Tom DeLay speaking to Coalition for a Conservative Majority this Monday night

Tom DeLay's book

Please be sure to mark your calendar and join us for October’s CCM meeting on Monday October 6. Our special guest speaker will be former House Majority Leader Tom Delay, CCM’s founder and author of No Retreat, No Surrender: One American’s Fight, published last year.

As we did with our September meeting, we will meet at Arizona American Italian Club at 7509 North 12th Street in Phoenix.

Meeting details are:

Meeting Date: Monday October 6, 2008
Meeting Time: 7pm
Meeting Place: Arizona American Italian Club
7509 North 12th Street
Speaker: Honorable Tom Delay, former House Majority Leader


  1. kralmajales says

    Didn’t Tom get convicted for corruption? Or at least that was his fall from grace as the “hammer?”

    Why not bring someone with some class…like Shaddegg or Flake? YOu have hundreds of excellent office holders…why do conservative latch on to the ethically bankrupt?

  2. That’s what I was wondering–“Honorable”?

  3. Antifederalist says

    DeLay is corrupt because he whipped the Republicans to vote for the presciption drug benefit while holding the vote open after time expired. How can a conservative WHIP his party to vote for the biggest give-away EVER?! That’s how DeLay is “ethically bankrupt”. He should go speak to the Dummycrats. They like give-aways.

  4. OK- judge all you want – why not show up to ask him yourself! Any junk in your closets?????

  5. The Hammer says

    Kramajales – you’re missing the point that DeLay was forced to step down because he was indicted by a liberal DA in Austin, TX after many “no-bill” grand juries. DeLay has never been convicted of anything and was targeted because he was so effective as a conservative leader. Not to mention the fact he would have never been investigated in the first place if the unconstitutional campaign finance laws hadn’t been passed (I like McCain, but I think his championing of campaign finance laws is unconstitutional).

  6. kralmajales says

    Oh…I see…its that partisanship and not that he broke the law. You all just make me burst with laughter. The guy got investigated because he is dirty as a Texas day is long.

    He money laundered…that simple and against TEXAS law too.

    Just be up front and honest about it. Get some real and less scummy people down here fundrasising for you.

    If this is who conservatives embrace then, more power to your fall from grace.


  7. This is a lot better than what I’ve been seeing elsewhere lately. If we had more like it around, I think we’d be better off.

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