Tucson Mayoral Race update.

I guess Ted has been so occupied with his fixation over State Senator Jack Harper that he missed the news that Daniel Patterson is not going to run for Mayor of Tucson.

The Democrats seem behind on this one since they otherwise own the town. It is a race. Will the Pima County GOP get a functioning web site before the Democrats get a candidate?


  1. No, Jack is fixated with me. He keeps calling but I try not to answer the phone. I tell him that we can just be friends, but that isn’t enough for him.

  2. Oro Valley Dad says

    Yeah, the old “he is calling me” defense.

    Who is going to be the Democrat candidate for Mayor of Tucson? Is your side just going to give Walkup a pass?

  3. kralmajales says

    All are great questions Oro Valley Dad. I won’t hide my disappointment in the fact that the Pima Dems have not found a viable candidate, or any candidate, yet for mayor.

    I think Mayor Walkup is a hard hard person to beat in this one anyhow. He is moderate, jovial, and frankly fun. He attracts Democrats, Independents, and Republicans. In a strong city manager system, his power is no where near that of other mayors around the country, so it just may be that the stakes aren’t so high (especially given that he is the only Republican on the council at all).

    Still, I will say this. The Pima Dems are motivated and have finally figured out how to motivate their base. They SHOULD have a candidate and there is no reason at all why they couldn’t win if they just keep awakening the sleeping giant of Democrat registration. That is why this is disappointing. Let’s see if they correct it.

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