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Have You Seen Me?

Recently it has come to the attention of many Arizona conservative activists and tea party members that there are a number of Teachers Union candidates posing as Republicans in our legislative races — make no mistake about it, these are Trojan Horse candidates…also known as “Democrats in Disguise”, or “DID’s” for short.  They are supported by the Arizona Educational Association, Teach for America, the ASU bureaucracy and most administrative organizations.

Parents who choose Christian schooling, online education, charters, secular private schools and home schooling should be particularly alarmed because these DID candidates are instinctively opposed to expanding school choice.

These chameleon candidates have been emboldened by the passage of a $3 Billion tax hike; also known as Proposition 100. Their plan is to cross the tax hike threshold by planting DIDs in a few heavily Republican districts.  Voters will be fooled into thinking they are voting for a fiscally Republican conservative, but they aren’t, and by the time they’d find out who these candidates really are – the damages will have already been done. The Arizona Republic and Citizens for Tax Justice ( claimed that Arizonans want to pay higher taxes, but the elected representatives in the legislature weren’t listening. So, this is their plan to implore candidates to vote for higher taxes for public education.

Their website ( says nothing about better education, just higher taxes. In fact here is a snipit from a “blogger” on their  “Expect More Blog” by a supposed small buisiness owner:

“As a small business owner I believe we, the taxpayers of Arizona, should invest heavily in our public education system.  In fact, I am willing to step up and pay more in personal and business taxes so that we can hire the best teachers, build modern infrastructure and attract the most innovative and brilliant leaders…”

If successful, this group will turn the Arizona Legislature into a tax hike playground.  Most of the DIDs are teachers and school board members who are registered as Republicans but carry the platform of the teachers union and the Democratic Party. Make no mistake, these are NOT TRUE REPUBLICANS!

The Vote 4 Education DIDs generally file their petition signatures close to the deadline, and are running as traditionally funded candidates. Most have had no prior visible involvement in Republican Party politics and many are unknown to local Republican activists. Contrary to Conservative Republican views, they are proud supporters of government run education.  Many of these fake Republicans have endorsements from the infrastructure spending lobby, and have received significant PAC donations after the campaign finance filing deadlines so as to delay full disclosure to potential voters.

Take, for example, Heather Carter, Clinical Associate Professor at Arizona State University in the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College and now Republican House candidate in Legislative District 7 that touts she is registered Republican since 1988 and is a “A REPUBLICAN EDUCATOR WHO IS PRO BUSINESS” on her website.  Carter has stated she was for Prop 100, against tax limiting Prop 13 Arizona, and for more taxpayer money for schools.  She talks about balancing the state budget and fiscal responsibility, but no where can we see that she is about lowering taxes. More taxpayer funds (meaning increased taxes) and pro-business are two phrases that just don’t go hand-in-hand on a Republican ticket. She claims to have more than $20,000 in PAC donations and has teachers and union members working on her campaign, going door to door on her behalf.

Carter is currently involved with Teach for America in the education department at ASU.  She is closely linked with the education lobby. Her website shows endorsements from the Arizona Education Association teachers union, the Professional Firefighters of Arizona PAC, and the big government advocates at the Phoenix Chamber of Commerce.

Dr. Craig Barton, former Professor at Ottawa University and University of Phoenix and now Republican House candidate in LD 7, is also a Vote 4 Education supporter.  Barton operates charter schools which depend on tax revenue to operate.  If elected, Barton will be able to vote more money to his and other charter schools.  Barton says he supports Prop 100 yet signed Grover Norquist’s Americans for Tax Reform ( pledge not to raise taxes.

Note: LD7 Heather Carter and LD6’s David Braswell have teamed up for a fundraiser sponsored by the teacher’s union, on 22 July.   This needs to be exposed.  Quickly.  Voters need to know what they stand for, and who they really are.

Legislative Districts 6, 8, 10, 11, 21 and 22 all have known DIDs running for legislative seats.  The following candidates should be heavily scrutinized before the primary elections as all of them are suspected DID’s. Each one can potentially hold up a conservative reform agenda; not just educational reform, but tax and budget cuts.

  • David Braswell, LD6 Senate
  • Karen Fann, LD1 House
  • Venessa Whitener, LD21 House
  • Paul Howell, LD22 House
  • Steve Urie, LD22 House
  • Wade McLean, LD26 House
  • Doug Sposito, LD30 House

The Arizona Education Association claims 81% of its members believe the State Legislature is the biggest obstacle to achieving success in our schools.  All they need is more of your hard earned money. They say the legislature is standing in the way of their “success”. If you vote for one of their candidates you are moving us one step closer to a 2/3 majority in the legislature required to raise your taxes. Vote 4 Education is nothing more than a Vote 4 Higher Taxes plain and simple, and these candidates are aware of this. They are fooling the Arizona public into thinking that they are fiscal Republicans only because they know they would have no chance at winning an election as a Democrat in these districts. Do not be fooled. Please spread the word.


  1. Heather Carter is the worst, we should all be wary of her. Can’t figure out why she ran as a Republican, because she is more liberal than Janet Napolitano.

  2. The North Phoenix Tea Party has been investigating these DIDs for about two weeks now and we can add to this list Amanda Reeves the appointed representative from LD 6 who is seeking relection. She also has received upwards to $20k from these pro education (Teacher’s Unions advocates) sources. Vote against her. We will continue to ‘out’ these ‘DID’s as we find them. It should be noted that the Republican State Chairman Randy Pullan whom we suspect knows the names of all of these candidates refuses to release them…he is pro tax (Prop 100), and apparently pro Teacher’s Unions (and by association pro Public Service Employee’s Unions) by these actions.

  3. PV Conservative says

    Geez Wes, you write for the AZ Republic or something? We “suspect” that Randy Pullen, the State GOP Chairman, knows the names of all of the liberal candidates and he “refuses” to release them? He is “apparently” pro Teacher’s Unions AND “by association” pro-SEIU by these “actions”?

    Wow. So first you think its the job of the Republican chairman to “out” candidates who you don’t like. Then, based merely on your suspicion, you smear him as pro-union twice, the second time based on an association to the first time which was “apparent” and based on your suspicion?

    And when you say that Pullen “refuses to release” these names, do you mean that the North Phoenix Tea Party has actually asked him to do so and he has refused?

    What a horribly constructed smear job Wes.

  4. This is a very good clarification for voters who aren’t familiar with these newbies.

    When in doubt, if a candidate even murmurs increasing school funding to improve schools, fuggettaboutit. The schools have HAD the funding, are getting the funding over everyone else’s demands and STILL the scores are falling, every year the graduating class is less qualified, keeping Arizona’s human potential chained to the bottom of AMerican school achievement. It’s not about “education,” it’s about take-home benefits. Greedy adults are selling out the next generation.

  5. Trueconservative says

    Where does it say that a teacher and career educator can’t be conservative? I grew up in such a household, and remain a staunch conservative. All the heresay is this article is alarming, and I challange the author to pick up the phone and call Dr. Carter. I’ve seen her hand out cards with her cell phone number and invite such queries. To assail someone who has been a Rebublican for 22 years as a Democrat in Disguise is a very petty thing to do, and the author should be ashamed of themself.

  6. Trueconservative, I couldn’t agree with you more. I posted yesterday that I felt that Dr. Carter was a great candidate with small business experience and first-hand knowledge about what is broken in our education system. That she has the endorsement of the teacher’s union should be of no concern to conservatives. The fact that, as a conservative republican, she has managed to be able to work within the constraints of this union and not ostracize herself should be lauded, not condemned. We need people in office with the skills to move their agenda forward amongst others with vastly different ideologies.

  7. OH please. Carter is a union stooge. She’s bought-and-paid-for by the teacher’s union, Veridus, R and R consulting, and other left-leaning lobbyists.

    She’ll hold up any spending cuts that help the state to defend bloated educational bureaucracies.

    She’s a bureaucrat herself, at ASU. She’s in charge of Teach for America, Obama’s fav program!

    Carter is a Trojan Horse. She doens’t even rise to the level of RINO — she’s a Democrat, inside and out.

    Any true conservative will see through her in New York second.

  8. As this site proves, ignorance is contagious, and actively spread by those infected.

  9. Just one more example of rhetoric over reality.

  10. The Arizona Republic – not exactly the source to which most Republicans turn for advice! – endorsed two candidates Legislative District 7. One of these is Mr Coskun, a young man eager above all for his own advancement who lacks not only principles but the modicum of intelligence needed to adopt them; his candidacy is the brainchild of the increasingly interesting Ms. Barto, who also is endorsed by the Republic. Not long ago Mr Coskun told me that when he is in Mexico on business he makes a point of not telling people there he is from Arizona but from Utah! (Ms Barto also too part in this conversation.) And this is the man we want in the legislature?
    The Republic also endorsed Ms. Carter, a lackey of the teachers’ union, who lacks the integrity to address the dismal failures of our educational system and who, like The Republic and like the teachers’ union (and Ms Barto), thinks illegal immigration is nothing to get too excited about. Ms Carter is a Trojan Horse in the Republican party. She is neither a conservative nor a real Republican, but the kind of Republican The Arizona Republic, the unions and Democrats would like to see elected.
    The obvious choice for LD 7 us of course Kristen Burroughs. She is a friend, to be sure, but I commend her to the voters of this district for her integrity and character, for the remarkable power of her intelligence, and for her ability to understand the significance of complicated data. She is, without question, extraordinarily capable and will surely be one of the stars of the Arizona legislature if, as we all expect, she is elected in November. In the House she will persuade others to support her initiatives aimed at bringing about tax reform that will invigorate the Arizona economy; and she will press for real educational reform, which in her book means putting an end to the harmful reign of our state’s educrats, that bloated and harmful educational bureaucracy — hardly if at all distinguishable from the teachers’ union – which in the past decade has increased the state’s educational expenses by nearly 40% while lowering our kids’ educational standards by 2%.

  11. Have you all gone mad? Since when did supporting educating our children become non-republican or non-conservative? Get a clue, it costs money to educate our kids and I am all for it. True Republicans my buttocks. You who support this kind of messaging about education are just plain crazy.

  12. RealityCheck says

    The last thing we need is a bunch of union teachers running the state legislature.

    We need legislators that understand econonmics and capital formation, not how to teach 2nd graders to sing a song.

    Heather Carter put an “R” behind her name and then got in bed with the teachers union. Shame on you.

    No RINOS. No DIDs.

  13. I definitely like Burroughs in this race – intelligent, conservative, and a very pragmatic candidate. I’m not sure who else to support at this time, but as of now, I’m going to single shot her in the Primary.

  14. AEA Republican says

    As one of the more than 8,000 Republican members of the Arizona Education Association I am appalled by the implication in your post. To suggest that you cannot stand up for the interests of the over 1 million children who addend public schools in Arizona and be a Republican is repulsive. The candidates you identified are not “DID’s” as you call them. Dave Braswell was chosen to by Republican Party precinct committeemen to be one of the names forwarded for appointment the Senate seat he now holds. Doug Sposito was also nominated by our party to fill a vacated house seat. A small business owner and rancher in southern Arizona, Doug was also Chair of his legislative district. To suggest that they are not true Republicans is insulting.

    I have been an educator for 11 years but I have been a Republican for 20. I firmly believe in the concept of limited government. But that government must be effective. Many of our current Republican legislators have failed us on that account. If they do not wish to provide for effective governance, including public education as called for in the Arizona Constitution, then the have no business being in government.

  15. RealityCheck says

    AEA Republican, REAL Republicans promote school choice, competition and free markets. Not government monopolies.

    Heather Carter is strongly against school choice. Here are Carter’s positions as given to the Cave Creek Support our Schools group, a high tax advocacy group. See if you can find a single conservative position in Carter’s answers and then try to add up all the additional taxes needed to pay for her “ABSOLUTELY” must have ideas.

  16. mark rosin says

    RE: Keith Sipmann’s statement “Can’t be a Republican and Support Public Education”

    Polls have indicated that 80% of teachers nationwide are Republican.
    Apparently, Mr. Sipmann is not well informed of the Republican constituency.

  17. AEA admits that of the 35,000 members, only 8,000 are Republican.

  18. AEA Republican, everything you just stated as a point in your response was in fact exactly what is wrong with our party. Braswell voted for Prop 100, is a McCain supporter, etc. We do not need more RHINO’s or DID’s in public office. They are whats wrong with the party. Proof is in the pudding, not in the letter after their name.

  19. AEA Republican says


    I have worked at a well-run charter school, and attended a private high school. I am all for school choice. Fortunately, living in Arizona I have the choice to sent my children to our neighborhood public school, any number of public charter schools, any public school in another district that is accepting open enrollment, or any private school that will accept them and that we can afford. My family does not lack from the right of choice. What I do not have is the “right” to expect the government to pay for my choice to put my children in a private school. Unfortunately this is what I think you mean by “school choice”. Your version would constitute a huge expansion of the state budget and a massive intrusion into the private sector. Currently there are about 80,000 students in Arizona attending private schools or being home schooled. If they were all to receive a tax credit/voucher for $4500, that would be a $360 million dollar increase to government spending. And if you think the money would come without strings attached, your fooling yourself.

  20. @mark rosin

    I don’t see where that was said in the blog posting. But what I did see was “More taxpayer funds (meaning increased taxes) and pro-business are two phrases that just don’t go hand-in-hand on a Republican ticket.” – which makes sense. Conservatives are against tax increases. Ever heard of the tea party movement?

    What polls are you referring to that indicated most reachers are Republican? Based on what Q just stated, your figures are wrong.

  21. I must say I’ve learned a few things today. For example, I never knew that being a Republican and supporting schools is mutually exclusive…fortunately I’m an Independent so I guess I’m off the hook. I’ve also learned that, somewhat to my surprise, the Democrats posting here are very well versed in the James Carville school of smear tactics, and have quite a toolbox of acronyms they use to label the Republican’s with, and in particular Dr. Carter. Trojan Horse, DID, RINO (I don’t even know what RINO means!), Union Stooge, bought and paid for by lobbyist’s, etc. Really people? I bet you have never even as much as met Dr. Carter, let alone have any evidence of any of these accusations.
    I guess now we know what becomes of the ‘mean girls’ in junior high who spread rumors to try make others look bad in the false hope that this will somehow make them look better.

  22. AEA Republican says

    If your contention is that anyone who advocates the state should collect enough revenue to meet its moral and constitutional obligations or that works with a member of the opposite party cannot be considered a Republican, you have doomed the GOP. The Republican Party is just that, a political party not ideological cause. The purpose of the party is to unite people with common principles in a political endeavor. However, if you so narrowly define the principles that only a few people will join, the party will lack the strength to achieve anything of consequence.

  23. Such a load of trash from the “real republicans” I was a R for 31 years, finally gave up due to the non thinking, irrationality running rampant within the R party. Currently an Independent, thus am allowed to think for my self. I personally know several of the candidates that have been trashed, and can testify that most all the stuff printed is garbage from the non-thinking, low ability right wing of the so-called conservative (what a laugh) party. Having been in Arizona for 37 years I can also testify that the Majority Party since 1979 has contributed to and fostered the current finicial crisis we enjoy in the state. I recommend readers of this blog take the vitriolic garbage as a recommendation for the named candidates. Anyone who spreds that crap must be very much afraid of the great candidates. I plan to vote the Republican Primary and will vote for any of the people on the hit list, and encourage other thinking people to at least vote against the inept thinkers that are incumbents. Doug Sposito, congratulations for making the hit list. You definitely will be getting votes from Independents. Thanks for standing for election.

  24. @MfgMan, You think the author is a Democrat? Think again!! ROFL!!

    Arizona voters have been duped before with the “its for the children” message. These candidates are claiming to be one thing, and in fact are something completely different.

    How can a candidate run around campaigning that he/she is a fiscal conservative…that wants to raise taxes? There are other ways to fix the budget and fund education.

    @AEA, don’t even get me started on the moral and constitutional obligation of the state. You’re opening a huge can of worms there.

  25. I know that the authors weren’t Democrats, but I would have never expected the far right to vilify someone simply because they didn’t think that they were Republican enough…

  26. I personally have met some of these candidates. Some have are educators and are conservative. They aren’t pretending to be Republicans either. They are well educated, public educated mind you and very well spoken.
    What in the world do you think would happen to this state, this country without public education? We would become a 3rd world-type nation. Christian schools, home schools, charter schools, private schools, and public schools all give the public a choice. Most people can’t afford private schools, get a clue. And if indeed we began to put public education as a top priority perhaps we wouldn’t have to put so much into our prison system. And the guy that talks about teaching 2nd graders to sing a song, come on down to a second grade or any other grade for a day or a week. Trust me, you’ll be exhausted by the end of the day. I’m a 2nd grade teacher and I can tell you that our days are filled with curriculum and not much down time. You can thank a teacher for being able to use the internet, read, and become a productive citizen. The AEA isn’t going to roll over, it’s going to continue to stand up for the rights of our children and the teaching profession. And I am proud to be one of them.

  27. RealityCheck says

    The lefties are sure upset that their devious plot was uncovered. Fun to watch the cheaters act indignant when caught.

    Down with DIDs.

    Let honesty prevail.

  28. David in Tucson says

    I am a public school teacher, I taught in one of the largest charter schools in Tucson, and I taught in a private school. I believe in all of them. My four children attended private schools , two of them also attended charter schools, and three of them attended public schools. They benefited from all three. I am a Republican. I am opposed to Obama on every issue. I have not joined a Tea Party, but I am supportive. I do belong to the local teachers’ union, and I speak my conservative mind. I do not approve of AEA’s involvement with political issues unrelated to education. I mostly support the local union. Public schools in Arizona exist and therefore must be funded appropriately. Private schools are private because they don’t want interference from the government, and in my opinion, need no special favors from the state. Charter schools are a good idea. Now, someone tell me I’m not a Republican because I support public education. Get real. I really like Jonathan Paton and will support him for Congress. I wasn’t happy with his position on education in the state senate, but I agree with him on everything else. I would call this open mindedness on my part. Is that against Republican rules?

  29. Avajon Fraizer says

    I am a teacher, a Republican and I belong to the GUEA,AEA and NEA.

    These organizations (or unions as you call them) work very hard on behalf of every child to get them the best resources available to give them an education that they will need to survive in the U.S. and world economy. Teachers are in the business of education not politics. However, we have to go to the political arena to fight for every dime for our schools children and teachers. I would venture to say that most of you who speak badly about education were all educated in a “PUBLIC SCHOOL”.

    Teachers have become parents, nurses, psychologist, refrees and wonder who has a gun in their backpack everyday. We show up any way because we are committed to teach and help every child find their potential.

    I challenge anyone to walk in my shoes for a day and say we have an easy job. Before you continue to bad mouth our professional associations find out the facts first.

  30. There you go again…its all about the children isn’t it.

    @Avajon Fraizer says:

    “Teachers have become parents, nurses, psychologist, refrees and wonder who has a gun in their backpack everyday. We show up any way because we are committed to teach and help every child find their potential.”

    You have got to be kidding me!! In no way shape or form is it the responsibility of a teacher to be any of those. Don’t you understand that is the problem here. It’s the liberals in charge at the top that have made you and the school administrations think that way. Your responsibility is to teach, not parent my child. Thats my job and my responsibility.

  31. David in Tucson says

    There you go again…it’s about the liberals, isn’t it?

    @ Mark:

    “You have got to be kidding me!! In no way shape or form is it the responsibility of a teacher to be any of those. Don’t you understand that is the problem here. It’s the liberals in charge at the top that have made you and the school administrations think that way. Your responsibility is to teach, not parent my child. Thats my job and my responsibility.”

    Yes, it is the parents’ responsibility to parent their children. Nobody “at the top” has made me think that I have to play the parts Avajon Frazier speaks of. It is, rather, a very “liberated” society that has caused parents to shirk their responsibilities. Yes, I blame the liberals, and I don’t disagree that the NEA is liberal-leaning, but NEA has not caused the mess in the schools. Charter schools face the same issues with students. I would prefer to have pro-education Republicans in the state legislature. You accuse teachers of blindly following a pied piper (NEA/AEA), but it sure looks like you are blindly following your own.

  32. That is truly the problem with our party, parents are not taking responsibility for the needs of parenting their children. Mark, get a clue and spend some real time observing in a real classroom versus your “fairy tale.” Teachers sadly are required to do way more than just teaching children the “basics.”

    Where is the parent accountability?

    Choice is a good thing, let’s meet the needs of all children as research will show “one size does not fit all” however education should be properly funded if we want an educated workforce.

    Yikes, if we were all educated then . . . we might actually have enough commons sense to know that the author of this article might have IBS along with his supporters.

    I believe strongly that we need to be investing in our future workforce as well as ensuring accountability measures are in place for doing so. We need to be able to attract the right people into education in the first place and the only way to do that is to make this occupation attractable to the “best and brightest!”

  33. ………………..
    “These organizations (or unions as you call them) work very hard on behalf of every child to get them the best resources available to give them an education that they will need to survive in the U.S. and world economy. Teachers are in the business of education not politics.”

    1) American students are NOT getting an education that they will need to survive in the US and the world economy.
    The ITBS tests PROVE year after year that US students don’t make the developed nations rankings and are ranked behind several less developed nations. A well-funded disgrace. American students are already lagging by 2nd grade in necessary skills and fall further behind every year. It’s a DISASTER.

    2) Not political? Then why are teachers coaching kids to sing songs to Obama, write fawning flattery to Obama, get “community service hours” for marching in blatently political parading, recite Earth Day drivel, “recycle” which is simply trash picking, sit the class in front of the Disney cartoon POCAHONTAS which made the 10 year old Pocahontas a forest babe for surfer boy John Smith for Pilgrim study, reqwrite textbooks to give a PAGE to Democrat Rep. Patricia Schroeder of CO, and two sentences to GEORGE WASHINGTON, and then send home three hours of incomprehensible homwework for parents to figure out how to teach their kids?

    NONE of this is an exaggeration. The American public school and pathetically most of the private school system is politics first, and that would be DEMOCRAT PARTY POLITICS, “facilitation” second and sports – because SPORTS is the only thing that still requires verifiable winning outcomes.

    Education today in America is ALL about union priorities in take home pay and benefits, NOT about the adult responsibility to educate the next generation.

    The idiocy of this idoicy is these people who are short-changing the next generation do not even have a basic survival instinct – they are going to HAVE TO rely on these ill-educated know-nothings to take care of them when they are retired and aged.
    Fat chance.

  34. At what point will public (district) schools be “adequately funded”?

    Based on some research I recently did, in 1910 public schools typically spent about $20/yr/pupil. Typical wages were about $0.20/hr. That works out to 100 hrs.

    Today in Arizona they spend about $9000/yr/pupil. Typical wages are about $15/hr. That works out to 600 hrs. (This is one reason low-wage immigrants cause a greater fiscal burden on other taxpayers than they did 100 yrs ago.)

    So we’re spending (adjusting for wage inflation) 6 times as much as we did in 1910. I believe it is about 3 times as much as we did in 1960. How much will be enough? 8x? 10x? 15x? Are the results 6x better?

  35. I just read where the US has dropped from first place to 12th in the number of post secondary degree holders. Canada is first. Being conservative shouldn’t mean being stupid. Supporting our education system from preK through higher education brings in more businesses to our state and in the end lower tax rates. Keeping our children dumbed down costs much more. Pro education and conservative go together!

  36. PJ Pokey says

    Shame on you above if you buy into this article. Both parties should support public education. It is the key to our country’s success. Our education system is based on the belief that we will educate ALL the children in America. So the test score argument is an old one and very skewed. What countries are you comparing the US system to? You are comparing oranges to apples because so many countries don’t offer an education to ALL their children. The argument that teachers who advocate for benefits and salary are not interested in their students is also a tired old argument. I am a teacher and one of the 8000 Republican Union Members in AZ. We who advocate for a decent salary and benefits are the only higher educated profession who is scrutinized for wanting their wages to equal their education and level of work. I strive each year like so many of my colleagues to improve my teaching skills to make sure I am meeting the needs of my students. We may only be in their “places of work” for 10 months, but wetake their work home 365 days a year and 24 hours a day.The hours put into teaching in 10 months is equivalent to several years of working 9-5 in the business world. We just have to get it all done in 185 day instead of 260 days a year. The sarcasm from Reality Check above and his statement that “We need legislators that understand econonmics and capital formation, not how to teach 2nd graders to sing a song” is ironic because a teacher of economics and a teacher of history have to understand economics and capital formation in order to teach it to their students. These students then go on to choose careers in these fields….. So indeed, a “teacher” would be a great representative. As a registered republican and teacher, I am tired of these old arguments and it is time to truly reflect on our system of funding and support for education in this state. We need pro-education R and D in office. We need to be responsible and accountable for our actions and spending in education and government. I am proud to vote for Republicans who support public education because if we don’t, AZ will continue to lag behind the country and the world. As adults, we will pay the price for a generation of poorly educated students.

  37. PJ Pokey Says:

    “based on the belief that we will educate ALL the children in America.”

    Does that include those that are here illegally, who don’t speak english, that require additional social programs to survive in America, costing taxpayers millions of dollars?

  38. Jill Arizona says

    One of these guys used to be my school principal, lol.

  39. For the benefit of the uninformed, a policy referred to as “en loco parentis” Latin for
    “in place of the parent” has been around since 1828 since the first public school were started. The courts have upheld this policy, that since public education is “mandatory” then the school system must care for the student as if they were the parent. That means the school is responsible from the time the child steps out of their home until they return to their home at the end of the day. This may explain why the teacher is the; parent, nurse, counselor, psychritist, baby sitter and on and on, and even teacher.

  40. Education unions represent teachers – not students! Their function is to improve pay and working conditions for teachers – not to help students learn better.

    That is not necessarily bad since they are labor unions. However, we don’t look at other unions and think their primary purpose is to benefit the customers of the organizations their members work for.

    The primary purpose of teachers unions is to get more taxpayer money into the hands of teachers. That’s why many Republicans who want quality education for students are concerned about unions controlling the legislature and using that control to funnel money from taxpayers to their members and leaders.

    If we moved to a system where almost all public education was accomplished by charter schools funded by a standard per student financial payment, then I think we would see education quality rise while costs actually decreased. Good teachers would be able to make more money than they currently do. Bad teachers would either make much less or would have to find a new line of work. Failing schools would go out of business instead of continuing to limp along continuing to damage students with tax money.

    Robust competition in education will help improve it as is true in all industries. Public schools with their taxing authority and capital budgets already have more money than charter schools per pupil and don’t deliver better results.

    If we had grocery stores operated like public schools with districting, boards of “groceries” running the stores, taxpayer funding of “free” grocery stores with options for people to pay their own money to go to private grocery stores, we would have the same problems with grocery stores that we have with education. There would be fewer choices, worse customer service, and higher overall costs. Providing groceries would be a political football instead of an economic activity. Yet, advocating for free enterprise in groceries does not mean one is against children getting food. In the same way, dismantling the public school systems and shifting mostly to either charter schools or vouchers (within the limits of the state constitution) does not mean someone is against education.

    In fact, since free enterprise would provide a better education for most students at a lower cost, those advocating for more competition and privatization in public schools can be considered pro education. Those who favor dumping more money into public schools should be regarded as putting the interests of the education bureaucracy before the education of students.

  41. Jonathan Massey says

    While I can’t speak for most of these candidates, I can speak up for Paul Howell and Venessa Whitener. I personally know Paul and I’ve had email communication with Venessa. Unless you want the Republican Party to just be a fringe group on the far-Right, these two are ROCK SOLID Republicans.

    Listening to some of the rhetoric above, I doubt if Ronald Reagan could pass muster as a Republican today. I came of age politically as what William Safire called a Reaganaut, and my first two presidential votes were cast for Ronnie. I’m also proud to have cast my last presidential vote for John McCain.

    It’s also sad for me to see the ongoing assault on public education. Somewhere along the line, many conservatives have lost the message of INDIVIDUAL RESPONSIBILITY and FAMILY VALUES. As a public high school teacher, I have never seen students who are disciplined to work and have a desire to succeed academically NOT get an excellent education. And I have never seen students with parents who make education their children’s number one priority NOT succeed. No Child Left Behind found its genesis in Ted Kennedy-style liberalism that believes the state can dictate outcomes in people’s lives. It’s closely related to Johnson’s War on Poverty in the 1960s. Barack Obama’s Race to the Top is closely related. George W. Bush made a terrible mistake signing onto the Democratic agenda in 2000.

    It’s time to wake up about charter schools and private schools. On average, they do no better job educating children than traditional public schools. And, in fact, many charter schools in our state are absolute jokes and veritable diploma mills.

  42. If charter and private schools just do as good a job as public schools, then they do a better job because they cost less for the same quality.

    Although some charter schools may be jokes and diploma mills, the same can certainly be said of public schools. The difference is that charter schools like that will only stay in business if parents put up with them – otherwise they lose all of their funding when parents register their children in a different school. Public schools, though, keep going on whether they are good or bad because they get capital funding, larger student transportation subsidies, and have direct taxing authority.

  43. CJ Grimes says

    I have been a Republican my whole life, and I’m an 8th generation teacher! Remember, politicians, good ones and bad ones, would not be where they are today if it wasn’t for teachers. Did the President really create (or solve) the fiscal problem, or was it Congress? We had Republicans, now we have Democrats…does the Party matter, or is it the principles of the person? Yes education takes a large part of our budget, but we have to look at the WHOLE picture…how money is spent, what laws are created, how the election of a person will impact our future. That’s what the teacher unions have to consider too.

  44. Teacher unions vote Democrat.
    A symbiotic relationship that drives costs thru the roof with no corresponding rise in academic achievement.

  45. Well I see that Keith’s outing of Vote4Education crowd and my comments have created a great deal of pros and cons on this ‘movement’ to increase our taxes for the benifit, in my opinion, of the Teacher’s Unions and not the teachers and especially our children. I find it interesting that those with reasonable arguments on either side of this issue do so under their own names. Those with unreasonable (propaganda)hide behind some fictious name so they cannot be held accountable. That, my friends, is cowardly! If you say it, say it with pride and stand up to what you say with your actual name otherwise, from my point of view, anything you print…no matter how long or well thought out…I will not read because it comes from someone who is afraid to be identified by or for it.

    As to the arguments that we should not ‘out’ those running under a false banner and that teachers have rights, I disagree with the former and defend the latter. Honesty prevails in all things…running under a false banner is not honest. Teachers have the same rights as the rest of us, without question. Most teachers are the salt of the earth and I always want to promote their welfare because they are the backbone of our society. But the facts are clear that Teacher’s Unions are self serving and many, if not all, School Districts are interested more in the money they can collect than the quality of the education they dispense. Teachers are also infiltrated with left leaning individuals who’s motives are in passing on their individual beliefs rather than a balanced education. This is wrong. All of us are entitled to our personal beliefs, but those who force those beliefs upon the uneducated commit the worst of offenses. Look at our halls for higher learning, as an example…do you really think people like Bill Ayers should be teaching our children? Hardly!

    Finally, if you have an opinion I will love to hear it…but not if you do not stand up and defend your beliefs using your own name! By the way, this is not a Republican or Democrat thing…it is an American thing and the sooner we start thinking about our country and not about some political party, the better we will all be. That is why the Tea Parties have become what they are today…representing up to 29% of our voting population. Believe it and join it to make a change that is real not one that was promised by some self serving Democrat and before him, a Republican. There is no real difference…the Tea Party will make the difference!

  46. Paul Strauss says

    Wesley, you say this should not be a Republican or a Democrat issue – and I whole-heartedly agree with you – and yet so many anti-Carter posters are accusing her of running under a “false banner” in that she cannot be a real Republican. Basically I take that as a personal insult as I am a teacher, I am a member of the Arizona Education Association and I am a Republican. For some reason the common thread in this blog is that those three things cannot go together.

    It is funny how the self-imposed “true” Republicans seems to have huge issues with the AEA in that they are just self-serving, money-grubbing union thugs. But the same is not said of the Arizona Police Association or the Professional Fire Fighters of Arizona and yet we are all professional associations – not unions. Yes the AEA does lobby, among a lot of other things, for pay increases for teachers. But EVERY single local and national poll I have ever seen says the vast majority of people in the country believe that teachers are underpaid. So why is this an evil thing for the AEA to work on changing? But even with $1 billion in education cuts over the last couple of years the teachers have never gone on strike and always try to do what is right for our students.

    So many “true” Republicans love to spout off about how much better charter and private school test scores are and that they can do a better job for less money. That is laughable for the very fact that charter and private schools do not have to take everybody who comes through their doors. They can ignore those students with severe developmental problems, non-English speakers, extreme autism, learning disabilities – which are just a few groups of students who actually cost a lot more to educate.

    I am one of the few people posting comments on this blog who has actually sat down and talked with Heather Carter. I know for a fact that she does want education reform because she knows there are many problems in our public schools. But because she was a teacher she is uniquely qualified to know that true reform does not mean cutting the education budget. She has solid plans in wanting to hold school districts AND TEACHERS accountable for raising test scores. But she also knows that a teacher’s worth cannot be judged by how well a student did on their AIMS test each year since no public teacher/school gets to decide who comes into their classroom. We do not get to pick and choose which students we teach each day.

    It only seems logical that since about 1/2 of our state’s budget is focused on education that we would want to have fiscally conservative Republican educators like Heather Carter down at the capital to make sure the money is going in the right areas. And yet OUR party is quick to “eat our own” because most have an ideal image in what it means to be a “true” Republican and if you do not fit that exactly, well then you must be a Democrat in Disguise.

  47. Paul Strauss, you said better than I could. I too have spoken to Dr. Carter, and came away extremely impressed with her focus, professionalism and passion. I’m an independent who tends to vote for conservative candidates, and Heather has my vote.

  48. Used to be a Republican says

    I WAS a Republican for the last 30 years. But I became very disillusioned with that party with its fear mongering and hate generating. Now we can add paranoia to the list…. DID’s??? Really? Do you look under your bed for bogey men too? Now I’m an Independent, and hey, thanks for giving me list of candidates who support education! Appreciate that……..they get my vote.

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