Troubled Times Ahead

Arizona Capitol Times

Long-time Arizona Capitol Times editor, Karen Fullenwider, made an abrupt exit from the paper this week.  Word is staffers are disgruntled because the new ownership, Dolan Media, seems to prize party giving over journalism.

Case in point: The Cap Times is hosting its first Leaders of the Year in Public Policy lunch Sept. 26 at the Phoenix Convention enter.  Honors go to those who are “making Arizona a better place to live.”

Gov. Napolitano will give the keynote.

Staffers were asked to stuff invitation envelopes, call officials to encourage attendance and deliver flowers or balloons to the honorees.

Blogs in recent weeks have speculated that the paper and its other publications, like The Yellow Sheet Report, have made a turn to the left since Dolan took over the company. Dead wrong. The management has no direction whatsoever.

It apparently does know the way to Party City.

As we go to “post,” we receive this note from former editor, Karen Fullenwider:

These awards being given Weds are a sham. Ginger Lamb said they were picked by the Capitol Times Editorial Board — this board does not exist. People we nominated by various individuals, namely their subordinates.   The “editorial board” (me and a couple of managers were coerced into service) were asked to rate the nominees on a scale from 1-5. Then Ginger and a lobbyist just picked who they thought should win. They also changed the categories. For example, Rebekah Friend was nominated in the “law” category but was moved to Legislative for some pc reason. 
It’s like high school — worse in fact.
I told Ginger I came to the Capitol Times to be a journalist; I will leave for the same reason. Glad I am out.

– Karen Fullenwider


  1. The Capitol Times under the Dolan crowd is a joke. I suspect their so called awards ceremony probably directly correlates to either those who advertise a lot in their newspaper and/or those whose views correlate with ownership

  2. George of the Desert says

    I miss Ned Creighton. He knew how to run a paper.

  3. Management may be missing professionally, but it is not missing politically. This paper has lost its fine reputation of being one of the few remaining journalistic publications – it actually was able to ferret out the real story and print is in an unpartial way.

    Since Dolan took over, the slant of the articles is definitely left. People who purchased the Yellow Sheet under the assurance they were getting the straight scoop should ask for a refund of their subscription.

  4. Like her sex life, Fullenwider has held more “journalism” posts than a guy tpping his foot in a mens room.
    The Capitol times is better without her and her job-inducing nips!

  5. I take that back. I WANT those job-inducing nips around. Makes for better writing!

  6. hi, andar here, i just read your post. i like very much. agree to you, sir.

  7. MARK POLLOCK says

    Udoubtedly, lil “Mark” above has never worked with Karen. I did. As the editor at the Peoria Independent (I was a reporter/photographer), She was very professional and knew what real news was. It is one thing for a newspaper to invite politicians to a debate. It is completely another to “honor” them. Talk about a case of Brown Nose Fever!
    To ask professional people to put down there pens and stuff envelopes is completely high-school journalism. Hire a temp you cheap bastards!
    The Capitol Times needs to send their master’s to an ETHICS 101 class.

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