Tucson made missile takes out satellite.

     Congratulations to everyone at Tucson based Raytheon Missile Systems for a well-made product. The SM-3 missile traveled 130 miles before making a direct hit on a failing U.S. satellite. Excellent video of the intercept can be seen at Breitbart TV. It is almost enough to make an adult proud of his/her country. Another great legacy of Ronald Reagan – Missile Defense.

Top that Phoenix!


  1. Duke the Dog says

    I guess Barak Hussain Obama’s wife is shedding a tear as well. I’m sure she’s really proud of her country.

  2. Phoenix gives you Rep. Shadegg, Flake and Franks, who vote to put systems like that in place. Tucson gives us Grijalva and Giffords…

    Looks like its back to work for you, Tucson!

  3. wondersnevercease says

    The real question is this: was this really necessary or was this just an excuse to try out the system?

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