Trouble in Maricopa

A source inside the Maricopa County Executive Guidance Committee (EGC) has told us that District 11 Chairman Rob Haney is moving forward with a resolution opposing McCain at the next EGC meeting on February 7th. The information was provided to us by someone normally opposed to McCain who none-the-less wanted to move on to other issues and opposed bringing forward the motion. Despite some opposition from certain members there are still enough Haney allies opposed to McCain that the resolution has a very good chance of passing at the EGC meeting on the 7th. We are not in contact with all 28 members on the committee but we do know that Haney does have some strong allies and can be very successful at lining up votes. Haney was forced to send out an advanced copy of the resolution because of past complaints from committee members about not having enough time to read the resolutions before the meeting. We were able to obtain a draft copy of the resolution printed below.


Whereas, Our National Republican Committee members, Bruce Ash and Sharon Giese have chosen to endorse the presidential candidacy of Senator McCain during the primaries thereby reviving the angst, revulsion and polarization amongst the majority of the Arizona Republican activists who oppose said candidacy; and

Whereas, Senator McCain’s, dual-citizenship holder and Spanish liaison advisor, Dr Juan Hernandez, (who was an advisor to former Mexican President Vicente Fox), has repeatedly stated his “think Mexico First” position and repeatedly, when American interests were at odds with the interest of Mexican illegals, Hernandez has sided against America; and

Whereas, Senator McCain repeatedly proclaims that his Amnesty bill is not Amnesty, refuses to vote to allow drilling for oil in Alaska thereby weakening our national security while causing as steep rise in inflation, buys into Gore’s unproven hysterical rhetoric stating Global warming is caused by human activity, and makes the disingenuous claim that he is pro-life while repeatedly voting for embryonic stem cell research and fetal tissue research with tax payer money; and

Whereas, In a straw poll during the Maricopa County Republican precinct committeemen meeting of January 19, 2008, Senator McCain was voted as the most unacceptable Republican presidential candidate by amassing an overwhelming negative vote of 427 of the 721 ballots cast; and

Whereas, Leading conservative voices, including Delay and Santorum, have warned us that McCain is not a conservative and poses a great danger to the Republican Party; and

Whereas, McCain has demonstrated his ease with the truth by mischaracterizing Romney’s statement on timetables for Iraq; and

Whereas, This grassroots leadership body censured Senator McCain in 2005 for his failure to faithfully perform his duty to uphold the Constitution and for his undermining the Republican mandate of the 2004 election: therefore

Be it resolve, That we, the Maricopa County Republican Committee state most emphatically that Senator McCain is not our favored Republican candidate for President of the United States.


  1. nightcrawler says

    AZ Rick,

    I respect your view and understand your frustration. Thank you for years of service and helping out the GOP with your time and donations. You sound like a good guy, don’t take any of this personally.

    What you do at the ballot box is completely up to you. Others may feel and act the same way.

    As your new role as a PC, you have stepped up to a leadership position in your precinct. It is a primarily an elected position, except for mid-term appointments. So you represent fellow Republicans in your neighborhood, some of which may be veterans who support McCain. The reason you can’t go public with support of Clinton is that you will undermine the hard work of several of your fellow PCs and neighbors and that is not fair.

    For the record, I will vote for Romney on Tuesday.

  2. nightcrawler,

    I appreciate your comments and position regarding the role of the PC. If these were normal times, I’d certainly be much more sympathetic to your position.

    However, I think the near term future we’re facing is extrordinarily dark. I have no doubt that depression and nuclear war are at our door step and at this point they both are probably unavoidable. The future of the nation is at genuine risk for the first time in my life.

    I just believe, given the stakes, our only hope for the future is to make sure the Republican party (hopefully as conservative as it can be) will survive to lead the recovery. I do not believe America as we have known it will survive if liberals and socialists are given power. They will be if McCain is in office when all this unfolds.

    I even fear that it may be a mistake to elect Mitt to the White House, though I have hope he might mitigate the disaster some. I’m afraid, however, that it won’t be enough; and just as they did in the 1930’s, Republicans took the fall for the depression and Democrats ruled for the next 60 years. The United States can not survive 60 years of rule by modern democrats.

    The PC situation is analogous to the good soldier that follows the orders of bad commanders. A soldier is not given a pass if he commits a war crime with the claim “I was only following orders.”

  3. A most compelling thread. The GOP is reaping what it sowed by electing an arrogant, malignant, self-serving goon.

    W cares about W and his friends. He chose blind allegiance over competence. He fired any expert he disagreed with. I speculate those commenting here actually get that elections, and deficits, matter.

    Cheney has stated repeatedly that neither deficits nor elections matter. The most recent state of the union was the most pathetic embarrassment in the history of the presidency. Bush the gall to complain about earmarks? What about all of his own?

    When you dance with a snake, you often get bit. Bush sucked your party dry for himself and a small number of friends. Seeing all the Hillary and Obama ads? They have money.

    The GOP is in it. DEEP. It has only itself to blame. Neither the Democrats nor the Independents dug the hole.

  4. Keen Observer says

    The Republican County Bylaws under “objective” state our purpose shall be to support the objectives and policies of the County, State, and National Republican Committees, work for the election of Republican Party candidates, promote political education to all Republican Party workers and promote loyalty to the Republican Party.

    This rule has to be based on support for the source documents of the Constitution and Platform. Given this, anyone not supporting the Constitution and Platform, not promoting the political education of the same, and not promoting loyalty to the same, is out of compliance with the rule.

    Are we then still required to support a candidate for President who claims an exemption from the rule while we are held to the rule. I think not. It is our responsibility to police our own. Something the elites of our Party refuse to do. It is our responsibility to withdrawal support and in no uncertain terms.

    Would we have been expected to support David Duke when he ran and won, as a Republican, a seat in the Louisiana Legislature. In many ways Senator McCain presents a far greater danger to the Party and Country than David Duke ever did.

    Party loyalty over loyalty to Country completely misses the mark. This is the great failing of the Republican elites.

  5. Charlie Conservative says

    “Peter Principal” in effect here Keen. The worst the Party has to offer has been promoted to the top. God help us.

  6. If any of you have read my last post, I would certainly appreciate your thoughts on the subject. More importantly, I would really appreciate your attempt to convince me that I am wrong about the dangers we face and my assessment of the ramifications of a McCain presidency vis-a-vis those dangers.

    I must say that it scares the hell out of me that no one has even tried. Maybe its because you think I’m crazy, but believe me when I say this is one of those (rare) times when I hope someone convinces me I’m wrong.

    Even more scary however is the fact that everyone I’ve talked with outside of this thread seems to becoming to the same conclusion I have. Those people are already fully committed to working against McCain’s bid for the White House. A handfull of them are fully ready to vote for the democratic candidate if that’s what it takes to keep him out.

    Those of us opposing McCain aren’t traitors or suicidal jihidi’s. And though some of us (like Mr. Haney) may be starting from different historical perspectives, I think many of us have arrived at the same conclusion – McCain will be as disasterous for the nation (and therefore the party) as any democrat you can name. The only significant difference between voting for him or for them is which party will take the blame.

    I think we’re making a much more realistic sober assessment of our country’s situation and the impact this election might have on the course of history. Thank God for the internet and its ability to allow us to exchange ideas freely (for now).

    By the way, if McCain-Feingold was OK with our esteemed Senator, can we also expect him to support the “Fairness Doctrine” given the way talk radio has opposed his personal aspirations? I’ve always believed that no true American hero would attack our right to freedom of speech – seems I may have been wrong about that one.

    Or not.


  7. nightcrawler says


    I will have more to say after Tuesday. I agree with you on McCain-Feingold. If John McCain becomes our clear nominee tomorrow, which I am not convinced will be the case, then the discussion about him versus a Dem will need to take place in earnest. As a Republican, I will and you should, support him..

    A sneak preview..By voting for a Dem over McCain:

    1) You throw out troops in Iraq under a bus and weaken our standing in the international community.

    2) You cut you own throat as a businessman as heavy regulations force you as an employer to provide expensive healthcare to every employee. You tax breaks have now evaporated.

    3) The size of government will increase dramatically as the check and balances disappear.

    4) 2nd amendment ? Better off ?

    5) Sanctity of Life ? Marriage ? Better off ?

    6) Immigration policies will be far more liberal. Driver’s licenses for every illegal. The demographic groundswell will become so big that the GOP won’t win another Presidential election in decades.

    More to come after Tuesday. Reality check time.

  8. Tim Richardson says

    McCain: “I’ll rely on people to judge me by the company that I keep. ”

    John McCain said that at the GOP debate two days ago (Jan 30,2008).
    Look at the company John McCain keeps:
    Russ Feingold.
    Teddy Kennedy.
    Lindsay Grahamnesty.
    Juan „Mexico First/Free Flow‰ Hernandez.
    Jerry „Spanish first‰ Perenchio.
    Geraldo Rivera.
    La Raza.
    Charles Keating.
    John Kerry.
    The New York Times.

  9. Native David says

    I too am a very new PC, from LD11. I am a mid-term appointment. Rob Haney came to my office and gave me a thorough interview. I pulled no punches. I gave my true opinion on the issues. I did not align lock step with all of his positions, including parts of issues that are clearly “biggies” of his, but he chose to appoint me anyway. I have great respect for Mr. Haney despite our differences. Mr. Haney is NOT simply packing LD11 with automatons. LD11 has intelligent, free thinking people in its membership who are proud, patriotic Americans concerned with shepharding our Constitution through these tumultuous times.

    When Rob was circulating 3 petitions at the MCRC Mandatory Meeting, I signed 2 of them and chose not to sign the 3rd.

    Rob made it very clear to me right off the bat where he stood on McCain. I have not forgotten who were members of the Keating 5. I have voted against McCain in primaries when possible, but I will not vote for a Democrat over McCain.

    I have got to hope that McCain’s “left-leaning” seemingly to broaden his base at the (hopefully temporary) peril of conservative values solely for the purpose of self promotion (see Benedict Arnold story above-nice analogy) will adjust to the right again after his inauguration, if that’s where this ends. Foolish hope? Only time will tell. But vote for Hillary or Obama? Not a chance.

    If McCain wins the nomination after today, Mr. Haney will not propose the resolution (to support/not oppose the THEN nominee). But until then, he has the right, even the obligation, to fight for who he thinks is the best candidate. Opposing McCain vigorously all the way up to the moment if and/or when McCain becomes the nominee, is “the process.” That includes before and after the Arizona primary, until the nominee is determined.

    I will vote for Romney today, and plan to vote for Romney for president. If McCain is the nominee, McCain is OUR nominee. You should have worked harder for Hunter/Tancredo. What more could YOU have done to get one of them on the ticket? YOU didn’t do it. Support the party.

  10. The Maricopa County PCs might want to look at the outcome of the election then look in the mirror and ask themselves who they represent. It sure isn’t Republican voters.

  11. Game, Set, & Match!

  12. Hello everyone,

    I want to point out that just because many of us will not support McCain for President, does not mean that we are not looking out for the best interests of both the party and the nation.

    From a practical point of veiw, McCain’s economic agenda will do as much damage to the economy as will that of the democrats. The differences will seem insignificant when standing in the rubble. Senator “I know nothing about the economy”, Senator “I’m all for destructive global warming anti-economy legislation”, will WRECK the economy and OUR party will quite rightly be blamed for it.

    After 8 years of GW, and 4 years of McCain’s economic horror, the American people will be in no mood to put another Republican in the White House. So you McCain supporters will effectively handing the nation over to what could be an even more liberal nightmare than Hillary Clinton.

    You’ll be relinquishing Republican leadership on the economic recovery at a time when Republican leadership will be needed most. You’ll be handing liberal democrats control of the war effort at a time when we’ll be more vunerable because our attention and resources will be diverted inward to the economy. How do YOU justify doing that?

    There is no way as a conservative, as a Republican, or as an American I’ll help bring on the catastrophy of a McCain presidency. We’ll survive 4 years of Clinton/Obama; I’m not nearly as confident we’ll survive the aftermath of 4 years of McCain.

  13. That was a very nicely worded Anti McCain Resolution. IF you want one that is a bit more energetic, here tis…….


  14. Its awful when you’re in that hole with depression, but I believe you can climb out of it, its a long journey but boy is it worth it, as the suffering and the experience in the long term becomes an asset. Would you agree?

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