TRUTHOUT: Is Jim Ward lying to get elected?

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Let’s look at the truth of this statement he has plastered across his website:

“The Wall Street Journal and Fox News called me a ‘true anti-establishment outsider’”

Jim Ward moved into the state from San Francisco a year ago. He approached Arizona Republican Party Chairman Randy Pullen last year for his advice on what Congressional district he should move into in order to run for office. He settled on Arizona’s District 5. Since moving here, he has tried to portray himself as an outsider. He is correct about that, having lived in San Francisco for so long, he is unfamiliar with the needs of constituents in District 5.

But he goes further. His website prominently features Wall Street Journal and Fox News logos asserting that both news organizations called him “a true anti-establishment outsider.”

Did they?

Read the articles. The Wall Street Journal article doesn’t hardly mention him – there is only a photo of him along with several other Congressional candidates across the country, with the caption, “Outsiders.”  It never refers to him as “anti-establishment.” And unlike Ward, the other candidates featured have actually LIVED in their districts for years.

The article is hardly an endorsement, but more of an analytical look at a certain kind of candidate running for office this year.

The Fox News article isn’t even linked to from his website.

“Anti-establishment” implies that a candidate is not part of a powerful party machine. But Ward has made every effort to align himself with John McCain since moving to Arizona. Their campaigns appear to be coordinating together putting up signs, attending meetings, and their talking points on illegal immigration (using amnesty language while denying they support amnesty) are virtually the same. He also spends upwards of $100,000 a month on message handlers and consultants who are registered lobbyists.

What we have here is a candidate who is desperately trying to hide the fact that he 1) recently moved to Arizona for the purpose of running for Congress, and 2) who has already gotten in with the Washington establishment. Someone who has attached themselves to Washington insiders before even getting into office, and then lies about it to disguise it, has proven himself untrustworthy from the start.


  1. If he’s running with Amnesty McCain and promoting amnesty that’s all I need to hear. We don’t need any more politicians promoting amnesty.

  2. Conservative principles says

    I have a real problem with someone who moves here to run for office. I think we need someone who has lived in Arizona for at least more than one year, who understands our business needs, industries, and demographics. You can’t learn all that well enough to represent your constituents in a year. He sounds rather self-serving and egotistical.

  3. I’ve heard him speak, seen his signs and ads. Jim Ward sounds standard establishment. He’s wealthy unlike most of us, connected to McCain, and hung out with all the Hollywood business types when he lived in California. Disingenuous to run on an “anti-establishment” platform.

  4. Claudette says

    The exact Jim Ward quote, Barry Young Show on KFYI June 17, 2010 – – “Lets talk about the 1.5 million here already illegally… what I’ve called for is an immersion program.”

    Then when asked to clarify in a private email Jim Ward said he meant immigrants here legally. Make sense? Didn’t think so. Jim Ward is a Kennedy liberal who doesn’t understand immigration and he’s calling for a backdoor pathway to amnesty.

  5. Defeat Pelosi Now! says

    Anyone else check out Jim Ward’s FECs? I did. His campaign is spending more money than it is raising. Smells like a Obama/Pelosi liberal to me: spending everything and more to pay for overhead.

    Ward spends almost $100k a month on registered lobbyist consultants and message handlers because he’s a scripted candidate.

    The anti-establishment outsider has shown his cards – – he wants all the insiders to tell him what to do. Even lobbyists already! You’ve got to be joking!

    He says he’s carrying on the legacy of John Shadegg? Surely he’s not referring to the TARP Wall Street bailout, which was the most important opportunity for Republicans to stand up against the mess in Washington.

    You came here to run for Congress a year ago!

    Stop lying to the people you want to trust you.

    P.S. George Lucus is a communist. Stop saying you worked with him like it is something to be proud of Mr. Ward. This isn’t some Hollywood script.

  6. For anyone interested, here is the supposed Fox News story that Jim Ward has put out front in all his talking points, website, and mail. just runs a copy of the WSJ story, but because Ward was only mentioned in a picture caption to begin with in WSJ story – HE ISN’T EVEN MENTIONED IN THE FOXNEWS.COM PIECE.

    “They called me an anti-establishment outsider ready to wreak havoc on the Washington establishment…” Heard Jim Ward say this recently? Guess what. It’s a lie. It’s just strait old Jim Ward San Francisco propaganda.

    He made up the FOX News and WSJ endorsements!

    Dirty trickster, or lying politician wana-be.

    Jim Ward – come clean! Your advertising spin won’t work in Arizona.

    You owe CD5 an apology.

    Jim Ward – – who are you really? What kind of man moves to a state to run for Congress and starts lying to the voters? Seriously!

  7. Pembroke's Mother says

    Wait, so let me get this straight–Jim Ward just moved here from San Francisco so he could run for Congress. I wonder what he tells all his friends back in SF…”I just loved CD5 so much, I had to move there to run for Congress. They need someone with my leadership experience.”

    What a d**k. I’m sure once he loses the primary he’s going to move back to Nancy Pelosi’s district.

  8. Jim Ward needs to move back to Pelosi country. We have enough Liberals here.

  9. I don’t trust anyone from San Francisco, especially the ones who move here and say they want to represent us.

  10. The Mole says

    Ward will come in a distant second to Schweikert. I like him a lot better than Gutter-Snipe but he is just as wrong for CD 5 and for Arizona. We need to pack D.C full of serious conservatives if we ever hope to save our grandchildren. It too late for us and our children already.

  11. Steve Calabrese says

    I am so tired of people moving here just to buy congressional seats.

  12. Serious Sally says

    Go Back to SF Mr. Ward Arizona doesn’t need people trying to buy a congressional seat. What’s wrong with running in your own state. What do they know that you won’t tell Arizonans? If the gig at Lucas Arts was so great and you were so wonderful there, why’d ya leave in such a hurry?

  13. heh.

  14. I worst thing for us would be for ward to win the primary… Mitchell would kill him…
    I could just see mitchells ad… Mitchell lived in Tempe for decades went to school at asu taught in tempe knows the people…Jim ward has lived here for 12 months he doesn’t know AZ.

    How could you argue with that ad??

    We need to make sure Ward doesn’t win…

    And no need to worry about baby killer susan no one likes her and she has no cash…

  15. … no need to worry about David, he’s insane and Mitchell has already decimated him once.

  16. Steve Calabrese says

    Serious Sally, he left Lucas Arts because he could no longer function there – he alienated EVERYONE he worked with and threw the company into chaos.

  17. Manuel Martinez says

    I’m pretty sure it is Mitchell who will be decimated ala cinqo – – anyone met anyone who likes Harry lately. It’s all the old people I work for talk about – – Mitchell changed, he doesn’t represent us anymore.

    He betrayed us on healthcare.

    And now he won’t answer our calls.

    This guy Jim Ward sounds like just another Harry Mitchell type. I got a flier asking if I wanted to go to a coffee with him. No way! I don’t even know you, and now we learn you JUST MOVED HERE TO RUN FOR CONGRESS!!!

  18. Saw this video today and thought of Vernon Parker Taser International:

  19. One word:

    I encourage all voters in CD5 to defeat this idiot.

  20. Small Note: Jim didn’t live in San Francisco. But hey, don’t let those annoying facts get in the way of an anonymous character assassination.

  21. Jim Ward’s press release says that the GOP has lost to Mitchell in the past and “we” can’t afford to lose again.

    What’s this we stuff?

    You never lost to Mitchell!

    You just moved here a year ago to run for Congress. We may have… but you didn’t. We just met you.

    If not San Fransisco… where did you come from, because it wasn’t here!

    Nobody in the community knows you. That’s why you’re begging for coffees.

    You asked Randy Pullen where you should move to run for office.

    Not a professional politician – – what a joke! You’re running to be a professional politician in the legacy of TARP voting, hero conservative formerly known as John Shadegg.

    Why didn’t you run in CD3 Jim? Why move to CD5 to run. What’s so special about CD5?

  22. @Harvey – You’re right, Jim Ward never lost to Harry Mitchell.

    David Schweikert, the truest true non-RINO realest Tea-Party loving, Constitution carrying conservative ever to grace the Earth (except for JD Hayworth, of course) lost to Harry Mitchell.

    By 10 Points. 2 Years ago.

  23. Sweet victory will be when Schweikert leads Mitchell in 2010 by a 10 point minimum.

    @Otasan – if I’m wrong, I’ll buy you lunch.

    Back to Jim Ward making up media praise and spending all his campaign cash though…


    I guess I don’t get it ..being in politics for the sake of being in politics. Does he really want to represent us or himself? Try again in about 5 years Mr. Ward you need a few summers under your belt.

  25. It seems like the CD-5 race lacks in quality of candidates what it has in quantity of them. Schweikert was a horrible candidate two years ago who was trounced in a district that even McAmnesty carried over the chosen one. Isn’t there one qualified Republican busnessman (who has actually lived in the district long enough to vote for JD Hayworth) or at least a legislator with a conservate record that could knock off Mitchell? It’s not like he’s superman or something. I’d rather have one decent candidate than the ten nobodies that are running in this race.

  26. question says

    Wow, it’s hilarious to see people parrot the “he moved here one year ago” line without a shred of proof. And I would love to know which one of you was sitting in that private meeting, with Randy Pullen, when he supposedly asked what district he should run in.

  27. I’m very disappointed in those who are so eager to speak poorly of someone they have never met. Honestly, get to know your choices better before slinging mud purely just to sling mud. Yes, Jim Ward previously lived in the SF area, but lived there for work (Lucas Film and LucasArts). A job at which he succeeded. He brought the company out of the “red” and from the ashes he produced a much more functional and lucrative company. He is a smart business man who has great ideas and plans for the country. Go to to see his thoughts on “the issues”.

    Honestly, the bottom line is that a conservative NEEDS to take back CD5 and we kick Harry Mitchell out of office. The only question that remains is who can do it.

    Let’s face it, Schweikert has tried in the past and has lost. He is not a strong enough candidate and Mitchell knows it. While he may be a conservative, so is the more electable and business oriented Ward.

    I urge everyone who reads this very biased site to honestly look into a candidate before actually believing the garbage disguised as news on this incredibly unreliable site.

  28. …But, Jim Ward just became a conservative, and he gets very confused on the talking points.

    He does just what you did Erika, which is refer people to his website.

    That’s not leadership. And Harry Mitchell wants nothing more than to get an easy opponent like Jim Ward.

    Ward left LucasArts with 2 weeks notice. When was the last time you heard of an executive shuttling out so quick.

    If Jim Ward was such a wonderful businessman, why move the family mansion to Arizona? Something doesn’t smell right.

  29. I asked Jim ward on his facebook page for the link to the fox article and this is what he sent me.

  30. Harry Mitchell will destroy Jim Ward. He will paint it as Mr. Outsider vs. Mr Tempe.

    If Harry Mitchell knows Jim Ward is the stronger candidate then why has Harry Mitchell only been doing polling between Harry and David?

  31. Well I heard he left so quick because his employees really didn’t like him. They circulated a petition to get rid of him.

  32. The Dude says


    Jim Ward isn’t even mentioned in that Fox article.

    Why did Jim Ward tell my teaparty that he was pretty much endorsed by Fox to save Washington?

    Ugh this is frustrating.

    I hate being lied to!

  33. Serious Sally says

    I checked the county records as to when Ward bought his house 12/08 then registered as Rep. 2/09 and started running. He quit Lucas Arts 2/08. Having been in the business world no President leaves the way he did with out something bad having happened “Personal Reasons ?” Harry will make mince meat of this guy and have him for lunch. Schweikert may have lost last time, but not now. Like a tennis match Schweikert know the court and all of Harry’s plays this time. Harry and his buddies Nancy and Barack won’t carry him this election. My Question is how much does it cost for a SF guy to buy a congressional seat in Az.? That is all he is doing.

  34. I am so glad to see the above assessment of Jim – Jim is a bully in a work environment – I should know – I worked for him and saw his temper first hand. He had Patton as a role model ON HIS DESK


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