Tony Bouie Clarifies Party Affiliation

Candidate for the District 6 House has just released a statement regarding the debate over his party affiliation. You can read the press release here.


  1. SonoranSam says

    So, when the dude was making millions of dollars he was unhappy because the govt(s). WITHHELD too much money.


    First, I’m confident that his accountants found enough tax dodges to get a bunch of that back when he filed his tax returns.

    Second, I’m short of sympathy for millonaires who think they don’t have to pay their fair share.

    Finally, if he wants to be a Republican that’s fine with me: freedom of choice and all that. And I’ve been kinda amused, I’ll confess, by the spitting match in the LD6 Republican primary. I don’t have a dog or a candidate in that fight.

    But if I’m following the argument, he said he was a registered Republican, but was probably too busy playing football and living the life of a millionaire to be politically active.

    That’s a freedom of choice issue too. But telling the truth is not a matter of choice, and Mr. Bouie, who I actually remember fondly from his AZ Wildcat days, clearly has a credibility issue.

  2. This LD6 house race is getting old. If I lived in the district, I’d be single-shotting Sam Crump.

  3. SonoranSam,

    Hate to burst your jealous bubble but undrafted NFL players make the minimum. HUGE difference between the big name guys and the undrafted free agents. No one ever hears that. Maybe the NFLPA will let you know what the minimums were. I think it was under $200K. Back in the mid nineties, it wasn’t more than your average Republican legislative lawyer in LD6. Add to that a single taxpayer’s 50% hit and BOOM!

    Carl S-E-E-L has received more $$$ from Clean Elections than Tony Bouie’s take-home pay from the NFL.

    Oh, I once thought I paid a parking ticket. I did but I had two – I never got the other one. My mistake. I didn’t find out until years later.

    Someone I know thought he was paying his mortgage company but he wasn’t. He said he was a SOLID fiscally responsible Republican but that was just talk.

    Credible, shmedible.

  4. Pricinct Committeeman says

    Bouie’s explanation is simply another lie.

    I would’ve, could’ve, should’ve.

    He lied, he got caught, he’s trying to explain it away.

    It doesn’t wash, Tony. You are a fraud and pretender. Your politics are Democrat and your party affiliation shows it. Now, on top of that, you’re a proven liar.

    I don’t want a liar in my district telling me what he will do when he’s in office. It’s hard enough for politicians to keep their word without lying to start with.

    I vote “no” on Tony Bouie by voting for Carl Seel and Sam Crump.

  5. Keen Observer says

    Point is he lied. And he knew it. On August 12th he told a group of voters and the AZ Capitol Times that he was a Republican for 9 years then on August 14th he told the Arizona Republic that he was a registered Republican while in Florida from 1996 – 1999. Voter files show that he was never a Republican.

    For being a “true believer in Jesus Christ” he didn’t respect the chruch enough to tell the truth.

    How can anyone believe anything that Mr. Bouie says now?

  6. I think that press release clearly identifies him as anything but a conservative. Most Democrats and country club Republicans are all about self interest and making money. Conservatives are about ideas and principles. He didn’t like his net check so he complained (appropriately) and became a Republican, but never changed his party affiliation? Sounds like he wants it both ways. And what about choosing to be a Democrat when he came back to Arizona? Did he forget about his NFL check? Where’s that explanation?

    No ideologue conservative would ever have forgotten to change his party affiliation in Florida, then chose to be a Democrat when he moved to AZ. Too many unanswered questions about Mr. Bouie.

  7. Hey PC man. Your ultra conservative poster child – Carl Seel – is a liar. Check with the Maricopa County recorder. The trustee sale is on. Carl is hoping that he can sucker us in with the sympathy card. No dice. We took care of Grandma too & we still paid our mortgage.

    Besides, what kind of family would allow Grandma to put her granddaughter, grandson-in-law and 3 great-grandchildren out of their home and into foreclosure? Someone, ANYONE in the family should’ve seen the struggle and come to the rescue of the SEELs. If Grandma was destitute, the county long term care fund would’ve kicked in & she would have had complete care. The story doesn’t feel right.

    If Seel is hoping that his lies will garnish enough empathy from his DEER VALLEY neighbors, he’s wrong. He has no MOON VALLEY neighbors – because he’s lying on his website about living there. His family pictures at Estrella Mountain Park in South Phoenix aren’t quite true to the lie he’s trying to paint about living in Moon Valley.

    Seel pretends he’s a wealthy guy living in Moon Valley. Seel pretends he’s a magazine publisher but he prints a booklet of only advertisements. Seel is a financial fraud. Seel has some current problems with the CCEC that are being investigated.

    Seel enjoys playing political dress-up. Paper dollies. That’s all.

  8. Lied to LD6 Voter says

    Bob in DV
    Nice try at the reverse play. We’re not going for the misdirection play here. This post is FROM Tony Bouie. Why dissect Carl Seel here. Oh that’s right, you want to divert attention away from Tony The Liar. Right out of the liberal play book. “It wasn’t was him!” Also, right from the liberal playbook: Have sympathy for this poor undrafted NFL player…but disrespect the Seel household every chance you get.

    Carl Seel’s Grandmother didn’t lie in the LD-6 Representative elections. That was boomerang Bouie.

  9. Bob, you are full of baloney. Carl Seel has made a deal with his mortgage company that has suspended the trustee sale and will get it cancelled when they finish executing the agreement. It will take several weeks for the cancellation to get filed with the County Recorder.

    If there are CCEC issues, they are a political witch hunt with no basis in law. In a race where two people are eligible to be voted for, making positive and negative comments about other candidates in the race is allowed. If Carl Seel had run an ad urging people to vote for Pam Gorman, for example, that would be considered an independent expenditure that could cause problems because that is a different race.

    The other things you are writing about regarding financing health care and other support for someone else’s relative are things you know absolutely nothing about. Do you know which county the deceased relative lived in? Do you know anything about the extended family’s financial situation?

    Bob, stick to writing about things you know about. If you do, we will enjoy not seeing your posts very often.

  10. Mr. Bouie’s problem is that he says he stands for intelligent, conservative leadership.

    I believe Mr. Bouie may be representing himself correctly. The problem is that he is trying to run in a district that may have a hard time understanding how the words, ‘intelligent’ and ‘conservative’ can be used in the same sentence.

    I checked his endorsements – seems he has lined up some pretty impressive folks behind him including the current office olders.

  11. Sharon in LD-6 says

    Bouie says “There has been much discussion and debate about my former party affiliation while I resided in the state of Florida.”

    Debate? Darn right there has been debate! Crump and Seel have been pointing out you are a 5 day Republican and instead of being honest about it YOU debated it. You told the voters not to trust Seel & Crump on this. You said not to believe them.

    Your press release (SA is not allowed to write anything directly that is negative towards you but they are allowed to reprint your own press releases, but I digress) is very lightweight. You repeatedly and intentionally lied to the voters on this issue. You tried to incriminate Seel and Crump because they were telling the truth about you. Where is your apology? Where is your apology to those that have already voted? Where is your offer of refunds to contributors?

    What does Shadegg, Pence, Gorman, Clyde Bowen, Weirs, Nurses have to say about your BIG LIE? Are you going to take whatever credibility these people have down with your own? Are you going to make them ask you to disassociate or are you gentleman enough to drop-out thereby letting these folks with political careers off the hook without them having to ask you? You may have fooled enough early voters and folks who do not read blogs (gasp!) to make a difference in this election. You owe it to LD-6 to drop-out. I don’t want to wake up and find out I am represented by a fraudulently elected House member.

    You intentionally and repeatedly lied. You cast doubt on real Republicans, Crump and Seel as part of your “cover.” You ARE the ugly side of politics. You are why people stay home from the polls.

    Nothing less than your resignation is in order here.

  12. SA had this Bouie lied story at least since and GOPaz came out with it last Friday. Like Sharon says, you are obviously under orders not to write negative on Bouie. Your credibility is tanking right along with Bouie’s.

  13. As 85 Million’s post said:

    Intelligent, conservative leadership is as scary to the Wacky Pachys as the New World Order is.

    Sharon’s comment mirrors the ‘Seeing Red in my Dreams’ post about the “new, breaking rumor” from last night -conjured up by the LD6 Mafia.

    Her statement of, “You ARE the ugly side of politics” taken at face value, might make it into the #1 slot of the next bestseller:

    “The Top 10 Reasons the Republican Party does not want YOU! Uncle Sam does. We DO NOT!!! God Bless America! Jesus Loves ME!”

  14. LD-6 Voter says

    John Shadegg and Pamela Gorman is your Bouie endorsement unchanged? I need to know before I vote in the General.

    I also need to know if AAARC stands by this liar before I refer my friends to this otherwise credible group.

  15. Bouie,
    Weren’t you the one in a church April 12 refusing to stand at the same podium all other speakers used? You seemed VERY uncomfortable. Now we know why. You have to swallow hard before delivering a big fat lie in a church. It was probably easier telling it to The Capitol Times and by the time you lied to the Arizona Republic you were totally at ease with it.

    I’m with Sharon. Do the only credible thing left. Give Shadegg and Gorman back their credibility lost on you and go away as quietly as possible.

  16. Thank you Carl Seel and Sam Crump for your “heads-up” on this democrat.

  17. Mike's wife says

    Bouie, Honestly (no pun intended) the last thing you want now is to be in the spotlight serving in the Arizona House of Representative. Now will you let Gorman Crump and Seel get to the task at hand which is winning 3 Republican seats at the legislature? Or, are you going to continue to make it more difficult for all of us? The dems are fewer in ld6. But even Republicans will vote for the dem candidates before voting for an admitted liar and his backers.

  18. Shadegg and Gorman for Re-election! They back liars! That’s gonna play real well.

  19. The AZ Republic is quiet on Bouie Lied. So is SA.

  20. Regarding the Intelligent, Conservative leadership that Bouie supposedly provides, I say, “Huh?!?!?!????????”

    Bouie might be intelligent, but there is no way he is conservative.

    Also, what kind of “leader” lies about his previous political registration? What kind of Republican “leader” is afraid about how Arizona Republicans will receive him when he moves back to Arizona causing him to register as a Democrat? If some people think this is the definition of leadership, then they must be still working out the definition of what “is” means from during the Clinton presidency.

    Bouie is not conservative. He is not a legitimate political leader (at least not for the Republican Party), and he is probably only a Republican in name only who switched his registration only because LD 6 has more Rs than Ds registered to vote.

    I’m glad Bouie is against high income taxes, but he does not seem to have really thought out his conservative principles. He also does not follow through by actually changing his voter registration to reflect his principles. I can accept him as a Republican, but NOT as a Republican leader. He has not earned that yet. And he is certainly not a conservative leader. That will require better articulation of conservative principles over a period of time greater than 5 days prior to filing to run for office.

  21. Really – all you Wacky Pachys! It’s to your benefit to stay quiet. The AZ Republic wasn’t very kind to Carl S-E-E-L yesterday. The CCEC complaints are being investigated as we type. Bouie is still a 5 Day Republican. SEEL is a 5 Year Loser.

    You all can’t even man-up and say “OUR guy LIED!”. You won’t even say, “What’s good for the Goose, is good for the Gander.” Nothing but excuses for your guy.

  22. SA, “regarding the debate over his party affiliation” What debate? The guy gives you a press release saying he has been a liar for 3 months at the expense of real Republicans, Crump and Seel and you call that a “debate?” What gives with you going out of your way to spin this guy as favorably as possible?

    Maricopa County Republican Party stands tall today with their unanimous endorsement against Bouie.

  23. Pricinct Committeeman says

    Bob –

    Are you still living on disability from shell-shock?

    Because your rantings sound like you are seriously mind-numbed.

    This is not about Carl. It’s about Tony the Liar.

    It’s about how he continues the lie with absolute nonsense. If you believe his story, then you need addtional help. This is obvious even to Bouie’s friends.

    Carl Seel and Sam Crump need our votes. We don’t need a liar like Bouie.

  24. SonoranSam
    ‘Second, I’m short of sympathy for millonaires who think they don’t have to pay their fair share.’
    Maybe it’s not that the “millonaires” ( now you’re considered rich if you make over $150K?) don’t want to pay their fair share, they are tired of paying everyone elses fair share too! A lot of small business owners work 12-16 hour days 7 days a week, to make that $150K, while a lot of people work their 40 hours a week for $50K and complain. Maybe you get what you work for. Why should they pay a higher percentage??

  25. I hope the EGC doesn’t end up with egg on their face if Bouie wins and then the Dems use their endorsement of Crump and Seel against them.

  26. PC Man –

    No shell shock and/or disability here.

    Some red, white & blue ‘Reagan Republican’ you are by disparaging and mocking those who served our country and were injured or haunted by the missions they served in. You’re remark is disgusting. I assume you speak for the entire MCRC EGC and the LD6 PCs and officials. Has the AZ GOP thrown open the gates of the dungeon and let out all of the monsters?

    Carl Seel doesn’t need your vote. He needs your lawyer.

  27. Pricinct Committeeman says

    Oh, Bobby, I didn’t say anything about the military men and women who served and were injured in war. I’m talking about you and your life in New York. How you worked for Schumer and his crowd while claiming to be a Republican. That have ratttled you real bad. Your reference to “monsters” is very telling.

  28. Bob in DV is really in New York? Are there bloggers on here pretending to live in LD6 when they really live in the liberal east? Wow, this race is bigger than I thought!

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