Tom Horne Runs From Amnesty But Can’t Hide Support

Thomas v. Horne
Stopping Illegal Immigration v. Supporting Amnesty For Illegal Immigrants

PHOENIX, ARIZONA. JUNE 10, 2010.  The problem with trying to be someone you’re not, as liberal Attorney General candidate Tom Horne is doing, is that veracity usually trumps phoniness.
Unable to compete with former Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas’ successful record fighting illegal immigration Horne is downplaying his own deficiencies on the subject.   Indeed, at last week’s GOP debate Horne tried to avoid his support for amnesty but his past record can’t be ducked.
The public record makes it very clear that, just three years ago, Horne proposed his own plan for granting amnesty to illegal immigrants who graduate high school and pass a test.  Furthermore, Horne is on record opposing efforts to count the number of illegal immigrants in Arizona schools, and opposing efforts to overturning Plyler vs. Doe, the Supreme Court decision that ordered free public school educations for illegal immigrant students.

The Horne Amnesty Plan

In a February 17, 2007 article, the East Valley Tribune feature titled “Arizona taxpayers spend up to $1.2 billion annually to educate children of illegal immigrants”, Horne is on record with a plan of his own for granting amnesty and citizenships to illegal immigrants who graduate high school and take a test.  A portion of the Tribune article discussed Horne’s plan:


Horne has a plan that would reward high school graduates with citizenship. All they would have to do is pass a test.

“If there’s a standardized test that confirms it, that the student does well and learned, I would have no objection to that,” Horne said.

But Rodriguez said Horne’s proposal would create an incentive for immigrants to break the law while there are other people waiting in line to become citizens.

“They’re doing it the right way,” Rodriguez said. “Why should these people step in the front of the line and break another rule?”

The bottom line, Horne said, is that illegal immigration is the parents’ fault – not the children’s fault.

“Let’s fight the Supreme Court again,” Rodriguez said. “And let’s see what happens.” The article can still be read on the Tribune’s website here:

Horne supported free education for illegal immigrant students

At a June 18, 2009 meeting of the Pachyderm Coalition, Horne told the group that he was opposed to overturning Plyler vs. Doe and stated that, “I am a proponent of education for illegal immigrant children,” and, “I would not let kids stay uneducated.”

Also, in 2009, Horne opposed legislation that would have Arizona schools ask students whether they were in the country legally.  This legislation would not have stopped giving tuition-free education to illegal immigrant students.  However, it would have set up a legal challenge to 1982 Supreme Court ruling Plyler vs. Doe.  This ruling said that all children have a constitutional right to a free, taxpayer-funded public education, even when those children are living in the United States illegally.  Since 1982, the court has become more conservative, and many legal analysts believe that today’s court might rule differently on the issue were the court presented with a similar case.

An article by Howard Fischer that appeared in the Arizona Daily Star article on April 28, 2009 (see ) quoted Tom Horne opposing this bill.  Interestingly, Horne was aligning himself with Terry Goddard vs. Jan Brewer and Joe Arpaio, as both Brewer and Arpaio supported the bill.  A portion of the Arizona Daily Star article:“…a 1982 U.S. Supreme Court decisionappears to make it illegal for school officials to ask. In a 5-4 decision, the justices overturned a Texas law that authorized school districts to refuse to enroll anyone who couldn’t prove legal residence.

But Dupnik said it may be time for Arizona to have a test case to put the issue back before the high court — to see if the current justices agree.

Dupnik has the backing of Yuma County Sheriff Ralph Ogden and Joe Arpaio, his Maricopa County counterpart. And Gov. Jan Brewer said she sees no reason why youngsters shouldn’t be asked to prove they are U.S. citizens or legal residents.

“When I grew up, when I went to school, when I moved from Nevada to California, I had to bring my birth certificate to prove I was a citizen,” she said.

But Attorney General Terry Goddard said he doesn’t think schools have the expertise to determine legal status. And state Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Horne said he believes the federal government should just do a better job of protecting the border.

“But as long as kids are here, they should be in school,” he said. “You don’t want them on the street corner.”

While Horne is supporting amnesty for illegal immigrants, Andrew Thomas has been fighting to stop illegal immigration:

Thomas has a track record of successfully defending illegal immigration crackdowns in our courts, including his successful efforts to prosecute illegal immigrants for conspiring to violate the state’s human-smuggling law and to defend Prop 200’s voter ID requirements and the employer-sanctions law, which he defended along with the Attorney General’s Office.
If elected Attorney General Thomas has pledged to expand that office’s prosecutions of illegal immigrants under the state’s human smuggling laws. The office is not currently pursuing such prosecutions.
During Thomas’ time in office, crime rates plummeted.  The 19 percent drop is more than twice the national rate of decline, in despite of an 11 percent increase in the county’s population during that time.  The illegal immigrant population has dropped by anywhere from 18 percent (Dept. of Homeland Security estimate) to 30 percent (Center for Immigration Studies estimate). Like the fall in crime rates, this dramatic decline in illegal immigration is far greater than the average in the rest of the nation.
Thomas has been endorsed by notable Arizona law enforcement leaders including Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Yavapai County Sheriff Steve Waugh, Mohave County Attorney Matthew Smith, Mohave County Sheriff Tom Sheahan, Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu, Cochise County Sheriff Larry Dever, Phoenix Law Enforcement Association, the National Border Patrol Council Local 2544 and former Arizona Attorney General and NRA President Bob Corbin.  State Senator Jonathan Paton and Arizona Right to Life endorsed Thomas as well.
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  1. Right wing Bob says

    It was humorous watching Horne in the debate with Thomas last week try to sound like a conservative. Thomas kept calling him on his past amnesty positions. Even Horne’s position on La Raza studies was only induced 5 years later after Russell Pearce suggested looking into it – conveniently right before an election year.

  2. 20/30 GOP says

    Arizona needs an AG that can actually win cases….

    1.Prosecution of Don Stapley Dismissed
    2.Prosecution of Mary Rose Wilcox Dismissed
    3.Prosecution of Judge Donohoe Dropped
    4.Prosecution of Yuma State Legislator Russ Jones Dismissed
    5.Racketeering case against County Supervisors, their lawyers, County officials, and four judges who ruled against Thomas in four different cases Dropped on eve of arguing Motion to Dismiss
    6.Contesting County hiring its own lawyer because of Thomas’ unethical conduct Lost
    7.Court Tower case Lost
    8.Challenging Hispanic court Lost
    9.Contest of Balanced Budget Act of 2008 Lost
    10.Records request battle with County Lost
    11.Prosecution of New Times newspaper Dropped
    12.Prosecution of demonstrators Lost

  3. Arizona Ranger says

    There in equivocating on the point that Andy Thomas was a strong proponent of the law and was not afraid to take on people/institutions that were in violation. And most importantly, that include ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS! I have some difficulty with citizens who cannot understand what the term “illegal’ means: it literally means “against the law or outside of the law”. Translated into everyday English this means you have broken our law. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is exactly what Mr. Thomas used to prosecute Don Stapley, Judge Donahue, etc, etc. Indeed, he opened a real hornet’s nest, but THAT IS THE JOB OF THE COUNTY ATTORNEY!
    As to Mr. Horne’s qualification, one simply has to know history. Mr. Horne is on the side of the illegals! We do not “have to educate” the children of illegals. We need to identify each illegal and help them to return to their country of origin-Humanely and safely, but EXPIDITIOUSLY! That is something Mr. Horne would never do. Mr. Horne is a fine man and has been a great Sup. of Public Education-but he is not the caliber of man we need for State Attorney!

  4. Tom Horne is not the man to be Attorney General. Andy Thomas has proven he can do the job. Andy has my vote.

  5. “We do not “have to educate” the children of illegals.”

    Unfortunately AZ Ranger…yes we do have to educate all children. The Supreme Court has decided that.

    Granted, if they are not here in the first place then, you are right and no we do not. But as long as the kids show up, the law says we must educate.

    Do you propose anyone with a smidge of intellect would consider the litany of charges brought against Thomas opponents, ALL dimissed, as evidence that he was “a strong proponent of the law”?

  6. Andy Thomas and Dean Martin should have a longest press release contest.

  7. Bill:

    You’re right!

    And it would certainly be longer that Tom Horne’s credentials as a Conservative!

  8. Jack Hammer says

    Although Tom, like bedmates John McCain and the list’s everpresent Ann, always verbally “tack to starboard” when running for office!

    But their dealings as office holders and/or lobbyists “out them”

  9. Jane 001 says

    Tom Horne is one of the biggest factors contributing to Arizona’s chronic budget deficit of at least $1.2 BILLION annually. He would be a disaster. The last thing we need is more LaRaza and MeCHa representation in the AG’s office.

  10. says

    Who cares what Andy’s said he has $2 and a piece of gum to run his campaign. He is going down. How is he going to pay his very expensive hired gun (Jason Rose) now? Bye Andy you loser, go try to raise private money from your loser Xenophobe friends.

  11. Soccertisa:

    Yeah! You better hope Andy doesn’t make it otherwise you might lose your job at MacDonald’s

  12. Is it true, Mr. Jason Rose (Tribune), that you are an adulterer, caught in the act by your fiancé with the same female lawyer you’re now married to? This, unfortunately, is circulated about you within the Republican Circle. Character? Why do you report lies Mr. Rose? Again, character? Birds of a feather. Andrew Thomas. Satan is the Master of Lies and Confusion, and the wicked man shall be entangled by his own tongue! Furthermore, the laughter of the wicked is the evil sound of the crackling amongst the fire’s embers.
    Fight truth Decay ~ Elect Tom Horne!
    Andrew Thomas showed his chameleon, shady pathological lies at the Fox Grill Debate, and a psychologist in the audience brilliantly described him as suffering from Histrionic Personality Disorder – a Pathological Liar. Tom calmly rebutted Andrew’s lies with grace and ease quoting a bill he voted for and combating all evil with fair, balanced facts …. Thomas resorted to cheap, erroneous shots that even further depicted what a cold, evil liar he is. At the debate, Thomas tried waving the AZ Republic around repeatedly that he himself slammed once it was pointed at him! Contradictions Mr. Thomas? The truth always comes out in the wash. Here’s the bottom line … the truth … Tom is a pro-life candidate who voted to ban Partial Birth Abortion Bill # 2113 on 4/8/97. He also voted for parental consent (w/rape exception) Senate Bill #1238 on 2/23/00. A Far cry from ABORTION ON DEMAND MR. Thomas. Slither, slither. Furthermore, Tom has ALWAYS BEEN AGAINST AMNESTY!! Tom upholds the Federal Law, Plyler V.S. Doe, that states our state must educate to age 18 without considering a family’s immigration status. Hello EAST VALLEY TRIBUNE!! Tom abides by Federal Judges’ orders instead of seeking political retribution like Andy does …. wasting thousands of taxpayers dollars then dropping his guns, running the other way saying, “Oh, I’ll let the Federal Government finish this one!” … Well Four Federal Judges ruled that Thomas acted unethically in his frivolous cases, and there was never any evidence, so the cases were all dropped. Nice try Andy, but no cigar! Is this why your hands were stone-cold freezing after the debate sir, while Tom’s were just as warm as his heart? How about leaving Joe Arpaio in the dust? Joe Arpaio told me personally, in Fountain Hills, that he will vote for Andy in the Primary, because he protects Joe, but he will ultimately vote for Tom in the General because he too supports Tom and knows Andy will not win the General Election on November 2nd. However, why did you recently leave Joe in the dust Andy? Hmmm? Want to try to sue me for political retribution? I rebuke you! Greater is He who is in the truthful man than he who is in the world! Wisdom is foolishness to a fool, but wise men accept correction … Crackle, crack! Tom was asked, by the East Valley Tribune, if he though illegal students should receive citizenship for achieving good grades in H.S. He did not say,”Yes.” HE IS NOT FOR AMNESTY and HAS NEVER BEEN FOR AMNESTY! He simply, intelligently suggested IF THE STATE CHOOSES TO DO THAT, TO MAKE IT FAIR ON TEACHERS, ONE SHOULD UTILIZE STANDARDIZED TEST SCORES INSTEAD OF GRADES – THE LATTER WOULD BE TOO MUCH STRAIN ON TEACHERS. Again, Mr. Horne has never been for Amnesty. Take it from the horse’s mouth. Mr. Horne is a two time Harvard Graduate graduating with a Political Theory and Law degree; he’s also a member of the Mensa Society for High Intellectuals … Genius ratings if you will, not to mention a concert pianist! Furthermore, at the debate, Andy’s weak, frivolous attempt to compare “apples to oranges” failed when he tried comparing Florida’s (Florida “only” normed test) to Arizona’s AIMS test (Arizona’s Instrument to Measure Standards, normed via Arizona “only”). Each state (standardizes) writes its own tests on whatever grade level they individually choose. Thus, they norm the tests in THEIR STATE ONLY! Mr. Thomas, you cannot compare “apples to oranges” my dear! Instead, utilize your brain cells, as Tom Does (MENSA) and utilize NATIONALLY STANDARDIZED TEST SCORES to compare the “apples to apples” and the “oranges to oranges.” Wow, what a concept …. you mean do things the right way, with accuracy and integrity? HMMMM !!! Political retribution anyone? Can we say Eric Holder anyone – as in “Read the bill!” Mr. Horne confidently reported, at the Fox Grill Debate, that the Terra Nova, SAT, and ACT scores ALL RENDER ARIZONA’S STUDENTS ACHIEVING ABOVE THE NATIONAL AVERAGE! And that personally, truly amazes me being that Arizona borders a third-world country where non-English speakers flood our schools on a daily basis. I taught in the valley. I know first hand. Finally, the Federal Lawsuit (Horne V.S. Department of Education) is still in litigation. Tom did everything legally. Arizona law states that ELL scores do not have to be included in the AYP reporting (Annual Yearly Progress) the first three years students are in an ELL program. This is because Arizona tests in English, not in Spanish like Texas does, etc.! However, the problem occurred when the new Secretary of Education came in and mandated that ELL scores must be included in AYP reportings only after the first year students are in an ELL course. This is not fair to the students. Again, AZ tests in English; give the ELL learner the time he/she needs to become proficient in English before you test them in English! Reliable, valid data. Hello! Tom is still litigating this matter … he’s so awesome, fair, and balanced. Some report with equal weights and measures, while other’s give politicians a bad name … lying for political gain. Shame on you. The public deserves to know and hear the truth. Thomas. Rose. This is a far cry from ARIZONA OMITTING TESTING PARTICIPANTS ILLEGALLY on the AIMS RESULTS! Finally, Mr. Horne doesn’t drink alcohol, Mr. Thomas … Sorry, there was no Chablis with the four Federal Judges who deemed you acted unethically! He drinks juice and water. Why would you say you were happy you could sit down and have a beer with some of the onlookers at the Fox Grill? You sounded like a teenager trying to fit in … to be cool at a party. Please. Finally Andrew, Tom Horne has worked on the Ajo Schools project for five years … not just recently for political gain that you too well exercise yourself!! Finally, make up your mind whether you support or deny the AZ Republic.
    BTW, AZ Central, Tom taught law classes and wrote a law book. I empathize with Fox News when they report that “Ignorance is our most expensive commodity!” True, so true, even though truth is something that Mr. Andrew Thomas and Jason Rose care to know nothing about. The enemy prowls the earth looking for whom he might kill and destroy – for he is the Master of Lies and Confusion, and there can be found in him no truth because he knows no truth.

    Fourteen years ago Tom, like Ronald Regan, left the Democratic Party to join the Conservative Grand Old Party. Not two days ago … Mr. Thomas. Crackle, crackle.

    Fight Truth Decay!
    Elect Tom Horne!

    Eevie Shaw ~
    Reporting the truth because Arizona’s worth it!

  13. Jane 001,
    When Tom brings a case, he wins. And he’s respected via the federal judges. The Flores Case was overturned when Tom did the job that our A.G., Terry Goddard, refused to do.(and Napolitano). A federal judge imposed a 2 million dollar, daily penalty on AZ taxpayers when the Flores family sued AZ stating their daughter couldn’t read or write in English. (But she’s in college now. Figure that one out!) Structured English Emmersion has tripleld our ELL proficiency rates, and ELL’s are already funded at a higher rate. The Supreme Court hears less than one percent of its cases; Tom’s case was heard, and he won reversing the previous decision. Spend thrift? I think not. Plus, the Arizona Department of Education is the only state entity that has not had any lay-offs because Tom took heed a year prior to the economy downslide … cutting back on the agency’s spending while still providing a new phone system to his employees. Plus, winning his five year battle with the Ajo Schools, they are now paying back 1.2 million …. please check your facts before you speak. Finally combating La Raza will eliminate the “poor me I’m oppressed” mentality and will utimately teach individuals to be contributors to society instead of expecting the, “We’re sorry now we owe you” drama.

    Please learn to spell. McDonalds.

  14. Eevie, So you are claiming Joe or ,maybe one of the voices in your head said they would vote for Andy in the primary but Tom in the general. You do know that if Andy wins the primary that Tom will not be on the ballot for the general? The fact you claim to have taught in the valley is somewhat frightening as you seem to have no clue about the difference between state and federal court. Lastly there is no question which candidate has a stronger prolife record and it sure isn’t your guy.

  15. Stephen Kohut says

    Eevie, Britt, … (AKA Tom Horne or a Horne Paid Shill),

    Tell your paid bloggers to put a sock in it. The non-normalized, criteria based scores from the Department of Education’s NCES have shown for YEARS that AZ students badly under perform compared to other states. We are the 5th worst in the nation. AZ Johnny CAN NOT read. If a student cannot read they cannot perform. Sorry that the facts are bad but they are what they are. Maybe Tom should have done things different, like Florida did, so our schools would not suck the way they do.

    According to NCES’s criteria based scoring the reading ability of AZ and FL students were the same in 1998. Since 1998 the average reading ability of FL students have advanced by almost 2 years since while AZ’s are unchanged. FL kids are 2 years ahead oz AZ kids! The average Hispanic FL student reads better than the average AZ student. The average African-American FL student reads as well as the average AZ student.

    Terra Nova is normalized data that relates your performance RELATIVE to the group. For example, Johnny is in the 80% percential of basketball player height. Sounds good until you see that the data is taken from a group of dwarves and the criteria based results show that Johnny stands 3′ 10″. Not exactly NBA material, is he? Welcome to the difference between the Terra Nova/AIMS normalized crap and NCES criteria based results. On the topic of AIMS, one little secret is that there is criteria based results buried in the second page of the AIMS reports but no one in AZ Education (Tom, school districts, teachers, etc.) want to point it out to the parents because it usually shows that AZ Johnny is an ignorant dolt.

    If you want the truth on AZ education, or the lack of it, go to NCES’s 2009 National Report Card or to The Goldwater Institute’s report on FL’s education turn around.

  16. Mr. Kohut, I find it very amusing that you close by saying, “If you want the truth …” because there is no truth found in you!

    Truth and Kohut is an oxymoron!!

    The TRUTH always comes out in the wash and your countenance is just as serpentine as Mr. Thomas and Montgomery …. protege’s in the Bad Old Boy System. Arizonan’s can see through the lies and deception!
    Eevie Shaw ~ Reporting the Truth for Arizona, because Arizona is Worth It!”

  17. Patric Henry says

    “A conservative’s poisonous obsession with individual rights: As wealthy Americans worked to consolidate their gains from the Industrial Revolution, they sought to solidify their natural influences on the American Right—which has traditionally been concerned with preserving the spoils of economic victory—by infusing America’s rightist ideology with an intellectual defense of their privileged status. With its distaste for an imperious government, libertarianism is naturally attractive to American conservatives, who seek to conserve the Founders’ legacy of limited government. Today the heirs of this theory seek to extend the rubric of limited government even further. Matters that were formerly subject to community control are now matters of private decision-making beyond the rightful reach of the society that may be adversely affected by them. In contrast, and to their credit, many of the Left seem to regret the disorder issuing from the implementation of this philosophy. Conservatism sheds what has historically been the Left’s most appealing quality, concern for less fortunate, in favor of a social Darwinist ethic that holds that compassion is for the faint of heart.” Now folks if this sounds like Noam Chomsky, you are right, it does. Problem is – these are words of one Andrew Payton Thomas, yes our Andrew Thomas. In his book “Crime and the Sacking of America” Andrew Thomas explains the evils of individualism, freedom and liberty and why libertarianism keeps him up in a cold sweat at night. According to Thomas, the root cause of everything from street muggings and gang delinquency to excessive lawsuit filing has finally been found, and it’s…LIBERTARIANISM. Mr. Thomas referred to the above woes as “the LIBERTARIAN created our problems.” AND I THOUGHT ALL THIS TIME IT WAS LIBERALS. Thomas blames it on the “live-and-let-live urban lifestyle” as spawned by “the moral laissez-faire disorder of libertarianism.” Mr. Thomas has made a momentous discovery: “The root of our crime problem is a rights-happy radical individualism.” Damn those right–wingers, I guess. So what would be Thomas’ alternative? Collectivism and squashing of those individual rights! That sounds about right. Mr. Thomas again, this time in Wall Street Journal, “Society is to be blamed because of individual rights. Crime is exploding because of Western philosophy’s dedication to individual rights.” Yes, that darn philosophy fighting for our individual rights and liberty. And Mr. Thomas yet again, “Americans are glorifying extreme individualism.” For Andrew Thomas, the liberty is a problem, for others, called conservatives this was the whole motivation. “Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!” After you read real opinions of Andrew Thomas, I guarantee you that Tom Horne will be the only candidate you will consider for the Attorney General’s office.

  18. great, excellent post

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