Tucson Legislative Office

Would someone please correct me on this if I’m wrong but isn’t there a Southern Arizona Legislative Office in downtown Tucson? I remember filing papers with this office in the past. If I recall, the address is 400 West Congress Street, Suite 201. If this is the case than why does Toni Hellon still need a home office? This doesn’t make sense and the argument about constituents having to drive up to Phoenix to meet with her is moot. It seems to me that any Southern Arizona legislator could reserve a room for meetings at this location or maybe they could even conduct a townhall meeting in their district. Setting up a home office using campaign money reflects poorly on Senator Hellon especially as a Republican. One expects this type of behaivior from Democrats who think that campaign money or taxpayer money can be spent on anything they want. I’d expect the constituents of legislative district 26 to express a vote of discontent in the upcoming primary election.


  1. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    Lost in all the noise is that the HellonToni.com website clearly shows that the improvements she claims were made to a home office were actually made to her bedroom… I’m not sure that its a crime to use campaign money to upgrade your personal home, but I’m pretty sure it is a crime to misreport it!

  2. Oro Valley Dad says

    At this point it is almost water under the bridge. This story will never get beyond the peeping-tom angle.

    Voters do not really care about what Toni did or did not do with her office holder account funds. They are much more likely to care that she has a liberal voting record and works for all of Southern Arizona except her district.

    The lesson here is if you are going to raise new and serious charges against someone you should not do it anonymously. If the charges are valid and warranted then go public with them and your name.

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