Tin Ear.

     The Where’s the Fence ad made it into the newspaper today. According to Senator Kyl’s spokesman, Andrew Wilder, “the Internet ad had yet to generate a single phone call to his office by Monday evening.” What a shock since the ad does not start running until today (June 6th.)

     I am not sure that the Senator wants to hear from us since he played Where’s Waldo during his recent break from the Senate. Just incase go ahead and call the number in the Grassfire.org ad. Politely but firmly tell them what you think of S.1348 and maybe give one or two reasons. The phone number from the ad in question is 602 840-1891. You might even ask for Andrew Wilder so that he can tell the press that they have received some calls about the compromise immigration bill.

     Please post a comment about your experience calling Kyl’s office. Were you able to get through, what did they say? I have tried to call the Washington office since Monday but there is no answer, just a busy signal.

p.s. To find the contact information for any Senator just visit the Senate web site.


  1. I called early Monday; it would have been a little after 9:00 in DC, after several rings it was answered by a female. I prefaced my statements with my support and admiration for Senator Kyl but that I did not support this bill at all in its present form. I cited the need for border security as our first priority and that the impossible 24 hour background checks severely impede our national security among my areas of most concern. She politely thanked me and we ended the call. I did not want to keep her on the phone forever with the laundry list of issues with this bill, but she was very polite, gave me all the time I required, and thanked me for my call.

  2. Oro Valley Dad says


    Thanks for the information. I actually got through to the D.C. office this morning and had an experience very similar to yours.

    Don’t forget to try and reach Andrew Wilder sometime today. Maybe someone should ask him where the Senator was during his recent break.

  3. As we have both agreed, an attitude of cooperation on our part is much better than a challenging approach. The message can be lost in the delivery and that would not be a good thing if anger overshadows content. I firmly believe there is hope!

  4. Are they taking your name and address like they should?

  5. I think she asked for that but I can’t remember…. Sorry!

  6. sato4gop says

    I tried to call but the mailbox was full.
    I did call the Tucson office last week and was told I would hear back, but I haven’t.

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