Top 25 Political News Stories of 2007

As another year comes to an end, Sonoran Alliance announces what it believes to be the top 25+ political news stories for 2007.

Whether it was the huge immigration¬†policy fiasco with the fingerprints of the Arizona congressional delegation all over it or the battle royale between the weekly rag, Phoenix New Times and Andrew Thomas and Joe Arpaio, this year has been fairly eventful – and it isn’t even an election year!

As we present these top political stories, we’d love to have your thoughts and comments. Would you rank these differently? Are we missing anything?

1. Arizona Congressional Delegation Embroiled In Federal Immigration Reform
2. Thomas and Arpaio vs. Phoenix New Times
3. Arizona Employer Sanctions Law and Lawsuit
4. Randy Pullen Win GOP Chairman
5. Senator John McCain Announces Campaign for Presidency
6. State of Arizona Confronts Budget Shortfall
7. Paul Charlton Resigns from US Attorney
8. Senator Jon Kyl Wins GOP Whip Position
9. City of Phoenix Elections: Laura Pastor Loses in Upset
10. Congressional District 5 Race Heats Up
11. Congressional District 8 Race Heats Up
12. Thomas and Arpaio vs. Terry Goddard
13. Phil Gordon Reverses Illegal Immigration Non-Enforcement Policy
14. Congressman Rick Renzi Announces He Won’t Seek Re-Election in 2008
15. Mesa Approves Waveyard Project
16. Maricopa County Board of Supervisors vs. Superintendent of Schools, Sandra Dowling
17. Scottsdale Adopts Pro-Homosexual Policy
18. Pinal County Manager Stan Griffis Pleads Guilty
19. Representative Trish Groe Pleads Guilty to DUI
20. Judge Dismisses Case Against Representative Russ Jones
21. Dueling Tax Initiatives Launch Statewide Efforts
22. Marty Shultz Launches statewide Transportation Sales Tax Effort
23. Rick Romley Fails to Win VA Job
24. Mesa School Enrollment Drops Significantly: Falls Under Employee Sanctions
25. Giffords Marries Rocketman
26. Fife Symington Resurrects UFO Story


  1. I like the transition from #25 to #26…

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