Tucson endorsements.

Update: Judge sides with Kromko. Yes on Proposition 200 signs were destroyed in violation of city code.

     Tomorrow is the Tucson City Election. After much thought and research we have our endorsements for the election.

Mayor: We endorse Dave Croteau. If the powers that be opposed to Prop 200 are really concern about sprawl then Croteau is their man. Why a liberal holdout keeps re-electing a Republican-lite candidate we don’t know. It is time for Tucson to come out of the closet and elect the real thing.

Ward 1: Beryl Baker. The Democrats don’t seem to get much done in Tucson so we support giving the Greens a change.

Ward 2: We endorse Rodney Glassman. He is going to win anyway and after 2006 we are tired of always being on the loosing side. Go Rodney! At first we were excited to hear that a Republican was brave enough to run but after seeing all of the photos of Janet on her web site we had reservations about Lori. Then we read that she is pro-choice Republican who supports the homosexual agenda. When it comes down to a Democrat vs. a Democrat we always recommend the Democrat.

Ward 4: We have to go with Dan Spahr. He seems to be the only candidate brave enough to express any concern about the financial boondoggle that is Rio Nuevo. Our instincts were further confirmed when we found out that Jim Click was giving money to the Democrat in Ward 4. Dan must really be a good guy if Click would not support him.

Prop 100: Yes. For goodness sake give them more money. They have not earned it but they still deserve a raise.

Prop 200: Yes. We have to go with Kromko on this one. A wacky liberal gadfly talking about raining in out of control government spending and conserving our natural resources – works for us. Plus we love the talking heads trying to counter John’s sometimes cogent arguments. And who wants to drink toilet water anyway?


  1. OV Dad,
    If you were a PC in Haney’s District, you’d lose voting privelages.

    Does supporting the Dems make you a “RINO” like me?

    Just joshin’ with you. As a Maranan, I’ve got enough local gov’t to be concerned about & can’t vote in Tucson anyway.


  2. Oro Valley Dad says

    I think I am pretty safe as a PC in my district since they do not seem to take a strong stand on much of anything. I guess you missed the dripping irony of the piece.

    Whatever Br’er Chairman decides please don’t fling me out of the Republican Party.

  3. I thought you jumped the shark. Later

  4. Oro Valley Dad says

    I bet you did.

  5. Well, this completely shatters the theory I’d developed that “Oro Valley Dad” sells Fords.

    Why da ya gotta rap on Lori. Whatever disagreements you think you may have with her over what you think is her social agenda look at what Tucson’s getting with Rodney. Blech. Larry Craig and Ted Haggard (aka Larry Craig plus meth) had strict social agendas and they haven’t exactly helped the cause. Barry Goldwater was right about some of these guys needing a good swift kick in the ass. You stack the deck with lib weirdos in City Hall and get ready for a rainbow colored “A” on Sentinel Peak and Dolores Huerta as the head of TUSD. Molly McKasson with the fife and Professor Tom Volgy rat a tat tat on the drum and we’ve got ourselves one heck of a parade. Rodney wins tomorrow and it’s back to the dark ages for the Old Pueblo.

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