Today’s lesson: Proof before you post.

     Sharon Collins finally has her web site on the internet. We are not sure if she meant for people to see it yet because we know that a former teacher would not approve of the grammar errors.


     Sharon and three other Republicans are running in the Republican primary for LD 30 to fill the two slots currently held by Jonathan Paton (moving to the Senate) and Marian McClure (running for Corporation Commission.) The other LD 30 candidates are:

David Gowan
Frank Antenori
Doug Sposito

     The race is pretty open at this time. Doug Sposito appears to be backed by Marian McClure. Sharon Collins is appealing to the women vote and Tom Horne fans. Frank Antenori is liked by both Ray Carroll and Randy Graf. David Gowan has strong support from Sierra Vista.


  1. Reflection, distorted says

    She misspelled “Symington.” There was no position called “deputy director” in either the Symington or Hull administrations. Unless it was within a state agency. I’m all for short resumes but that’s pushing it.

  2. Bitter Bible Clinger says

    “I will support laws already on the books”. Well, now there’s taking a stand.

    and then

    “What is even more not acceptable is that the same week Homeland Security announced…”.

    Apparently she did not teach English or grammar. “What is even more not acceptable”? What is that? I can’t wait to see the bills she writes–oh, wait, I’m sorry, she’s not going to write any, we’re just sending her to Phoenix to “support the laws already on the books”.

    This is even more not funny. From a former teacher and current assistant state superintendant of public instruction. Someone needs to stay after class and clean chalkboards.

  3. Bitter Bible Clinger says

    Oh dear goodness. This woman is not qualified to put a pen to paper!

    “I have been an Associate Superintendent for State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Tom Horne, and the last 5 years.”

    “, and the last 5 years.”???

    She served the “Governor and Symmington and Governor Hull”. And she misspelled her own boss’s last name?

    AS your Associate Superintendent of Greater Arizona. “Greater Arizona?” Greater is used with a city, not a state. It’s defined as “consisting of a central city together with adjacent areas that are naturally or administratively connected with it”

    This website is RIFE with bad grammar. There is a bunch of text you can’t scroll to but by using “select all” and pasting into Word it’s all there and it’s UGLY.

    “Education has always been one of my priorities” Really? Educator, heal thyself.

    Who is backing this train wreck?

  4. Bitter Bible Clinger says

    She currently works for “Tom Horned”. On the ‘welcome’ page, select all, copy and paste into word.

    Thanks SA for a good laugh. The people of “Greater Arizona” salute you.

  5. Graf has endorsed Gowan, who was also endorsed last time by Arizona Right to Life… Not sure if Ray Carroll is supporting Gowan, but he might be a bit too conservative for Ray to publicly embrace.

  6. Duke the Dog says

    So she’s not so bright? Big deal. She’ll just fit right in with the other mindless legislators that let lobbyists tell them what to do.

    Can’t spell?? Bad grammar??? No problem, the lobbyists will take care of that too since they write most of the legislation anyway.

    Why would I want an intelligent, educated, self thinker in the legislature that could actually lead?

    Hell, they might actually get something done and we don’t want that.

    If we had someone in there with some brains or could think for themselves we might actually have a balanced budget by now, we’d have a few more highways around Tucson and we might actually get some accountability for the idiots running Rio-No-Way-Vo.

    No, Sharon Collins is perfect for the GOP, just another lemming for the moderate-liberal wing of the party to manipulate. At least she’s not using Nathan Sproul or Jim Clicks money and has decided to use the taxpayer’s money to run her campaign instead.

    Very Neo-Republican indeed.

  7. Bitter Bible Clinger says

    Interesting to see who’s backing who in this race. Graf the former seat holder, Carroll, whose district overlaps much of 30, McClure who is termed out. Collins being the only female candidate appears to be a natural draw for women. Quite a spectrum of support spread across the candidates. Actually could be one of the more interesting races. This was a crowded field in 2006 too, with two incumbents then.

  8. Cochise Posse says

    Very interesting. Where did this lady come from? She’s working for the public school system? Ouch!

    From what I understand, Graf is backing Antenori and Gowan. It seems Ray Carroll has so far decided to help Antenori. Ray Carroll spoke at Antenori’s formal announcement to run for office but I haven’t seen anything where Carroll formally endorsed him.

    Gowan does have a lot of support from the folks out in Sierra Vista, that’s where he pulls a lot of his votes. Antenori and Sposito will probably do well out there as well since Antenori is an Army Combat vet and Sposito is a developer out there.

    Collins is getting the backing of Tom Horne, but what pull does Horne have in LD30? Everybody knows Graf and Carroll. Horne might actually hurt her more than he helps.

    Who’s backing Sposito? I had heard Marian McClure is quietly helping him. Is Sposito planning to follow in her footsteps?

    Inquiring minds want to know, but we won’t find out in the Star or Citizen.

    Time for the boys at Sonoran Alliance to go to work. Scarpinato needs you to find out before Saturday so he can put it in the Notebook; so get cracking.

  9. GOP Spartan says

    This is a candidate?

    Her website is a joke. If she didn’t put it up, she needs to choke the person that did.

    Check out the gallary page, then click archive:

    She’s got pictures there of her and some guy that looks stoned, pictures of her in what looks like a nurses outfit from the 60’s, and pictures of her with some guy dressed up in women’s clothes.

    She want’s my vote?

  10. McClure had Sposito as her guest of honor at last year’s State of the State address and introduced him to the gallery and other House Members as her choice to succeed her in her seat. Sounds like an endorsement to me!

  11. GOP Spartan says

    Well, if McClure is in Sposito’s camp, I wonder if Gowan is going to send out mailers attacking Sposito as Pro-sodomy?

  12. What ever happened to gentlemen?

    Why are all of you mean guys picking on a lady? Why don’t you cut her a break, she probably did the website after she got home from work and was tired.

    Have a heart for crying out loud.

  13. Thanks, Sally, for setting women’s equality back 50 years with that statement.

  14. Duke the Dog says

    I hope Sally isn’t representative of the supporters Ms. Collins has. If she is, the Collins campaign is in for a big suprise.

    There is no doubt that Gowan, Antenori and Sposito will not be “cutting her a break.”

    Ms. Collins and her supporters will be making a grave mistake if they attempt to interject sexism into the LD30 race.

    Unlike our liberal counterparts, conservative Republicans do not tolerate campaigns on our side that throw the sexism or racism card. You must stand on substance.

    You’re either cut out to lead and represent us, or you’re not.

    So far, I’m not very impressed with Ms. Collins initial entry into the fray.

    I’m looking for a solid conservative that’s bright enough and experienced enough to go head to head with the left. Who can articulate our ideology in such a way that it makes sense.

    She appears unable to do so.

    The other telling thing is the respective websites. How much money has Antenori spent for his?

    It’s shoulders above the others, probably way over the top for a State House race, but very well done.

    Sposito’s makes me dizzy with all of the flying stuff on the screen, but it’s loaded with information, maybe too much information.

    Gowan’s is…. well….pure Gowan. No steak and no sizzle. I really think the yellow ribbon is a nice touch.

    You figure with all of the money they got from clean elections they could have sunk a few hundred bucks into a good website.

  15. GOP Boomer Gal says

    I heard Sharon on Emil Franzi’s show this afternoon. She did a good job, especially on the issue of Ethnic Studies courses taught in the public schools and the re-introduction of Civics.

  16. Bitter Bible Clinger says

    That’s a good thing. Somebody needs to counter what the Citizan and Star are doing. The antics of the activists toward Tom Horne was childish. The Star and Citizen are an embarrassment on the issue: they will not investigate what is taught and let their readers decide, it’s more of “we know what’s best for you just trust us on this, oh and by the way, boycott these people”. Would like to have heard it. Too bad he doesn’t do podcasts.

  17. Just WIn Baby says

    Hey Duke, have the candidates gotten their Clean Elections money yet? Since you’re critical of them for not spending it, I thought I’d check, and it looks like Antenori and Sposito are running traditional, so they have money. Collins and Gowan are running clean, but they haven’t gotten funded yet, so they don’t have money.

    Guess your criticism wasn’t on target after all…

  18. Hey Baby, where do you get that info?

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