing Biblical about forbidding “mixed race” marriages. That was a construct of man. “Race” isn’t in the Bible, it comes out of evolution theory, so that is also a construct of man. The Bible talks of “family” “tribe” and “nation.”

      The Bible DOES say without any disputes: “a man and a woman.” The Bible also does not approve of polygamy or divorce, because that disrupts the one man and one woman union. Polygamy and divorce product measurably weaker partnerships, loaded with competition, rivalries and broken trusts.

      The Bible is very clear about homosexuality. It’s not a “man and a woman” and there is no “fruitful and multiply.” Just a dead end. Since homosexuals are getting everything they need to live, work, have nice homes, afford good vacations, travel, eat eat, money left over for partying, then they aren’t “suffering.” They don’t need any new legislation to leave their estates to their lovers, which makes more MUCH sense to the general public than leaving it to their cats.

      We’re looking at starving kids on the streets here with no shoes, a rat-eaten shirt, and a rusty tin can and notice how much money is going to “gay marriage” which is a LUXURY out of COMFORT when homosexuals could be putting that seriously copious money to actually saving other people’s LIVES, by the thousands.

      But NO. Not the priority.

      • “The Bible also does not approve of polygamy or divorce, because that disrupts the one man and one woman union.”

        But it does allow for a little something-something on the side! See: Abraham and Hagar.

      • The Bible does allow polygamy and divorce. It is not as ideal as a man being married to only one women until one of them dies, but it is definitely allowed in the Bible. Christians, Jews, and most other religions and secular societies in the world no longer allow polygamy. Even some Islamic countries don’t practice polygamy. Libya, for example, didn’t until it was just “liberated” from dictatorship.

        Homosexual relations between men are definitely and explicitly prohibited by the Bible.

        • A clarification that God states “a man and a woman.” The scripture reaffirms that with many admonitions for a man to stay with “the wife of his youth,” that is to not abandon her for another woman, that divorce and polygamy were a pervasive fact of pagan life that God knew was going to take a while to retrain people OUT of. Jesus reminded the priests that God permitted Moses to issue divorce because the people of that time were “weak.” Correct marriage was one of a number of things God was working through with the Israelites, including weaning them off idol-worship and a number of other unwelcome Egyptian habits. and Jesus re-affirmed that God hates divorce. That is misinterpreted that God doesn’t permit divorce at all, but God does not expect ANYONE to think they have to trapped in an abusive relationship, by this: “do not be yoked to unbelievers.”

          As for polygamy: NONE of the multiple marriages of ANY of the patriarchs was without MAJOR strife. Abraham’s liasion with Hagar is recorded as a FAIL of Abraham’s faith in God to provide him a son through his wife Sarah. Hagar began fighting with Sarah, Hagar’s son abused Sarah’s son. His first-born son Ishmael was the father of the Arabs, the modern cousins to the Jews, and as full of anger and resentment as would be expected of any first-born child who thinks he should have had the inheritance that was given instead to the second-born.

          King David’s multiple wives resulted in half-siblings literally warring with each other and eventually that great loss and heart-ache against him. David’s adultery with Bathsheeba resulted in a punishment of the loss of their first child together. Solomon’s decline is directly ttributed to the corrosive influence of his multiple wives.

          I can attest by first hand witness in Africa that polygamy produces a weaker and negatively internally competitive family structure. African men have spoken to me directly that they were angry at their fathers because “Why wasn’t my mother good enough for him that he had to get another?” First wives fight with second wives, their children are loyal to their father and their own mother and cut out their half-siblings and their mothers.
          The overwhelming majority of severe malnutrition cases we worked with in Kenya were children of second wives 80% of the cases .. poverty from lack of resources to support a second wife.

          Multiple divorces produce family structures of competing half-siblings and wives that are very similar to the dynamics of polygamous families.

          The disparity is actually measurable.
          One man one wife by far in all cases produce stronger, more loyal families. As one African woman explained, “What wife is going to invest much in her marriage if she knows her husband will go out and pick up another wife?

  4. Wanumba – sometime when you are back in the state’s I’d love to introduce you to some gay families who do not at all resemble your stereotype. In fact, if you are on Facebook I would be happy to introduce you to four of the most wonderful gay families. As I read their Facebook Wall each day I am amazed at how lucky these children are to have such loving parents.

    As is the case with any group it is easy to mock the stereotypes – the Drag Queens, circuit boys, and leather crowd. But they aren’t at all representative of the gays and lesbians who are heading up the PTA fund Drive, organizing the car pools or attending their kids soccer games.

    It’s an open invite Wanumba or anyone reading this. Make a gay or lesbian friend and you’ll find it’s much harder the demonize the whole group.

    • You are mocking gays and me. You are claiming sorts of crap that I don’t say, I don’t promote. How is there any honest talk if you misrepresent me and people like me? Since I know gays who do NOT support “gay marriage” I happen to know for a FACT that it isn’t a monolothic movement, that a FEW are PRESUMING to talk for ALL.

      I have dealt with starving people, beaten people, displaced people in the world’s most destitute regions. In the grand scheme of things, self-focused gay marriage as a life and funding priority for wealthy and comfortable American gays is nothing compared to the selfless GOOD they could be doing for so many people who have so much less than them.

      And when someone says “I ain’t wealthy,” I assure you that they step off the plane in Africa and they are WEALTHY.

  5. Wow, so now straight people need to seek out gays to befriend, if what Triggs is saying is to be taken seriously. That’s pretty weird. “Hi, are you gay? If so I’d like to be your friend.” Maybe some day people will start to brag about how many of their friends are celibate.

    On one hand I’m confident enough in human nature to understand that families don’t really need some kind of special protection, like a blind person that needs attention from others; families are natural entities, perhaps the most naturally powerful institution on the planet, and nature has a way of getting by just fine.

    On the other hand, I am familiar with the history of decadence that tries to exploit that power and what happens when generally accepted norms about perversions (sexual or otherwise) get overturned. I don’t want to live in a place like that, and those cultures were rather short-lived.

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